Website Design Costs in South Africa

Website design costs in South Africa depend on the website designer you choose. They usually charge R1000 to R30000 on average. The price varies and it depends on the client’s requirements. One would ask why should they pay a website designer when you can take advantage of CMS tools like WordPress to create your own website? Well, Your website’s design is a part of your identity and a website designer can help you set up a professional or creative website. Your website design decision should be considered with your business’ purpose, model/type, and brand.

Successful businesses know the importance of having a well-designed website. Not only does it help you to stand out in the competition, but it also creates an impression and trust factor in your visitors. Especially within a high competition environment, making a unique website can be a very tough challenge. The design should be aesthetic, pleasant, easy-to-navigate, and able to speak out. What’s more? As Google Webmaster Guidelines suggest, your website should focus on providing a rich user experience to the visitors and website design plays a major role in it. As the content strategy is also a part of this process, it is very important to optimise SEO to your advantage. Website design mainly consists of website layout and themes, content creation, branding, and SEO.

Before we explore website design costs in South Africa, let’s take a quick stroll through the ‘whys’ of website design. 


Why Website Design?

Understanding proper reasons behind the importance of website design would help you understand the scenario better!

Impact on the first impression

Your customers and visitors are going to visit your website and the first thing they are going to think about is how your website looks. Does it look professional? Is it creative? How well-sorted the content is? It is their first experience with your brand and you would want it to be a good one. Hence, one has to understand the design trends happening in the market to successfully maintain the rate of attraction and engagement. A good website design will keep the lead on your page. But if your website is unattractive or outdated, high chance you will lose your leads. Make them be in awe with your website design by planning your strategy accordingly.

Reinforcing the Trust factor in your visitors

The well-sorted content, neatly placed elements such as images or videos, and proper, informative content give a sense of sincerity. Visitors that experience all this understand that you take your business seriously and know that you care about the representation. This creates an impression of security and trust within your visitors and encourages them to explore your website even more. A sophisticated website also tells the visitors that your business takes customer service seriously. A poorly designed website is often perceived as a low-quality or shady business website and has a low trust factor to it overall.

Good for Search Engine Optimisation strategy

As content planning and development are part of website design, SEO practices have to be followed to yield greater long term results for your website. Following all the basic practices for your SEO strategy is important and you must ensure that they adhere to Google Webmaster’s Guidelines. Traffic generated this way is considered organic traffic, where you don’t have to pay any money. Organic traffic has a long term effect on your website and traffic generated through this way has a higher conversion rate. Follow our SEO related article here to know more about how you can utilise SEO to your advantage.


Website Designers in South Africa

There are many website designers in South Africa, providing their quality services for a reasonable, competitive price. Remember that website design is a time-consuming job, and quality takes time to form. Make sure the designer you choose is professional and well-versed in the process. Allot appropriate budget to website design as it does matter. Going for low-budget options may result in low-quality outcomes in terms of design, content, and user experience.

Let’s explore the best website designers in South Africa:

Digital Lime Green

Digital Lime Green is a professional website designer in South Africa, catering website design services to a wide range of business needs. We offer competitive, hourly rate prices in the market. Having years of experience and many happy clients, we are confident that we will be able to carry out your requests successfully as well. Take a look at our success stories here!

You can check our reference prices here. But, as website design and other service-related queries are often dynamic and personalised in nature, the actual price may vary. Feel free to connect with us to get a quote. You can know more about our website design services by following this link.

WebForce Media

WebForce Media is a professional website designer based in Edenvale, South Africa. Their packages offer competitive prices, providing thorough services in all the major website design access such as website development, SEO strategies, graphic design, email marketing, and so on. Visit their website to know more in detail.


ITM Website Design is a web design company in Western Cape, South Africa. They offer their expertise in creating a professional, all-in-one website design package. They also provide hosting and security solutions to help you carry out your business without worrying about security. Visit their website to request a quote if you wish to avail of their services.

Website Design South Africa

Website Design South Africa is a reputed company that provides services to all South African regions. Having numerous portfolios on their website, one can get an easy idea about the amount and quality of work they have done until now. They have stated base prices as well as hourly prices on their website. Visit their website to know more about their services.


Although Bunnypants prices are leaning towards the higher side in the competitive market, you get to utilise their 15 years of quality expertise in website design and graphic design. Visit their website to check out their portfolio to get an idea about their work. You can find all the contact details on their website.


In Conclusion

No matter which website designer you choose, you must make sure that they are legit and professional. Always remember that delivering quality takes time, and time is money. Going for cheaper options than the average market price may not deliver you the design to your satisfaction. You would want to consider the following services from the website designer you choose:

  • Website Design
  • Content Management
  • SEO services
  • Hosting services
  • Website Maintenance

Most designers offer you a quote depending on your requirements. Get a professional design by connecting with any of the mentioned and run a successful business. We wish you good luck in your endeavours!

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