About Us

Who We Are

At Digital Lime Green we are passionate about digital marketing and web design. Our customers approach us with big ideas and we strive to make their ideas a reality focusing on quality of our work, good value, consistent services delivery, and exceptional customer service.

Vision & Value

Our vision is to empower entrepreneurs with websites that engage customers and marketing that grows their business. Our passion is digital and our clients become our partners. We strive to bring value to our partners where ever we can breaking the mould of the normal client – agency relationship.

Our Brand Manifesto

Entrepreneurs are inspiring, hard working and dedicated. Digital Lime Green exists because entrepreneurs want to display their inspiration, hard work, and dedication to their customers online. We are there to support them and help them grow their business and surpass what they thought possible. We work tirelessly to serve our customers/partners, going beyond the call of duty to make sure their vision is realised. We operate with integrity and do not compromise on our values, and we deliver on our promises.

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