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High-quality accommodation website designs

Digital Lime Green provides high-quality accommodation website design at fair and reasonable prices. In the hotel and tourism industry, your website acts as the front end of your business where your visitors can see everything your accommodation has to offer. The modern accommodation website design has opened a lot of options to make your website stand out in the market. You should take advantage of this digital revolution and make your accommodation as visible as you can.

In the hotel industry, you are going to make an impression on your visitors the moment they check out your website. Hence, website design plays an important role in this. Get a stylish, sleek, and modern design for your website that resonates with your brand, and your accommodation. A nice colour palette will make a website enticing for your visitors.

Make a lucrative home page and landing pages with an outline of your business and useful drop-down links for your guests to explore. Allow your guests to navigate through your website freely and easily. Make a gallery where you can showcase your accommodation, all the services and food you provide, and rooms. This way, a customer gets an idea of what kind of service they would be getting. Lastly, make sure all the prices on your website are clear. You wouldn’t want your guests to face hidden charges or different charges when they physically visit your accommodation after booking.

Once you are done making your business, don’t forget to advertise it. There are many travel portals where you can list your accommodation. Understand the prices around the market, the type of services your business will provide, and set competitive prices accordingly. Digital Lime Green can help you throughout the process. Connect with us to understand how you can set up an effective and lucrative accommodation website today!

Airbnb Website Design

When it comes to adventurous travellers across the globe, their first choice of choosing a place to stay is often Airbnb hosts. Airbnb is not only known for the services they provide, but also well-known for its sleek, highly interactive, and transparent website design. Their business revolves around connecting house owners who are renting out their place to adventurous tourists. Digital Lime Green can help you set up a website for your business, whether you want to act as a middleman between tourists to hotels or tourists-to-homeowners.

Having a sleek and modern Airbnb-like website along with strong customer support and grievance system is highly recommended in this business. Your website’s job is to connect tourists with individuals who are renting out their place for tourists. In this case, your business needs to have quality photos of the rooms the individuals have to offer. Make sure all the prices are precise and transparent.

Digital Lime Green can help you in setting up an effective Airbnb website as per your requirements. Connect with us to know more!

Airbnb Website Design
Hotel Website Design

Hotel Website Design

Starting a hotel? You will definitely need a hotel website. Digital Lime Green can help you set up a stylish and modern looking hotel website that resonates with your brand. A hotel website will actually act as the public face of your business. Nowadays, people are going to look for your hotel online before they physically visit you. This is why a good hotel website design matter.

A hotel website should contain transparent information about its business. As customers are going to check your website, they would want to see what kind of rooms and services your business offers. And of course, they are going to check for prices as well. Make sure you add high-quality images and videos to showcase your business as much as you can. Showcase all the possible services as well. Lastly, make sure your website has a contact page as well as a customer service system as well.

Digital Lime Green can help you in designing, branding, and advertising your hotel effectively. Reach out to us to know more!

Bed and Breakfast Website Design

Do you have a bed and breakfast accommodation that needs an online presence? Digital Lime Green can help you with bed and breakfast website design that will help you effectively in running your establishment. Get your photos, reviews, contact details, prices, and locations online. Allow your visitors to experience your establishment effectively before they consider staying.

The purpose of a bed and breakfast website design is for branding and to provide transparency for your potential guests. To do so, we ensure that our website design matches the theme of your establishment and branding. Clear, quality images of your establishment, and fair pricing tags will help your guests. We will make sure that your gallery section is well furnished with appropriate elements to make it look attractive and pleasant.

Digital Lime Green offers professional assistance in making your website fabulous and functional at an affordable price. Grow your cosy bed and breakfast by taking it online. Reach out to us for more information!

Complete guide to bed and breakfast website design at your property (

Bed and Breakfast Website Design
Guesthouse Website Design

Guesthouse Website Design

While Guesthouses and B&B sound similar, a B&B provides overnight lodging and breakfast to tourists, while a guesthouse functions like a small hotel that is usually run by a private property owner. Getting a website online for your guesthouse can be effective for business as it allows internet users to find your accommodation more easily. Digital Lime Green can help you with an aesthetic and modern guesthouse website design to help your business’s online presence.

As a private business that is renting out a private property for visitors and guests, you would want to be clear with your services and amenities. Furthermore, boast your accommodation with quality images and videos regarding the rooms and services, and reviews given by your satisfied guests. Add your location and contacts to help your customers find your business in South Africa and make sure you are clear with all the safety guidelines and regulations. Your website’s purpose is to make a presence as well as well being transparent with your practices.

Digital Lime Green will help you in setting up a website design that resonates with your brand image and property’s theme. Contact us to know more about our services!

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