Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are a current extract from our online Terms and Conditions (available at
http://digitallimegreen.com/terms-and-conditions/), which, as amended online from time to time,
constitute the entire agreement (“The Agreement”) between you and Digital Lime Green (proprietor
Lime Green Digital (Pty) Ltd, reg. no. 2017/442214/07) in respect of the provision by Digital Lime Green
to you of services as ordered, subscribed for, or supplied to you from time to time.

General Terms and Conditions for Digital Lime Green Services

The price/s for all Digital Lime Green packages, services and optional choices relating thereto, shall be
as set out in each applicable order form and/or accepted quote. Digital Lime Green reserves the right
at its sole discretion to decline to accept any order, and/or to terminate any service/s at any time. In
this event, you will be entitled to a refund of any amount/s paid in advance in respect only of any
service not provided prior to termination. Where services are supplied on an ongoing or subscription
basis, prices are subject to increase from time to time on one calendar months’ notice.
Cancellation of service/s. You may cancel your subscription on one calendar month’s written notice to
Digital Lime Green.

Hourly Rates. Unless specifically otherwise stated in writing within a period of 1 month prior to work
commencing, our standard hourly rate for any work completed outside of that stated within your
package is R450. Digital Lime Green will always endeavor to inform you, the client, of such charges
before any work commences.

Quotes. When a quotation is provided by Digital Lime Green, the final project value may vary from the
initial quotation if additions or alterations are requested to the original scope of work.
Payment. All subscription and other ongoing fees are payable by you in advance. In the event of any
non-payment at any time, Digital Lime Green reserves the right to immediately and without notice
terminate or suspend all services. In respect of certain services Digital Lime Green may require a nonrefundable upfront payment of a deposit and / or setup fees. For certain services Digital Lime Green
may also require you to sign a debit order authorising Digital Lime Green to debit applicable fees and
charges from your nominated bank account.

Copyright in all newsletters, in the websites www.digitallimegreen.com, and
www.digitallimegreen.co.za, their contents and all material and data thereon, and as specifically
provided in the Terms and Conditions applicable to individual Digital Lime Green services, is reserved
by Digital Lime Green. Same may not be used, redistributed, transmitted, disseminated, copied,
imitated or reproduced in any form without the prior and specific written permission of Digital Lime

Additional Stock Photography. If for any Digital Lime Green service you require additional stock
photography or other images, the costs thereof will be for your account unless otherwise stated in the
applicable order form or quote.

Disclaimer. You agree to use our services and websites entirely at your own risk and Digital Lime Green
does not warrant that its websites, nor any email, newsletter or other electronic communication, nor
any website produced for you or other service supplied to you, is free of viruses, worms, trojan horses,
harmful components, malware or any form of harmful, destructive or unlawful code, data or features.
Digital Lime Green will endeavour to deliver services on time but will not be liable for any delay or loss
whatsoever in respect of delivery arising out of any cause beyond its control.

Limitation of Liability. To the full extent allowed by law, Digital Lime Green will not be liable for any
damages whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or otherwise. In the event that
Digital Lime Green is found to be liable in any regard, such liability (however arising) will without
exception be limited to an amount equal to the sums paid or payable by you in respect of the service
to which such liability relates. It remains your responsibility to ensure that all content submitted is of a
standard satisfactory to you. You agree to indemnify Digital Lime Green, our directors, employees,
suppliers, contractors and associates, against any claims, costs, damages, liabilities, losses, expenses,
negligence, actions, civil claims, suits or proceedings suffered, sustained or incurred by you or any third
party based on any work prepared by or approved by you.

Amendment and Notices. Digital Lime Green may amend this Agreement at any time, and any
amendment/s to this Agreement shall bind both parties from date of notice of such amendment/s to
you. In the event of such amendment/s, you may terminate your subscription for any service and will in
that event be entitled to a refund of any amount/s paid in advance in respect only of any service not
provided prior to termination.
Any notice in terms of this agreement will be deemed to be given and accepted when transmitted to
any e-mail address given by you in each applicable order form or quote (or any amended e-mail
address/es advised to us in writing thereafter).

Website Services
Payments relating to Websites. Your first three monthly payments for your website are payable in
advance before any work commences as a non-refundable deposit. Thereafter regular monthly
payments will be due regardless of website completion. Any additional work outside of that specified in
the applicable quote / package may be charged at our standard hourly rates, or at a premium
wherever costs are incurred by Digital Lime Green.

Cancellation and Website Transfer Fee. In the event that you give written notice of cancellation prior to
having paid 12 months’ payments for the website, and wish to transfer your website to another
provider, a fee equivalent to the difference between the total sum paid by you and the amount due
over that 12-month period will be payable by you before transfer. After you have made 12 months’
payments, the aforementioned fee will not apply. On cancellation at any time, all website and related
services including maintenance, hosting and the updating of the website with Digital Lime Green
content will cease.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Whilst basic search engine optimisation is included with the creation
of a websites, Digital Lime Green cannot give any guarantees regarding the actual results and success
of the website’s performance, as these are subject to variables and circumstances beyond our control.
Maintenance. Should monthly maintenance (which includes monthly updates and website security)
exceed that specified, our standard hourly rates will apply thereafter.

Hosting, Domain Registration and Renewals. Where required, Digital Lime Green will handle all hosting,
domain registrations and renewals to the extent included in your package. When a third party is
responsible for maintenance of your domain or mailboxes, Digital Lime Green will only provide the
hosting for the websites on our platform. Digital Lime Green will gladly provide login and administration
details to you on request, should you wish for yourself or another third party to manage this for you.
Digital Lime Green reserves the right to limit and / or deny access to the core files and cpanel of the

Package Limitations. Each Website package will be subject to the following limitations, should hosting
and domain management be required:

● Small: A limit of up to 10 email addresses and 500MB of storage.
● Medium: A limit of up to 25 email addresses and 1GB of storage.
● Large: A limit of up to 50 email addresses and 2GB of storage.