Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is especially important in keeping your website updated, functional, and secure

Making a website is one thing but managing it is another. Website maintenance is especially important in keeping your website updated, functional, and secure. Digital Lime Green provides cost-effective and professional website maintenance and management services in Cape Town, South Africa. We follow the best practices in maintaining and updating your website.

Functionality, security, and content management primarily make website maintenance an important practice. Periodic checkups of your website may give you an idea of whether it needs any repairs, updating, or removing certain functions or content. The smooth functioning of a website plays a huge role in providing a good user experience. This is why you should have a periodic website maintenance plan. Digital Lime Green provides on-demand website maintenance or fixed periodic website maintenance, depends on your requirements.

Content is the king when it comes to growing your presence on the internet. Nothing makes your website stale like outdated content that no longer has any relevance with the ongoing trends or it has errors. It is also closely related to SEO, making this aspect extra important. Our website maintenance package also covers managing your content. At Digital Lime Green, we follow the best content scanning and improving practices that will help your website to stay relevant and search engine optimised. Keep on dominating the internet with fresh and relevant content.

Security is dynamic. There’s no one true solution for all your security needs. Hackers are consistently evolving their skills to attack businesses and your website should be prepared to ward off any hacking attempt. Periodic security maintenance and updates help your website to be reinforced against such attacks. On WordPress CMS, there are constant security patches and updates. What’s more, there are thousands of security plugins that add an extra layer of security. We will scan for potential malware, provide security patches and updates, and more.

We value your digital assets and we take our practice seriously. Digital Lime Green provides cost-effective, quality website maintenance services. Contact us to know more about our website maintenance services.

Website Security

Website Security helps you against hackers from destroying your website, stealing data, or attacking your website with methods such as DDoS or Brute-Force Attacks. Digital Lime Green is an expert in providing security-related maintenance and we follow the best practices in keeping your website safe.

The internet is a dangerous place and your website’s security must be a top priority. Use a combination of firewalls, anti-malware and spyware programs to keep your website secured. Additionally, you should keep your CMS tool updated with the latest patches and tools. Usually, these updates include security patches and bug fixes which makes it significantly harder for hackers to understand the pattern to attack your website. Furthermore, there are many third-party plugins and programs out there that may help you in adding extra layers of security. Be warned though, as overloading your website with unnecessary security plugins may slow down your website. A slow website is not good in keeping up with SEO score and providing a good user experience.

Digital Lime Green will help you find the perfect balance with website security and functionality to ensure your online presence stays smooth and secured. Contact us for more information.

Website Security
Website Support

Website Support

Have a query or an issue with your website that seems impossible to resolve? Rest easy and leave it to us! Digital Lime Green can provide on-demand website support. Your business is important to us, and resolving your issues and queries is something we prioritise sincerely. Having a good support system for your website is important as unexpected issues may cost a company its valuable profit.

A website support system is there to help you find a way out of tricky situations. For example, if your website goes down unexpectedly, an efficient website support team quickly spring your website back into action. Website support may provide a temporary or permanent solution. In the case of temporary solutions, support often advises running a maintenance schedule on the website to identify and eliminate the root cause of the problem. With an efficient website support system by Digital Lime Green, rest easy as we support you out of tricky situations.

Website Support is a part of our Website Maintenance package. To know more, contact us today!

WordPress Updates

Keeping your WordPress CMS tool updated is important. This includes keeping your themes, plugins, and the website itself updated. Updates may include UI improvement, bug fixes, and security patches. Digital Lime Green can help you with keeping your WordPress website updated and secure.

It is critical to keep your website updated. Even though sometimes, an update might not seem necessary, we still recommend you to do so. Hackers often target older versions of WordPress websites as they are aware of security faults and loopholes present there. You should update not only for security changes but also fix bugs, improved performance, updated UI, and providing better UX for your visitors.

It is possible that an update may go wrong but we are prepared in such situations. We will always back up your data and settings before each major update. So in case any unexpected changes occur, your data and settings can be restored. Updates may also cause conflicts with the themes and plugins you are using. We recommend not using outdated plugins as they may provide an access point to hackers.

Stay updated and ensured with Digital Lime Green. Contact us for more information!

WordPress Updates
WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress maintenance can be carried out for various purposes such as updating your website, backing up data, security patches, content checking and updating, adding or modifying functions and plugins, and more. Our package includes periodic WordPress maintenance. Maintenance allows you to make changes on your website and it also may save you money.

The main purpose of carrying out periodic maintenance is to keep your website healthy and updated. It may actually help you save on overall cost in the long term. Ignoring or cost-saving maintenance practices may not be profitable in a long run, especially if your website faces a major setback like facing downtime or loss of data. Maintenance takes care of all that. This practice includes updating WordPress, backing up website data, website optimisation, SEO, secured server transfer, and more. Keep your data safe and secured and reinforce your website properly with the latest security patches and other updates.

With Digital Lime Green, you get periodic, cost-effective WordPress maintenance services. It is important for us to keep your digital assets safe, and we are good at that. Reach out to us to know more.

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