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Getting your Shopify e-commerce store online

E-commerce made easy with this online store builder website, Shopify is a #1 choice amongst the aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs when it comes to setting up an online store. Digital Lime Green can provide a Shopify website design for you or provide our expertise if you wish to walk through the process by yourself. With numerous themes by world-renowned designers, in-build web hosting and web designing tools, and sufficiently customisable add-ons, Shopify will allow you to set up your e-commerce store within hours.

The most convenient aspect of Shopify is that the intuitive drag-and-drop feature of its website builder. You do not need any advanced knowledge or programming skills to customise your website. With thousands of themes and plugins to choose from, Shopify will allow you to design a basic e-commerce store within a few clicks. It is especially convenient if you are new to the e-commerce business and this is your first online store. It is a server-hosted platform, which means you do not have to download, install, or update any software to carry out the deeds.

Payments made easy, Shopify has plenty of payment gateway options. You should have a basic awareness of which payment methods are popular in South Africa and which are not. Also, you should consider the same based on whether your store is going to do business domestically or internationally. For example, popular payment methods in South Africa are Peach Payments and PayFast and Shopify allows both to be incorporated in your online store.

As your business grows, so will the need for more resources and investment. Shopify makes it all simple for you with their plans. You can start your Shopify online store with a basic plan that starts from 29$ a month. As your business grows, you can upgrade your plan accordingly. The best part of using Shopify for your e-commerce store is that you will never have to worry about performance, security, and scalability. These plans do it all for you.

Digital Lime Green can help you setting up your Shopify store or guide you through the process as per your requirements. Connect with us to know more and get the best Shopify website designs in the market!

Shopify Pricing

Shopify is well-known for its easy-to-upgrade scalability and of course, it comes with a price tag. Based on your online store requirements, Digital Lime Green can help you choose the best plan in our Shopify website design package. Avoid overpaying for an unnecessary plan just because it offers more features. Get our expertise on the best suitable plan for your business model.

Shopify comes with a 14-days free trial. Post-trial, you have to select one of their premium plans to keep your online store going. The most basic plan starts at 29$/month and the most advanced plan starts at 299$/month. You would want to select your plan based on how your business is doing as you would want to consider cost-saving for better profit.

Each of these plans includes providing you with a domain name, SSL certificate, and web hosting. Please note that the price does not include costs of third-party plugins and add-ons required to take your Shopify website to the next level. Digital Lime Green will help you understand the most suitable plans and plugins required for your website to grow while helping you with the cost-saving. Contact us to know more today!

Shopify Pricing
Shopify Themes

Shopify Themes

Allow your Shopify website design to stand out in the crowd with an appropriate theme harmonising with your brand name, and the products and services you have to offer. Digital Lime Green can help you select the best themes uniquely suitable for your business. Having an attractive theme can help you attract better traffic and revenue in the long run.

Shopify has around a hundred uniquely designed themes to choose from on its website. There are free themes that would allow limited customisation and looks for your website. One would want to consider two options to explore better themes: free or premium third-party themes or paying extra bucks (around 150-200$) for Shopify premium themes. In the long run, the investment is worth it as themes play a very important role in attracting your customers and keeping them engaged with your business.

With our expertise, you will understand the importance of choosing an appropriate theme that should resonate with your brand. We’ll help you design your Shopify website aesthetically suitable to the chosen theme. Contact us to know more!

Shopify Partners

Being a Shopify partner grants certain privileges to the entities that are willing to help out others in launching their own Shopify store. Digital Lime Green is a certified Shopify partner. As a Shopify Partner, we are in the business of offering our expertise or introducing new entrepreneurs like you to the Shopify platform. We will help you set up your business, help to manage it, and assist in marketing and selling.

As a Shopify Partner, we will assist you thoroughly in setting up your shop. Or, if you own a shop on a different platform already but need help in migrating, then we can do that too. Get a customisable, intuitive, and trusted solution from us to grow your business. We’ll also help you in developing and troubleshooting your Shopify store whenever necessary. As a partner, we have no limitations on building websites for our clients.

Having access to the Shopify merchant community, being a partner gives us the ability to solve your customer problems easily. Having live access to thousands of merchants, we are confident in delivering productive solutions to your queries and problems effectively. Connect with a Shopify partner like us and grow your business!

Shopify partners
Shopify Apps

Shopify Apps

Enhance the user experience of your Shopify website by integrating useful Shopify apps. Not only that, but you can also add useful tools that will help you provide your services more efficiently, get useful insights on how your business is doing, and many more. Based on your business requirements, Digital Lime Green will incorporate useful apps or help you select the best ones in your Shopify website design.

Shopify apps are similar to WooCommerce plugins that will enhance your overall online store management experience. From setting up a shipping method, payment gateway to getting insights on all your transactions, we can do it all for you. The possibilities are endless! Some apps are free of cost, some apps come with a free and premium plan, and some apps are purely premium.

When you are choosing an app, you must focus on quality over cost-saving wherever it is extremely necessary. We’ll provide you with proper expert advice on choosing the best Shopify apps to make sure your online store runs efficiently with minimal efforts. For example, if a premium app provides higher quality services than a free app, and if it is a must for your business, we would advise you to consider paying for it. Connect with us to know more!

Shopify Developers

Despite providing multiple lucrative options for a creative Shopify website design, you may feel like that is not enough for you. You may want something more unique. That’s where we walk in! Digital Lime Green can provide its highly skilled and professional development team to provide a unique and creative Shopify website design, satisfying all your aesthetic and business needs. As a Shopify Partner, we can help you in the process.

Being original can be difficult, especially if you are choosing presets from a catalogue a thousand others choose from. A developer can create your website from scratch, incorporating all the aesthetic elements as per your requirements with HTML, CSS and other necessary development tools. Not only that but also, you can provide custom scripts for various functions like check-outs, discounts, display prices, personalised payment methods and many more.

The Digital Lime Green development team can help you customise everything that is needed for your Shopify website design. Understand the challenge, incorporate necessary customisations, and race ahead of the competition. Connect with us to know more about this service.

Shopify Developers
Shopify App Store

Shopify App Store

Your one-stop shop for all the officially approved Shopify Apps. Digital Lime Green believes that every business is unique and there is the right app for each of them. Explore the best and most suitable apps with our experts, and get complete guidance on incorporating and setting up the right apps on your Shopify website.

Similar to the WooCommerce Extension store, Shopify also has its own ‘App Store’. A developer can create their own useful e-commerce apps and publish them on the Shopify app store. Before these apps make it to the Shopify store, they must ensure to abide by Shopify’s regulations and policies. Shopify ensures that the quality and functionality of the app is well-maintained before they allow the public release. These practices make the Shopify App store a reputable and safe place to get your desired apps.

Digital Lime Green can also assist in case you want to make your own e-commerce Shopify app. Our developer team is always ready to provide expert assistance on the matter. We will ensure all the practices are within the boundaries of Shopify’s regulations and policies mentioned above. Connect with us to know more!

Shopify Plus

Take your Shopify online store to a whole new level of awesomeness: Shopify Plus, changing the face of enterprises in South Africa and across the globe. Digital Lime Green can help you take your Shopify business game to the next level with our expert understanding of ShopifyPlus. Knowing ‘how-to’s will help you understand your business approach with this tool.

ShopifyPlus is a tool designed for enterprises. Small and medium-sized businesses may not need ShopifyPlus unless the business is rapidly growing and planning to go big. With the extremely convenient functionality of ShopifyPlus, you can make changes to your website very easily: integrate your own codes or scripts to customise at your will, enhanced API integrations, ShopifyPlus exclusive apps, in-depth analytics options, and much more. You get exclusive support from the ShopifyPlus team as well as the community access to various ShopifyPlus groups.

Digital Lime Green experts will help you set up your ShopifyPlus website in a professional manner. With the freedom of designing, we can come up with unique ideas to make your website appear unique, well-designed, and well-stuffed with sorted out content. Contact us for more information!

Shopify Plus
Shopify Point of Sale

Shopify Point of Sale

Point of Sale (POS) refers to the system that is used to keep track of your store inventory and transactions made. Digital Lime Green can help you with setting up a POS system that will help you carry out all the transactions with ease, keeping an automated record of your inventory, and so on. We will also help in managing the POS software if required.

Shopify provides a versatile POS system for your in-store and online sales. It is a one-stop transaction point extremely crucible for all the shops to make all the necessary sales as well as managing your store inventory. A POS system should have a diversity of payment options for versatility and Shopify has it all. After a sale is made, it also provides a mini receipt, providing all the transaction information along with the taxes such as VAT.

Digital Lime Green will help you set up the necessary software for your POS terminals. Also, we can help you in selecting the best POS devices for your business. Providing a convenient payment method makes your customers happy. Contact us for more information!

Payment Gateway

Payment gateways are very critical in running a Shopify e-commerce store.  Digital Lime Green offers you the best gateway choices in South Africa. Having a fast and secure gateway is very important as it is effective in generating more revenue (and keeping your customers satisfied with a good experience).

Choosing the right payment gateway matters as not every gateway may be available in all countries. PayFast and Peach Payments are the two most popular gateway options in South Africa, allowing users to make hassle-free payments with just a few clicks. If you are planning to sell internationally, you can also opt-in for the PayPal merchant gateway. Please note that third-party payment gateways will have a transaction fee of 2% (for the basic plan), which can be reduced to 0.5% (with the advanced Shopify package)

Digital Lime Green can also help you manage all the payment gateways on your Shopify website. Our experts will help you keep tabs on the security and integrity of your payment gateway by keeping in touch with the gateway. Contact us to get more information!

Payment Gateway
Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Thanks to Shopify apps, integrating your social media presence on a Shopify online store is not as difficult as it seems. Digital Lime Green can help you with setting up your own social media section on your website and ensure it functions properly. Furthermore, you can use these apps to promote your products and services over various social media platforms.

The usage of social is always ever-increasing and there are many potential customers among them if you know exactly where to target. There are many convenient social media integration apps available on the market that come with their own customised templates and formats to advertise your products and services across social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Digital Lime Green can also help you integrate your store on social media stores like the Facebook store. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to extend your business. We’ll help you understand the right target and geolocation for you to advertise effectively. The crucial part is that your data should be consistent across all advertising platforms. We can help you with social media advertisements. Connect with us to know more about our services!

Search Engine Optimisation

When we talk about Search Engine Optimisations for various search engines, we’re really just talking about Google SEO. Our SEO experts will help you optimise and manage all the content and products with the best and ethical SEO practice. They will help you generate organic traffic (meaning you do not have to pay for the traffic generated this way). Our SEO practices follow all the guidelines by Google Webmaster.

Search Engine Optimisation refers to tweaking your website content in such a way that your website will match and respond better to the certain set of keywords used by Google search engine users. Ethical SEO practices always keep the content user-oriented while aiming to improve a website’s index ranking. Shopify websites are no exceptions to these. SEO practices are more reliable to generate revenue from your store in the long term.

Digital Lime Green will ensure all the practices are being followed properly while maintaining the integrity of customer-oriented content. You may say that you can just advertise to generate traffic and revenue on your Shopify website but SEO will give you a better, more reliable source of revenue. Don’t just rely on the advertisements and contact us to know more about SEO practices!

Search Engine Optimisation
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Build a loyal customer base, integrate an email newsletter for your (former) customers to notify them about new services, products, or discounts your Shopify store has to offer. Digital Lime Green can help you set up an email newsletter and will also help in integrating an email system that is more user friendly. Your users should be able to select the type of emails they will be receiving and also be able to unsubscribe with a single click.

Email marketing consists of sending emails to the users that have carried out a successful transaction on your Shopify business and to the users who have subscribed to your newsletter. These emails can include promotional content such as promoting a newly launched product, discount/sale events, introducing new functionalities of your store and much more. As a commercial mail, your content should be attractive, catchy, minimal with text but straight to the point.

Digital Lime Green can help you design the content of various email templates you would need for your business. We will also help you in controlling the frequency of such emails as spammy emails can create a negative outlook on your business. Contact us to know more about the service!

Responsive Web Design

An incompatible website may drive potential customers away. At Digital Lime Green, we will help you in making your Shopify online store compatible across all devices. It will make engaging easy for your visitors, which means getting more traffic and revenue through your Shopify store.

Responsive Website Design refers to the compatibility of your website across all devices such as desktops, smartphones, and iPads. This practice utilises HTML and CSS queries to automatically resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge a website based on the instructions provided by a device. For example, our Digital Lime Green website loads differently on smartphones, is easier to navigate, and provides an engaging experience. This is what responsive website design does!

Responsive website design applies to all the elements, including images. We’ll make sure the content quality of all the products listed on your Shopify online shop is maintained while we optimise them. All the functionalities will remain the same while the responsive store layout does the trick of providing a quality experience to the users on smaller resolution screens. Know how we can do this by contacting us today!

Responsive Web Design

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