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Website Design

Do you need a website for your business or do you have a website but are stuck trying to make it better? Is it a revenue or traffic-related problem? Digital Lime Green offers expert assistance with our professional Website Design Package. We follow the best quality design and customisation practices to implement responsive website designs. Furthermore, our SEO oriented content practices will help you boost your traffic and revenue. We also offer unique and professional customisations according to your requirements and the content. We offer a full range of web design packages available with several different pricing options to suit the size and stage of your business.  Know more about this service by connecting with us today!

E-commerce Website Design

Are you wanting to take your business online or do you have an e-commerce website that needs renovation? Do you plan to launch an online store but don’t know how to? We are here for you! Digital Lime Green offers professional assistance in setting up your e-commerce website in a professional and effective manner. With various unique themes to choose from, your dream e-commerce website design is just around the corner. We optimise and manage all the content or provide guidance throughout the process. We will make your website simplified, attractive, and functional. Contact us for more information!

Mobile App Development

In the era of digitalisation, smartphones have gained huge importance. Do you wish to launch a mobile application for your website/business? Or do you have any unique idea for an application but lack assistance? Digital Lime Green is glad to provide professional assistance with our mobile app development package. With this package, we will provide assistance and services thoroughly, from planning a design for your mobile app to effectively launching the app in the market and maintaining it. Know more about what we can do by connecting with us today!

Digital Marketing

Digital Lime Green is your one-stop for all your digital marketing needs. With our professional and experienced experts, we will help you achieve your desired target. Know how to utilise various advertisement channels, understand the importance of the target demographics, and get insight on marketing trends to plan out your advertisement campaigns. Based on your budget and targeting, we will commit ourselves to increase traffic on your website or mobile application. Connect with us and know more!

Shopify Website Design

Digital Lime Green – A Shopify Partner – can help you set up your own Shopify store. Shopify is the #1 choice for all aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to open their own e-commerce store. With their intuitive tools and the drag-and-drop website builder, you can set up your e-commerce store within hours. Shopify has many apps and uniquely designed themes by world-renowned designers. This will help you in creating a uniquely designed store that matches your brand and the products/services you are offering. Contact us for more information or take a peek inside!

Social Media Management

Having your presence over social media means your brand gets to influence millions of users worldwide. Digital Lime Green helps you in understanding a variety of social media platforms you can utilise to grow your influence and reputation and be a star in your industry. Social media management is all about creating useful, informative, and interactive content and forming real relationships with your audience, customer services, and receiving raw feedback. Know how you can grow your social media influence efficiently by connecting with us today or you can take a look inside to get an idea about our services.

SEO Service

SEO is a very important factor to get your website running successfully in the long run. Get a complete solution to your website SEO with the assistance of Digital Lime Green. We offer assistance in tweaking your SEO by focusing on relevant and highly efficient keywords, managing your website optimisation, content optimisation, link building services, website auditing and much more. Encourage your website to generate more organic traffic and revenue. Contact us today or know more by taking a peek inside!

Content Marketing

Content marketing focuses on relevant content tactics that aim to improve the overall brand awareness of your business through various content tactics including blog articles, images, videos, infographics, and many more. Digital Lime Green aims to create quality content with consistent, accurate information that adds value to the end-user. Content marketing gives more importance to establishing your credibility and trust in the industry, which ultimately results in getting/expanding a loyal follower/customer base. Connect with us today or click on ‘Read More’ to read in detail about our content marketing services.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great and subtle way to advertise your brand value and your business. It gives you an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and information through motion visuals, music, and infographics. They have proven to be effective to attract more interest from your customers. You may use explainer videos to give information, educate, or entertain. With Digital Lime Green, you get quality explainer videos based on your budget, instructions, and your approach to the topic. With a good script, your explainer video holds great potential. Contact us for more details.

Logo Design

Symbols have been a fascinating part of human history and human culture, and our businesses are not an exception. Your logo represents and promotes your brand’s values. The design for your logo depends on the type of business you are running and the ‘mood’ you want to set. Once you are set with a logo, it is going to stick to your business for a while. Hence, choosing a logo design is equally important. With Digital Lime Green, you will get high-quality and aesthetic logos based on your theme and requirements. Connect with us for more information.

Google Advertising

Google is the most renowned platform for advertising in the digital world. With their revolutionary PPC and vCPM methods, intuitive algorithm, and a giant userbase that encompasses the entire world. Digital Lime Green can help you with a personalised strategy to target the right audience and extend the reach of your business, increase conversion rate, gain traffic to your website, or raise brand awareness in South Africa. Continue reading further for more information.

Facebook Advertising

Digital Lime Green is a Facebook partner in Cape Town, South Africa. We provide complete advertising solutions on Facebook, such as carousel ads, image and text ads, and video ads. Facebook is a great platform to define and reach your audience through social media and you can raise your brand awareness or other actions like increasing website traffic, making sales, and much more. Facebook’s intuitive algorithm, combined with their adaptive ad campaign configurations, make it easy for advertisers to advertise a business.


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