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Mobile App Development has become crucial over the past few years. Digital Lime Green understands the effectiveness of owning a mobile application for your website/business/e-commerce store. Get a customised mobile app with fully functional features: browse around as smoothly as you would on a website, add comments or other content in real-time, play media on the app, and much more. We will optimise your mobile app for all Android platforms and iOS devices. If you wish to have a Web Application instead, we can assist you in that as well.

Smartphones have become the new normal in the current digital world. Being more handy and affordable than a computer or a laptop, currently, the world has more smartphone users than desktop users. The smartphone internet user penetration in South Africa lies at 56.1% according to, and is projected to reach the mark of 62.2% by 2025. A mobile application would allow users to access and interact with your content with ease.

Not only we will help you develop an application for your business but also, we will help you test it. Our development team will help you through the alpha testing, beta testing, and application maintenance, ensuring that your application has a smooth user experience and proper functionality. Contact us to know more about mobile app development today!

A mobile app has shown proven results in growing your traffic and revenue exponentially and your mobile app design matters. We will help you understand the proper approach to UX and UI designs. UX design stands for ‘user experience design’ and UI stands for ‘user interface design’. Naturally, both elements are crucial to your mobile app development, but there are a few differences. We can help you identify the best approach based on your brand and the products and services you have to offer.

Optimisation is a must when you develop a mobile application and our experts will help you with that. We consider factors such as various screen sizes, hardware specifications, and configurations, and we will help you design and optimise your application compatibility for various devices.

“Creating and marketing successful mobile applications is not a simple endeavor. Clear differences from regular desktop software products led the software industry to explore new development strategies for targeting a larger number of users by producing, advertising and distributing software applications able to be executed on different target platforms, profiting from all device’s capabilities and respecting environment-specific constraints.” (Luis Corral, Andrea Janes, Tadas Remencius, 2012)

iOS App Development

iOS is an operating system developed by Apple that runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch hardware. At Digital Lime Green, our experts can help you develop an iOS application catering to all your needs and goals. We will also help you in optimising your application, ensuring smooth functionality across all iOS versions.

Currently, South Africa has approximately 15% iPhone users according to this report.  While that number seems less, it also means that around 8.5 to 9 million users in SA have an iPhone or any Apple device. When it comes to generating revenue through your application, or selling premium content, Apple users are generally more willing to consider paying. This opens a big opportunity to grow as chances of conversion by iPhone users are high. iOS is also considered a highly secured platform.

An iOS application would work across all iOS devices. The concern for compatibility is minimum as one does not have to optimise the application based on many variations of iOS devices and systems. This makes the iOS platform an efficient channel to work with.

Know how you can extend your presence through an iOS app by contacting us today!

ios app development
android app development

Android App Development

Android is a smartphone operating system developed by Google for its variety of affordable ranges of smartphones. The experts at Digital Lime Green can help you understand the best approach for launching your mobile app on the android platform and optimise it according to your instructions and needs.

South Africa has approximately 85% Android users, making it an instant choice of platform to launch your mobile application. Considering the huge user base, It is clear that your presence and revenue is going to grow exponentially.

There are various types of android devices with different variations of Android OS. It has been developing progressively over recent years. Our Digital Lime Green developer team will help you with the best approach and help you optimise your application across all the major platforms. As Android is well known for its open-source coding, the possibilities of customising your application are endless. We will also help you develop a well-functioning application across all the major devices, ensuring that the people that use your application can have a good experience.

Connect with us and see how you can launch your own Android Application today!

Web Application

The Web Application (or a web app) is an integration of app-like features on a website. Digital Lime Green can help you set up a web app with ease.

Web applications use a combination of server-side scripts like PHP and ASP to handle the storage and retrieval of the information and client-side scripts such as JavaScript or HTML to provide functionality and user experience to the visitors. These apps are accessed through a web browser and require an active internet connection. The major advantage of having a web application is that your visitors don’t have to allocate any resources on their device to use your application. With a responsive web design, web apps can run smoothly on desktops and mobile devices equally.

Digital Lime Green can help you understand the best approach in launching your web application. If you want your visitors to interact and experience your application with quality features and functionality, a web app is for you.

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app prototyping

App Prototyping

With the help of various app prototyping tools, Digital Lime Green can assist you in building a sample mobile application to provide you with an idea about how your mobile app would work out. This is an important step to consider as it gives you more room to explore your ideas, helps build solutions to create a more human-centred design.

App prototyping is done in order to demonstrate a product’s functionality and layout. The first step involves paper prototyping. You sketch out the idea of your application, see how it would look, anticipate how it may function, and make changes accordingly. Once a paper prototype idea is finalised, usually, the next step involves designing an app. This prototype app provides no functionality but purely exists to demonstrate how the product will look and function.

We will understand and design your application prototype according to your needs and instructions. App prototypes allow us the flexibility to make changes, hence there is room for creative ideas. Prototyping is necessary to plan your further course of action in developing your application.

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App Building and App Testing

Once we are done finalising and prototyping your application, the next step is developing a mobile application. Digital Lime Green ensures our best developer team is allocated to your app development, ensuring the quality, functionality, and aesthetics of the apps are well designed. Furthermore, we’ll also help you through alpha testing and beta testing of the app to make sure your app is ready to be launched to the public.

App building simply refers to developing the app, considering various factors such as the target user base, compatibility across a variety of devices, functionality, and aesthetics. Once an app is developed, it goes through alpha testing which is performed by the testers at Digital Lime Green. We’ll also gather feedback based on beta testing as well. The target audience for beta testing will be selective or public, based on the amount of feedback we need.

Know the best approach to get your app tested with our expertise. App testing plays a crucial role in getting everything right for your app and also eliminating pesky bugs and glitches that may hinder the user experience quality.

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app building and testing
UX and UI Design

UX and UI Design

UI/UX design in mobile application development is crucial in enhancing the user experience and it plays a key role in making your app successful. Our experts at Digital Lime Green can help you understand the importance and your approach to UX/UI designs according to your content and ideas.

UI simply stands for User Interface. The user interface is related to the interactivity of your mobile application and it caters to the aesthetic needs of the application. UI should aim to provide simple, easy, enjoyable, and effective interaction between the app and the user. We can help you select the best themes and designs to enhance the UI experience.

UX stands for User Experience, which mainly focuses on the functionality aspect of the website. UX should focus on defining the way an app operates, ensuring everything is functioning properly, and it should focus on delivering the user requirements. It should be well-sorted, comfortable, clear, and user friendly.

UI/UX plays an important part in engaging your userbase with your products. A good UI/UX cocktail will provide a higher rate of conversion, a better rate of general satisfaction, a better reputation and revenue.

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Mobile App Security

Mobile app security is extremely important as the apps downloaded by users also collect generic yet sensitive information such as their personal details, and possibly hardware compatibility data (with consent) to ensure quality performance and functionality. As users put their trust in your application, Digital Lime Green helps you focus on the security aspect of your applications.

App security should be considered a necessity. A breach does not just cost your company, but you also end up losing a lifetime of trust. Bugs and vulnerabilities in code may give an entry point for the attackers to break into an application. The data exchanged through and from your app should be encrypted. Encryption makes it significantly harder for the data to be deciphered by hackers and attackers. The third most important factor should be high-level authentication. You want your users to feel safe when they are using your application.

There are many more aspects to improve an application’s security. Digital Lime Green can help to enforce the best securities for your application for a secure user environment. Contact us to know the best security practices and more!

Mobile App Security
Mobile App Maintenance

Mobile App Maintenance

Choosing Digital Lime Green would also ensure the best application maintenance our company can offer for your application. With our experience in application management, we confidently say that we quality for maintaining your application. You will have first-class assistance from our team. Contact us to know how you can protect and well-maintain your applications today!

App maintenance simply refers to checking your applications regularly for bugs and errors, keeping tabs on functionality, monitor performance, and keeping the content updated and relevant. Keeping your application healthy and attractive is important. Furthermore, providing regular updates and fixes on the apps is a good sign that shows the developer cares about the app. Knowing this fact helps users interact with your app more, which would improve your overall visibility in the long run.

In Application Management, we would ensure proper functionality, removal of redundant data and functions, maintaining compatibility. We offer scheduled system maintenance to ensure your app is in great shape. An outdated, buggy and/or infected application might result in getting your application banned from the play stores, and that might hurt your reputation overall.

Contact us to know more about this procedure!

Mobile App Updates

Updating your mobile application is an important part of application maintenance. At Digital Lime Green, we can update your applications in case there are any bug fixes, or adding new functionality to the app. Keeping your app up-to-date keeps it refreshing and user friendly. An active developer team behind an application provides a good impression.

The mobile development industry is constantly changing with the emergence of new technologies, or operating systems being improved. Based on that, an app also needs an update in terms of compatibility with these OS updates or the latest technologies, hardware or software. Regular updates are a great way to keep users interested and engaged with your application. But updates not only provide new content but also provide new security patches, remove old content, and keeping the app content relevant and fresh.

Updating your apps regularly has to be done effectively. It shouldn’t be too frequent either. Digital Lime Green can help you update your apps easily through our Mobile App Development service. Contact us to know more information about this today!

Mobile App Updates
Mobile App Advertising

Mobile App Advertising

Advertising your mobile application is important to increase the reach, user downloads, and unique monthly users. Digital Lime Green can help you understand a good approach to advertise your application through various platforms. Mobile application advertisements are targeted at the users exploring the internet through their smartphones as they are the potential users that can be directly redirected to your app.

Google Ads is the best advertising platform you can choose for your mobile app. Having its presence majorly across the internet, advertising to the right set of the target can do wonders for your application. Furthermore, Facebook and Instagram can also be good advertisement channels. Whoever clicks on your advertisement are redirected to your Apple App Store or Google Play Store page where they can explore the information and download the application.

Digital Lime Green will help you understand the best approach and channels to advertise your mobile app effectively. Knowing your target audience, trendy social media networks, and the truthfulness of your advertisement matters. There are many fake mobile advertisements on the internet, a practice you should stay away from. Contact us to know more!


There is more than one approach to generate revenue on your mobile application. Digital Lime Green can help you understand different monetisation approaches to generate revenue reasonably and effectively. 

Monetisation simply refers to generating revenue through a variety of content presented on your mobile app. Advertising is the most preferred way to generate revenue but there are downsides to that, as people tend to see advertising as intrusive and repetitive in general. Monetisation can be done through the quality content you provide on your application. It can be a premium service your application offers, some advanced lessons and courses regarding a trade, or access to advanced statistics. Another preferred way of monetisation is to sell premium membership plans, monthly or yearly, in order to allow users to access the content. Last but not least, you can also monetise your application directly by making your app paid-to-use.

The right monetisation approach is based on the content or the services you are providing through your application. The right approach can do wonders for your revenue generation. Our experts will help you understand the advantages of different monetisation methods. Connect with us to know more today!

Route to Market

Route to Market

Route to market refers to launching your application in the market and advertising it to your target audience effectively. Digital Lime Green can help you launch your mobile app in the market with ease. Consult with our experts and know your options to plan an effective route-to-market strategy and start generating traffic and revenue on your app.

Route to Market strategy is beneficial as it limits unnecessary expenses, allows constructive response to market changes, ensures ideal product functionality, and so on. Before launching your app in the market, you should be aware of your target audience, how your app is going to function, and understand if your application is actually adding any value in their day-to-day lives.

The strategies you choose in RTM (Route-to-Market) will help to determine your success factor in launching your application and meeting your intended goals. Know how to utilise various channels effectively in order to boost your reach at launch into the market and generate revenue. Contact us today for more information about how you can make it happen!

Google Play Store

Formerly known as Android Market, Google Play Store is a digital application distribution service developed and operated by Google. It is the official platforms for launching and downloading apps on certified devices running Android Operating System. Digital Lime Green can help you understand the process of launching your application on the platform with ease.

Applications can be free or paid on Google Play and can be downloaded directly on your Android device. All Android smartphones come with a built-in Play Store app, which also recommends various useful apps to the users during their initial smartphone setup. The Google Playstore allows targeted marketing. Also, it allows you to choose hardware specified marketing, showing your app only to people with compatible hardware. For example, if your app requires a hardware motion sensor, then you can provide such information to the Google Play Store and it will show your application only on those devices that have an in-built motion sensor.

With Android OS dominating the smartphone market in South Africa, you would want to advertise and show your app on the Google Play Store. Our experts can help you understand the process of publishing your application or we can publish it for you as per your request. Contact us to know more about this!

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Apple App Store

Apple App Store is a digital distribution platform for applications and software on devices with the iOS or macOS operating system, i.e. Apple iPhones, iPad, and Macbooks. With Digital Lime Green, launching your application on the Apple App Store becomes easy as our experts will take full responsibility for this process.

Apple’s App Store was launched in July 2008 and it was intended originally for iOS. But later on, it was expanded to provide applications on macOS devices as well. Developers have to pay a 99$ annual fee to the App Store to publish their applications. Before publishing, however, the developers have to submit the application to Apple’s testing centre and must follow Apple’s policies and guidelines, by meeting a number of prerequisites: App ID for your app, distribution certificate, build settings, deployment target, basic information such as name, pricing, availability, metadata, and ratings.

Google Play’s publication process is less tedious than Apple, but knowing how many precautions Apple takes before actually publishing an application on their store, it is worth considering. South African consists of a 15% iPhone user base. Contact us to know more about the benefits and the procedure!

Monthly Active Users

Monthly Active Users is a key performance index that gives you an insight into how many unique users utilised your mobile application in a month (30-days period). Experts at Digital Lime Green will monitor this KPI for your application or teach you how you can utilise the MAU (Monthly Active Users) to your advantage and plan the development accordingly.

Performance measurement is an important factor in determining progress in any field, and your mobile application is not an exception to that. One uses analytical tools to identify the number of monthly active users. In MAU, various factors such as user interaction and user visit to the app are determined to count the Monthly Active Users. MAU is a useful tool to make informed business decisions and it can help to determine the course of development for your app.

Using various analytical tools, you can determine the course of action and increase your revenue effectively. Knowing your strengths can help you target communities effectively or take a different approach to gain more monthly active users. Connect with us to know the best analytical practices you can include!

Monthly Active Users

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