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Logo and graphic design in Cape Town, South Africa

A logo is a representation of your brand, business, and the experiences your customers have received from you. Having a logo is very important as it gives you a unique identity in your industry. Digital Lime Green can create effective logos that will help you stand out in the industry and represent yourself.

A logo should be designed and chosen carefully. You have to have multiple options before you finalise a logo. At Digital Lime Green, we offer multiple logo samples to our clients which provide them with a variety of options to choose from. Do not just choose a logo for the sake of choosing it. Get an idea of how it represents your business, and the values and ethics your business stands for.

Furthermore, understanding the ‘mood’ set by your logo is equally important. For example, if you own a law firm, you may want to design a logo that represents professionalism and sets a formal mood for your audience. Your logo has a psychological impact on your customers based on the industry and trade you are in. This quote from a research paper states it better:

“Symbols can sometimes stand in for actual characteristics when group members are striving toward a desired group image. For example, if a group member feels the group does not have a desired level of status, he or she may emphasize a symbol that provides a sense of status, such as a historic building that relates to the group’s past achievements (Ledgerwood, Liviatan, & Carnevale, 2007).”

This is exactly why there has to be extensive research before you finalise a logo design. Understand how it makes your target audience feel by conducting surveys, Q&A sessions, and getting feedback from different people.

Understand more about how logos can help your business and how we can help you design an effective and influential logo by reaching out to us today!

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Graphic Design

Digital Lime Green provides suitable graphic designs that harmonise with your business’s theme and logo. This helps in setting a ‘mood’ for your website, which enriches the user experience. Creating quality and interactive visual elements for your website is a craft: such as visual hierarchy, typography, layouts, and images.

If you have a specific logo for your business, you would want your website to resonate around the logo’s design as well. Logo design is a part of graphic design, but graphic design is much more than that. Having a website that’s woven around your logo design will not only enhance a user’s experience but also will help in establishing credibility and trust. Your designs are not only there for aesthetics, but they also represent how much you take your business seriously.

Getting an appropriate professional graphic designer is the key to making or breaking your website. With our expert assistance, you will get a satisfying and aesthetic website. Connect with us to know more!

Graphic Design


Digital Lime Green can help you with building your brand. In simple words, branding is what will make your business stand out in the competition. Branding is not just the logo or the name of your business, it’s much more than that. Branding actually refers to the lifetime trust for the quality of products and services customer experiences behind the face of your business’s logo.

Branding requires consistency in your business practices. Your services and products should be consistent in quality and your business should constantly focus on improving them. Customers will value the quality services and products they have received from you. This builds a sense of trust and credibility with them. Repetitive incidents of quality services will only reinforce that positive image for your brand in their mind. Also, your customer support system can do wonders in maintaining your reputation. You would want to practice customer-oriented business services while managing a steady flow of profit.

Digital Lime Green will help you in coming up with effective brand strategies for your business. We will also help in maintaining a quality reputation so that your brand continues growing steadily. Reach out to us to know more about this.

Brochure Design

At Digital Lime Green, we design professional brochures with proper infographics, suitable design, and your company’s information. Your brochure is an important asset in your branding strategy. Usually, a brochure is designed with the intention of providing a general outline regarding your company, services, success stories, images, and testimonials.

Your clients are not just going to be impressed just because your brand is famous or your company is well-known for its services. They would want to know more about your company before they ask for your services. A brochure provides them with exactly what they need to know about. Brochures can cover a variety of topics, and not just your company’s information. For example, you may create a brochure on a particular service you provide to give them a detailed insight on how and why they should request that service from your business. A brochure with documented statistical data plays a huge role in your branding strategy.

Create professional, well-designed brochures with the help of Digital Lime Green. Giving a client your brochure also means they may get constantly reminded of your existence; that they may end up recommending your services to someone else. Contact us today for more information.

Brochure Design
Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity refers to how your business presents itself to its prospective customers and the outside world. Although this term is closely related to branding and logo promotions, it is not just that. How your business represents itself through a set of visual assets and the brand design defines your corporate identity.

Digital Lime Green can help you with planning various strategies to enhance your corporate identity in a positive manner. There are numerous and creative ways to achieve this. Represent yourself with advertisements, social media posts, your brand image, a well-designed website, mobile applications, and more. Once you are done with finalising your business foundation, such as your brand’s positioning, mission, values, and personality, you may start filling and glueing the gaps with visual elements and designs to establish your corporate identity. Make sure your identity is flexible, and it should be able to keep up with the rapidly changing market.

With us, you will get our guidance and assistance in coming up with effective corporate identity strategies. Contact us to know more about how we can help you!

Infographic Design

Digital Lime Green can help you create creative and informative infographics. Behind data, there is a story, and infographics allow you to tell them in a creative, yet professional manner. Infographics help your customers and visitors to understand how your business has progressed, or how your products or services have helped others, and so on.

Accuracy is the heart of Infographic Design. Your statistical data should be accurate and should avoid showing fake or inconsistent statistics. A discrepancy in your data can cause major harm to your corporate identity. Create a compelling story to make your infographics more interactive and interesting for your readers. Use proper layouts, colours, photography wherever necessary, and appropriate charts to display your statistics. Engaging and accurate infographic data means customers will trust your business more and understand that you are a professional.

Infographics promote the transparency of your branding strategy. We highly recommend using infographics in your branding strategy. Digital Lime Green can help you in creating a variety of infographics. Connect with us to know more!

Infographic Design

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