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Explainer videos are an effective way to gain new customers

Explainer videos are a great way to advertise your business. It is a form of content marketing that has proven effective in attracting customers to your business. Digital Lime Green can create professional explainer videos for you on demand. Different topics call for different approaches to making explainer videos. We will plan different strategies based on your requirements and your objective.

Explainer videos have shown to attract more interest from your customers. A customer on your website or social media page is more likely to watch your videos than to interact with your written content. Research studies show that consumers do prefer watching your videos, they get a better understanding of your products and services, and it may provide them better clarity about their doubts and queries.

There are a variety of explainer videos you can create for different purposes. For example, if you would like to give details about how your business operates, you may create a corporate video with a spokesperson explaining it with infographic animations in the background. You may create training videos to educate your audience. Or create a storytelling video with animations to broadcast the journey and growth statistic of your organisation.

At the heart of your explainer videos lies the Script. Without a good script, your explainer videos are not going to be successful. In the past, just a dull explainer video would do the trick. But with the digital evolution and growing awareness within customers, it is simply not enough. Your customers look for entertainment AND quality informational value in your videos. Good scriptwriting is a mix of holding your customers’ interest for long enough to get through the entire video, and giving them qualitative, impactful information.

After the script, it is information/content. The information you are providing should be scrutinised thoroughly. You don’t want to provide your customers with misinformation as it may create a negative impact for your brand.

Digital Lime Green offers quality and cost-effective services in making explainer videos for our clients. Explore our services further by reading below or connect with us to know more!

Animated Videos

Animated videos are especially effective in entertaining your viewers while providing quality value through your information. Digital Lime Green can provide you with quality animation videos for various business purposes. Whether it is about delivering information about your company or providing insights about services to your visitors, animations are capable of it.

Your customers want to see more than just what your organisation has to offer. The younger generations have shown a more welcoming approach towards animations and animated videos. Engage your customers in the story of your business, or short stories that are relevant to your products and services. Animations may also help you display your statistics and information fluidly and effectively. Animations allow your business to make a creative and endearing representation that would be profitable for your business. Creativity is always inspiring and appreciated and with a good animated video, you will be able to achieve that.

Getting a professional animator is always recommended in the process. ​Digital Lime Green can assist you in making quality animation videos for your business. Connect with us to know more about how we can help you with animation videos.

Animated Videos
Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos

Digital Lime Green can help you in making excellent corporate videos that will help you in advertising your brand and services. Corporate videos, or business videos, are simply the videos that are produced by a company, organisation, or business. They generally contain the information related to their company’s goals and vision, and products and services a business has to offer.

Corporate videos can come in many forms and with many topics. For example, you may choose to do an animated how-to video for your viewers, explaining how they can handle a product they have purchased from you. Or, you can make speaker videos where a speaker provides information to your viewers about various topics.

The stance you take in your videos depends on the type of business you are running. For example, a legal business would have serious, professional explainer videos full of jargon. A creative business, on the other hand, may enthusiastically state the services they have to offer. No matter what the business is, make sure you set the right mood for your viewers.

Digital Lime Green can assist you in making professional videos with your preferred approach. Reach out to us to know more!

Social Media Videos

Digital Lime Green can create entertaining and informative videos for your social media followers that can attract better traffic and conversion rate on your social media channel. Social Media Videos aim at promoting your brand value over various social media platforms. It is a form of content marketing that allows you to promote, interact, and share a variety of quality information with your customers.

Make sure that your videos provide some quality information, easy to understand, and memorable for your viewers. Although videos on social media are generally expected to be creative and entertaining, it may not always be the case. For example, people on LinkedIn may expect a professional representation from your business. Include a variety of content and keep it engaging. You may even consider starting a video series on How-To’s, or your corporate journey.

Digital Lime Green will help you with various strategies to make explainer videos for your social media platform. Connect with us and understand more about how we can help you in the matter.

Social Media Videos
Product Videos

Product Videos

Products videos aim at providing quality information about your products to customers and viewers. Such videos may include showcasing, product operation and product reviews, product details, and so on. Allow us to understand the type of products you want to display, and we will help you in making quality and informative videos related to your products.

Product videos are great for product marketing. It allows you to showcase a real product to your potential customers, and helps in establishing trust. Researches have shown that customers do prefer seeing a live product in action before making an online purchase. In today’s age, customers want to know as much as they can before they can make a purchase and nothing does it better than a product video!

Be a symbol of transparency and credibility and boast about your products through a video. Digital Line Green will help you with making professional and creative videos about your products. Connect with us to know more!

Training Videos

Digital Lime Green can provide assistance in making great training videos for your business. The objective of training videos is to train and educate your audience on a certain topic or domain. Whether it is for a generic purpose, or with a goal in mind.

If you are unsure about what training videos are, Udemy is a great example to explore a variety of training videos on various topics. First, choose a topic you want to create a training video or a training video series on. Second, make sure the information you are providing in the video is accurate and valid. Third, add quality infographics and animations to enhance the overall value of your video. Fourth and most important, make sure you adhere to the script. Make sure a professional mood is maintained throughout the video as viewers expect some kind of professional attitude in training videos.

Digital Lime Green can help you in making training videos, as per your requirements. Connect with us to know more about this service.

Training Videos

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