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If you own a restaurant, you would want a stylish, modern, and visually pleasant website. This website should contain your restaurant’s contact details, address, menu, and other relevant information. Digital Lime Green can help you in designing the best and personalised restaurant website designs that will resonate with your brand well. A highly attractive and personalised website with a good theme will surely help you attract more customers to your restaurant.

The most basic element in restaurant website design is choosing the best appropriate theme. This includes colours, fonts, and layouts. Your colours will make a big difference in making your website attractive. Usually, when people think about restaurants, they think about a calm, cosy place where they can hang out and dine in peace. You should implement the same ‘atmosphere’ on your website. Make your customers feel calm and warm with your website’s colour scheme, along with the appropriate fonts and a great layout. This depends on what kind of restaurant you are running.

People are visiting your restaurant, not for your written content alone, but also to see what do you have to offer. Customers would also want to know a little background of your restaurant. The important written content on your restaurant website should be: about us, menu, restaurant address, and contact info. So, make sure this content is accurate. But are these customers coming to your website only for this? No! They are also coming to see what do you have to offer. Take the liberty and advertise your restaurant space, food dishes, and delicious juices and desserts. Take some high-quality pictures and post them in the gallery section. If you could provide more information about the pictures, such as captions, that makes it even better.

Lastly, how about some testimonials and reviews? Help your website (and your restaurant) gain some credibility by adding some customer testimonials and reviews on your website. They will help your visitors to get a glance at how your restaurant actually does.

Digital Lime Green will help you set up a professional, yet a warm and cosy digital place for your restaurant. Contact us for more information and get a personalised restaurant website!

Food Website Design

Food website is an umbrella term that covers aspects of food and kitchen like kitchenware, kitchen blogs, food blogs, recipes, food delivery platform, and even restaurants. Each website would have a different design, hence you should have a clear idea of your purpose. Digital Lime Green can help you with designing the best food website which will be personalised according to your needs.

Even though a food website design can be different for different clients, it has one thing in common: Photography. No matter what kind of food website design you want, it must include quality photos of your products or choose aesthetic photos in case you are writing blogs. Second important thing: you want your website design to resonate with your brand. We will choose appropriate fonts, colour schemes, and layouts to make your website appear pleasant to visitors’ eyes. Lastly, make sure your content and prices (in case you are running a restaurant or delivery business) are accurate.

Digital Lime Green can help you in designing a personalised and attractive food website design. Connect with us to know more!

Food Website Design
Cafe Website Design

Cafe Website Design

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word ‘cafe’ is hanging out with our friends and having delicious coffee. A cafe is a small, cosy place where people hang out or chill. Your website should bring a similar feeling to the visitors as well. Digital Lime Green can help you with a personalised cafe website design that will make a good presence online within your competition.

The most important aspect of a cafe website design is the theme and colour scheme. You would want to choose a nice, calming colour palette for your website. Make sure it matches the ambience with your actual cafe. You don’t want your customers to feel differently when they are visiting your website versus when they are visiting your cafe. We will also make sure that all the content and photography is properly placed and functional so that visitors can explore your website with ease. Lastly, always stress on getting quality and attractive pictures for your website that will provide an engaging experience.

With Digital Lime Green, you will get a personalised and professional cafe website design. Connect with us to know more!

Pizza Restaurant Website Design

With how global has pizza become in the past few decades, there is a trend in the digital world that is solely dedicated to pizzerias. That’s right, there are special website designs just for pizza restaurants. Given how South Africa is not an exception, Digital Lime Green has dedicated itself to provide pizza restaurant website designs as well.

Pizza restaurant website designs are widely known for their delicious photos and menus. One good thing about pizza is that it is adaptable to cultural differences. Take advantage of that and advertise the regional pizza taste with a deliciously high-quality picture gallery on your pizza website. We will help you in setting up an effective restaurant menu with mini description and accurate prices that will help your visitors explore easily. Most pizzerias have a delivery system. We can also help you integrate a variety of payment gateways so that it becomes easier for customers to pay for your delicious pizzas. It is important that to make a pizza restaurant website effectively responsive and functional, and we will take care of that.

Contact Digital Lime Green today and get an affordable yet deliciously aesthetic pizza restaurant website design!

Pizza Restaurant Website Design

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