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We try to answer as many questions as possible here, but if you have any further questions please contact us.

Website Design

I have no idea what kind of website design services your business has to offer. Please help!

No worries! All of our website designing services are well-elaborated here: Website Design and Development

I just wish to use a particular service from your package. Is that possible?

Yes, it is completely possible. For example, if you just want us to do a website layout and some content addition, we can do it. Contact us to know more!

What CMS do you use commonly for Website Design?

We primarily work with WordPress. In fact, our website has also been made with WordPress as well. We may work with Wix or any other CMS tool of your choice if required.

Why do you use WordPress primarily for website designs?

WordPress is the most popular CMS tool for website design solutions globally. With their vast plugin library and plenty of themes to choose from, personalisation has never been better. They also allow customised codes to make your website appear and function even more uniquely. 

My website needs some unique customisations. How can you help?

Need a personalised website? Worry not. Our development team is here to assist you. As WordPress allows unique customisations with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS coding, we can personalise your website the way you want it.

Digital Marketing

Do I really need Digital Marketing services?

Yes, you really do. In this age of digitisation, promoting your presence online is extremely important. With our digital marketing package, you will have a variety of strategies and channels to advertise your business effectively. Connect with us to know more!

How do you exactly help your clients in marketing their business online?

We believe that every business is different and it needs a personalised strategy to grow. There are numerous platform options and methods to choose from. As we are well-versed in a variety of platforms, we would help you choose the best platforms with the best campaign packages to advertise with. Know more about our marketing services here.

I just need help with my social media marketing. Can you help?

We have a separate package specifically tailored for social media solutions. Join hands with us and grow your influence on Social Media effectively. Know more about Social Media services here

I have a tight budget but I still want to advertise. What can I do?

Most platforms provide budget personalisation in their ad campaign settings. We will help you in choosing the best ad campaign based on your budget and business goals, and advise accordingly.

Search Engine Optimisation

What's the big deal about Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO in short) is a methodology to increase your search engine results page ranking. The higher you position in a search, the better you generate organic traffic on your website.

Organic Traffic? What's that?

Organic traffic refers to the unpaid traffic that comes to your website through search engine results. With proper SEO optimisation, your website is going to bring in a lot more organic traffic that will ultimately help you in the long run.

So, how does one deal with SEO? I don't know anything.

We got your back! Digital Lime Green offers a full-fledged solution to all your SEO needs. Check out this link here to understand all the aspects of SEO we cover.

Are there any drawbacks to SEO?

SEO is not an instant process. Even with a good strategy, you may have to wait months before you start seeing actual results. Also, you should be aware of black hat SEO practices. Such practices do more harm to your website than good.

Black hat SEO? So are there any official guidelines on how one should do SEO practices?

Yes, in fact! Google Webmaster Guidelines cover everything that should be done properly in your SEO strategy. The rule of thumb is that your website should be legit, provides a good user experience with great content value, and has no fishy or spammy links.

Social Media Management

Do I really need to take my business on social media platforms?

Yes, as there are millions of users on various social media platforms. That screams a great potential and opportunity for your business. South Africa alone has around 20-23 million users online. Your competitors are doing it and so should you.

What sort of social platform do I need for my business?

This totally depends on the business you own. For starters, we would recommend WhatsApp and Facebook in South Africa as these are the top 2 social media platforms being used.

How should I plan for my Social Media strategy?

Digital Lime Green can help you come up with an effective strategy based on your business model and budget. Understand more by checking out our Social Media Management services or contact us today!

How would I know whether the strategy is effective or not?

Almost all social media platforms are well-equipped with insight and reporting tools. Furthermore, we can also use third-party tools if they prove to be more effective than the default social media tools. You will get all the insights and our expertise on whether you should keep the strategy or make necessary changes, so stay assured!

Mobile App Development

Do I need a mobile app for my business?

With how dominant the Smartphone market has grown to be in South Africa (and it will continue that way), a mobile app provides a simpler, yet richer experience to your target audience. With a simple click, they can download and browse your business app effectively. Making things convenient for your customers is ultimately going to bring the business your way. 

Is my investment in designing a mobile app worth it?

It indeed is. For starters, the smartphone is a growing market that has been dominating the tech industry over desktops, laptops, and other computer devices. Besides, you are providing an efficient option for your audience to browse your business. The user experience will be better through your app rather than a website.

How much will it cost me?

The prices may vary depending on the requests we get from you. Contact us to get an exact quote from us with respect to your requests and customisations.

Does your service include publishing the mobile app on the Play Store or App Store?

Yes. We will publish your app to your own accounts or, to save costs, we can publish to our accounts.

Does Digital Lime Green provide app maintenance as well?

Yes, we can provide periodic or on-demand maintenance for your application. Please contact us to know more.

How do you charge for mobile app design services?

You can see our prices here. Please note that the prices may vary depending on your requests. Consider contacting us for more information.

Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Basically, content marketing is where you advertise your business by producing and providing quality content to your target audience. It is a give and take win-win strategy and is effective on multiple fronts.

How is content marketing effective on multiple fronts?

With the basic give and take policy, this strategy increases your conversion rate, raises credibility in the market, and helps in brand awareness. But most importantly, it also helps you to grow your service quality as well as in defining a unique identity with the competition.

How is content marketing done?

Through blog posts, social media posts, articles, videos, and infographics. The idea behind content marketing is to provide quality content to your target audience, which also subtly helps in promoting your business.

What is the cost for your content marketing services?

We have put up standard prices on our pricing portal. However, they may vary depending on your request. Please consider contacting us for more information.

Do you follow SEO practices in your content marketing strategies?

SEO makes content marketing strategies successful. Wherever there’s content on the internet, there’s SEO. We will follow the best SEO practices for all content marketing strategies.

Explainer Videos

What are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos are a part of a content marketing strategy where you represent your business and provide value to the user end through a video. These videos can be introductory, informative, entertaining, engaging, and interactive.

What kind of explainer videos can I get?

Explainer videos with information and advertising, for starters. These videos may be animated with infographics or a speaker addressing the audience or a mix of both. Contact us for more information.

Are explainer videos really effective?

Yes, very much so! Various studies have shown that explainer videos get more attention than the written or pictorial content. It is a great medium to advertise your business or form your content strategy with and will be an advantage to you in a long run.

What would be the length of an explainer video?

Explainer videos usually range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length. Of course, you can go more than that as well. But we highly recommend you to keep it short. Shorter videos are more impactful.

How much does it cost for an explainer video?

Prices vary depending on the content, animation, and speech you need for it. Please contact us to get an exact quote.

Logo Design

Is having a logo important?

Yes, as it enhances your brand image to your target audience and in the industry. Giving yourself a unique identity will help your customers and target audience remember you. An image speaks a thousand words.

How do you charge for logo design services?

You can see our prices here. Please note that the prices may vary depending on your requests. Consider contacting us for more information.

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