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WordPress Hosting refers to website hosting that have optimised their servers to meet WordPress’ performance and security needs

There are many WordPress hosts in South Africa. The term WordPress Hosting refers to website hosting that have optimised their servers to meet WordPress’ performance and security needs. Such hosts also have an instant WordPress installation function that makes it easy to get started with WordPress. Digital Lime Green can provide various WordPress hosting solutions in South Africa based on your budget and needs.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) tool, widely popular for its intuitiveness in website design. It powers around 40% of the websites globally. Even if you lack the technical knowledge to make a website, WordPress’ drag and drop feature makes website designing easy. There are a variety of plugins to help you enhance your overall website in terms of design, functionality, and add-ons that allow you to link your social media or other external links.

Although WordPress hosts are specialised in running a WordPress website, it is possible that any hosting service can run your WordPress website as easily. All these hosts need to have is PHP version 5.2.4 or higher, and MySQL 5.0.15 or higher. Then why are there WordPress specialised hosts? Because a quality WordPress host can help you run your website better.

There are two types of WordPress hosting: shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting. A shared host means your site will share a server with other websites. You will reap the performance benefits but the resources will not be completely dedicated to you. If you own a website for a small or medium scale business, this would be the optimal, cost-effective option for you.

Managed hosting provides better performance benefits along with premium benefits. You get better response time, server-side caching, better security, and more. If you are a big enterprise, then this plan is ideally suitable for you.

There are many hosting services in South Africa that offers premium quality WordPress hosting services. We will always focus on providing security, speed, and caching aspects when recommending a WordPress host to our clients. Contact with Digital Lime Green for more information!

The core of Digital Lime Green’s SEO services will always focus on providing ethical practices that will improve your index ranking while promoting qualities such as enriched user experience, trust, credibility, and content relevancy. Following white hat SEO practices is very important and they stick to the Google Webmaster’s Guidelines. Blackhat practices on the other hand only focus on improving index ranking without any regard for user experience.

An SEO audit is an important aspect in maintaining the quality of how your website functions. In an SEO audit, our team will check your website from an SEO point of view and understand whether your website improvement and maintenance practices are actually helping you or harming you. We’ll take an in-depth look at your strategies and guide you wherever necessary. There are various free SEO audit tools you can find across the web, but we recommend you hire a professional for a better, personalized, and in-depth analysis to plan your strategies. Technical SEO handles the backend part such as page loading speed, crawlability and indexability, and so on.

Based on your business model, goals, and budget, we’ll help you understand the best SEO strategy to grow your business. As your personal assistant in SEO strategy development, we will ensure that our practices are helpful in promoting your brand, represents your business’ core ethic while providing a good user experience. Once your strategy is in place, we’ll also help you manage it periodically and update your website accordingly so that the quality is preserved.

Take a look at all the services we offer explained below or connect with us and know more about this service package in detail.

Server Speed

Server speed mainly depends on two factors: server hardware and allotted bandwidth. Server speed can be a determinant factor to provide a good user experience to your visitors. Digital Lime Green can provide assistance in choosing the best web hosting plans for you. Hosting speed varies depending on the plans you choose.

Server-side hardware plays an important role in determining web hosting speed. For example, a Solid State Drive (SSD) would provide much better R/W (read/write) speed than a traditional HDD. Knowing what kind of processor and RAMs also matter. Most importantly, knowing bandwidth is important as it will directly affect your data transfer speed. It is obvious that managed WordPress web hosting plans would provide a much better speed than the shared plans. In shared plans, your resources are also shared with other websites. Hence, even though you get to use the allocated resources, you may not be able to claim the full benefit out of them.

Choose the best hosting plans for your website with Digital Lime Green. Contact us for more information.

Server Speed
Website Security

Website Security

Having a high-speed server for your website matters. But what about your website’s security? Seasoned hackers can have access to your data within seconds if your website has vulnerabilities. It is really important to protect your data, as ‘data is everything’ in the digital world. Digital Lime Green will help you in choosing a WordPress hosting service that provides excellent security.

There are two areas that determine your website’s security. Securing your actual website should be a priority. An insecure website provides easy access to the data, which may be stolen by hackers. Serverside security also matters, as your data is stored on these servers. Unprotected servers possess a risk of getting attacked by hackers, which may result in you losing all your important data or cause a devastating impact on the user experience. Choosing a WordPress host with good security measurements indeed matters. But you also should consider reinforcing your website with additional security measurements. In WordPress, there are various plugins that offer increased layers of security.

Protect your website from DDoS attacks or data theft. Digital Lime Green will help you with the best website security practices. Connect with us to know more!

Website Uptime and Stability

The only time your website should be down is at the time of maintenance. Otherwise, your website should be continuously up and running. This uptime and stability depend on various factors such as WordPress hosting hardware, bandwidth, security layers, and more. Digital Lime Green will follow the best practices to ensure your website is functional and running all the time.

If your website goes down frequently, it will affect the user experience. This may result in unnecessary budget spending, loss of trust, loss of revenue, and more. If these problems continue persisting on the website host’s side, then you may want to switch to a different host.

Furthermore, website maintenance is important – to ensure that your website is secure and functioning properly. A stable, functioning website provides a better user experience and reduces the risk of downtimes. It also means you generate better and more consistent revenues. Make sure that the website host you choose has the hardware and plans that meet your requirements. A technical team can help you in maintaining your website better.

Digital Lime Green provides high-quality assistance on both fronts. Connect with us to know more.

Website Uptime and Stability
Website Scalability

Website Scalability

Website scalability plays an important role in growing your online business. It refers to smooth website functioning even when the traffic volume starts growing on your website. For example, if your website performs well at 100 visitor count but performs poorly when it reaches 1000 visitor count, then we have a problem. Digital Lime Green can help you in making your WordPress website scalable.

WordPress is highly scalable. It is extendable with its vast plugin library which allows you to add a variety of functions and security to your website. The most common practice used in scalability is caching. Cached data can be made available immediately for user queries without having to search for it on the actual hard drive. Scalability also depends on your WordPress host. As your traffic volume on the website grows, it is needed to allocate more resources for your website. Lastly, your website must be scalable, meaning that you should consider the expected traffic in advance while designing your website.

Digital Lime Green can advise you on choosing an appropriate host and help to optimise your website for scalability. Connect with us to know more.

WordPress Website Support

While choosing a WordPress website host, you should also consider how does their support system fare. Digital Lime Green has experimented with many WordPress hosts in South Africa. We can help you choose the best host, depending on your requirements.

Having an appropriate website support system matters as it may help you as quickly as possible in critical situations. Besides, your website needs constant updating and fixing, make data backups, disaster recoveries, and many more. A good WordPress website host knows the importance of valuable support. They also provide insights on server-side bug fixing or problem reporting. Furthermore, a support system also helps in website management, performance optimisation, as well as advice on performance enhancement. Website maintenance packages may come with an extra cost though. The bottom line in seeking appropriate website support is that you should understand their support system thoroughly and understand whether it is cost-effective.

Digital Lime Green offers our expertise in giving you the optimal advice on choosing appropriate website hosts with an impeccable website support system. Contact us to know more!

WordPress Website Support


One of the most highly recommended, cost-effective, and quality-hosting brand in South Africa is Xneelo. They offer a complete solution to your WordPress website hosting needs. Furthermore, they also have an active, 24/7 support system that provides impeccable solutions to your problems. Digital Lime Green can help you set up your WordPress website with Xneelo as per your requirements. 

From providing on-demand website support services to carrying out periodic website maintenance, Xneelo does it all. They provide both options for WordPress hosting, i.e. managed WordPress hosting and shared web hosting. They provide reliable and consistent hosting services that focus on infrastructure stability and value-for-money service delivery. Their plans begin from R149 per month which includes a temporary domain, one WordPress website, and 15GB SSD storage. Most importantly, they use the latest software and hardware for hosting and they do not hold back on providing high-quality security solutions.

Avail of their services with secured and quality hosting services. Digital Lime Green can help you set up your website with Xneelo. Connect with us to know more!


Afrihost is a big brand in South Africa that provides internet, telecom, and web hosting solutions. They provide a multitude of hosting services including WordPress compatible Linux-based managed hosting. Being one of the older in the industry, you can expect trustworthy hosting and support services from Afrihost. Digital Lime Green can help you in setting up your WordPress website with Afrihost if you may choose.

Compared to Xneelo, their hardware is of the old generation and hence their plans are also cheaper. Take a note that older generation hardware does not necessarily mean your hosted website will be slower to the point it may harm your traffic. If you are tight on a budget but still in the need of a quality host, Afrihost is your answer. With their Quad-Core Xeon powered systems and 8GB DDR3 RAMs, your website is sure to do well. Their Linux-based hosting plans start from R39 per month (incl. taxes) and Windows-based hosting plans start from R59 per month (incl. taxes).

Sign up for Afrihost and get a functional, high-performing host for your website. Connect with us for more information!

WP Engine

WP Engine

Do you own a big enterprise that is global or plan to take the business internationally? You need more than a local South African hosting service. You need WP Engine! It is a WordPress hosting brand – a popular choice in many countries worldwide – that provides the best and the most reliable hosting services for businesses of all sizes. Digital Lime Green can help you with setting up your website with WP Engine as per your budget and requirements.

WP Engine is known for its high-quality, reliable, and consistent web hosting services. All their prices are listed in USD with monthly and annual plans. All of their plans include complete security, website support and maintenance, migrations, staging sites, and customisable themes and other features for design purposes. They have four tiers in providing hosting services, the basic one starting from $25 per month or $300 per year.

If you are planning to go big and international, WP Engine is your best bet. For a small business, their plans are relatively expensive in South Africa. Digital Lime Green can help you in setting up your website with WP Engine. Contact us to know more. 

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