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According to this definition by Wikipedia: “Marketing is the process by which companies create customer interest in products or services. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business development. It is an integrated process through which companies build strong customer relationships and create value for their customers and for themselves.” Social Media is about building relationships with your target audience to establish values such as trust, credibility, and respect. It is a perfect platform to influence your audience and hence, a platform you cannot neglect if you wish to grow your business.

Social Media Management includes managing your company’s social presence through multiple channels, studying your audience and plan the strategies accordingly, finding new opportunities for market growth, and monitor the overall performance. Social media platforms are great for generating revenue, raising awareness of your brand, and generate better Return on Investment (ROI). Digital Lime Green will assist you in understanding your target demographic and develop a content and marketing strategy that resonates well with them.

Before you actually begin your social media journey, you have to understand which channels would be effective for your business. For example, if you are into the recruitment business, you may want to consider expanding your presence over Linkedin rather than Facebook. Once you have chosen your platform, you have to understand who your target demographic is and come up with a strategy accordingly. As a new business on any social media platform, you may want to do a few paid promotion campaigns to jump-start your audience building and growth.

Conducting social media audits will allow you to understand how your strategy is performing, whether you need to change your approach, and how the resources are being utilised. An audit can largely improve the quality and effectiveness of your strategy. You also have to understand what your competitors are doing. Knowing their strategies and weaknesses will help you tap a specific sector effectively that they might be ignoring. Be inspired by their successful ideas and see how you can incorporate them into your strategy as well.

Content is everything. Your content should be relevant to your business practices. You also should understand the ongoing trends with social media. You can associate your content with such trends to boost your reach and revenue. Contact us for all your Social Media Management solutions.

Content Creation

Content creation refers to creating content tailoring to your demographic’s demands. It also consists of curating trendy content that may present some quality repost value. Digital Lime Green will help you in identifying and creating content that will be informative, interactive, and engaging for your audiences.

Content creation includes blog articles, creative copy, poems, quotes, pictures, memes, animations, videos, and much more. These ‘posts’ should possess some value for the audience. Your content has the power to build or break your audience just with a few instances of posts, hence your strategy should be solid before you actually plan on posting over special media platforms. Your approach also depends on the type of business you are running. For example, as a business of daily commodities, you may present the benefits a user could get out of their products.

Digital Lime Green will provide various flexible strategies that you may apply in your content creation practices. We will also help you monitor the strategy and make necessary changes if required. Our strategies will be goal-oriented, and quality content and UX oriented. Connect with us to understand better about how you can create content effectively for your social media platform.

Content Creation
Daily Content Posting

Daily Content Posting

One content post a day keeps your audience from going away. Many research studies have shown and agree that the optimal rate of posting content on your social media channel is once a day. Digital Lime Green has observed that daily content posting helps your social portal stay active, keeps the audience engaged and allows you to observe your social media strategy more effectively.

Daily content posting can be a very hectic task as, after a while, you may feel short on the fresh content you would like to post about. But worry not, Digital Lime Green can help you with different strategies to keep your daily content ongoing, keep it fresh and engaging for the audience. When you are posting daily, the time window matters as well. Knowing when to post can have a positive or negative impact on user engagement with your posts.

Digital Lime Green will plan a week or a month of your social media posts in advance along with the proper schedule to gain maximum exposure and content.  Posting too little and too much can be damaging to your social media strategy. Reach out to us to know more!

Community Management

Community management is an interaction with your customers for a variety of relevant topics. It is a key part of your social media strategy and community management gives you a chance to directly or indirectly interact with your audience, understand their valuable feedback or resolve their queries. Community management requires strategy and guidelines to properly understand how you can manage it and Digital Lime Green can help you manage your audience base effectively.

Community management is your chance to build a real relationship with your audience. Without proper community management, you may miss real communication entirely: such as complaints, feedbacks, and reviews. Active interaction with your community shows that you care. The attitude in attempting communication towards your customers is based on the social media platform, your target audience, and the type of your business. We’ll also monitor for irrelevant feedback and (offensive) comments to protect the overall community experience for your audience.

Digital Lime Green will incorporate various listening tools to understand on what platforms your brand is being talked about, helping you to increase your overall conversion rate. Connect with us today and build a loyal community that speaks out for your brand.

Community Management
Increase Social Media Reach

Increase Social Media Reach

Unlike a common user on social media, your business is there for a purpose: to extend your influence and grow your customer base. By knowing how you can increase your social media reach, your business stands a fair chance of growing successfully. Digital Lime Green can help you form a strategy that will increase your overall social media reach and guide you through various free and paid strategies in the process.

To increase your social media reach, your content has to be good, engaging, and informative. Facebook and other social media algorithms judge your content’s reach based on its interactiveness and engagement from the end-user. Along with the quality content, a mix of free and paid promotion is necessary as social media platforms are going to charge you for extending the quality reach. There are many ways to optimise and increase your overall social media reach organically such as optimising your social media profile, posting fresh and engaging content, moderated posting, and so on.

Get professional assistance in strategising your social media reach with Digital Lime Green. We will make sure your content is well-targetted, engaging, and informative. Connect with us to understand more about this service.

Increase Interaction and Engagement

Reach is not everything. Your content can get scrolled past easily on social media. As the social media algorithm decides how far your content would reach based on how many users interact with your content, content is everything. Digital Lime Green will make sure your content is engaging, interactive, and informative.

Content is everything yet it is not! Along with the content, you have to make sure the way you represent your business is user-friendly and interactive that provides a personalised experience. Your audience is following you for a reason, so make sure you provide them with what they need. Don’t just talk about your brand, talk about your topic, talk about new things that are happening in your industry. Engage with your followers and solve their doubts. Make your posts dynamic, and pleasant. Use elements like images and infographics to enhance your posts.

Digital Lime Green can help you understand the best strategy to increase interaction and engagement. We will form a personalised strategy as every business functions differently. Contact us to know more about this.

Website Analytics
Facebook Management

Facebook Management

Facebook management refers to managing your business’ Facebook presence on the social media platform. Digital Lime Green can help you in understanding Facebook’s tools to schedule posts, gain insights on how your page is doing, measuring reach, engagements, and interactions and many more. Managing your Facebook page is an important part of your strategy to grow your social presence on the platform.

Let’s begin with the basics. Make sure your page name, profile picture, banner, about us information, and other business-relevant information has been filled in properly. This will allow visitors and your audience to get a better idea about your business. Schedule posts with Facebook’s post scheduler to make sure you deliver the content right on time. Timing of your content matters as it affects the engagement. On the backend, you can generate insights and manage user permissions. Facebook marketing tool can help you launch advertising campaigns on Facebook with ease.

Facebook offers a great number of tools and features to help you manage the page. Digital Lime Green can help you in understanding how to manage the page or we can personally manage it for you. Connect with us to know more.

Instagram Management

Instagram is all about visual feeds such as the usage of images and videos to advertise your brand. It allows you to have a rather creative approach to promoting your business. Digital Lime Green will help you in understanding how to utilize various management tools that will help you in managing your Instagram business account.

Similar to how Facebook management works, you have to be clear about your business goals, a proper profile picture, and relevant business information. Instagram is a social platform that mainly deals with sharing photos and videos. Make sure your photos are aesthetically pleasant. They will play a big role in creating the visual aesthetic of your brand. Instagram also comes with schedule posting that will allow you to post daily engaging content for your followers.

Digital Lime Green can assist you in managing your Instagram social front. We’ll manage your information professionally, create content for your business that speaks out your brand creatively, and manage personalised social interaction with your followers. Connect with us to know better about this service!

Instagram Management
Twitter management

Twitter Management

Twitter is a platform famous for trends. Users share their thoughts, stories, information, advertisements in a compact form of 280 characters. Interacting and advertising your brand presence on Twitter can be tricky and a proper strategy is required. Digital Lime Green will help you in understanding your strategy, manage your social presence and the quality of your Twitter posts as per your requirements.

Twitter’s uniqueness lies in its character limits and conversation-friendly mechanism. Twitter is very famous for being able to converse publicly and directly with a brand and get resolutions on queries or generating feedbacks. Twitter is also famous for trendy hashtags. To provide content through your Twitter handle, you may have to post at least 4-5 posts a day to have a chance at engaging in meaningful interactions and to influence. Your characters are limited, so make sure your information is accurate, straight to the point, interactive, and it has human emotions in them.

There are various management tools for Twitter that can be used to generate insights. Digital Lime Green will help you in managing your Twitter handle effectively or help you understand how you can do so. Connect with us to know more about our services!

Linkedin Management

Linkedin is a social network made for professionals. People on Linkedin are usually there to do serious business, recruit new talents, share professional field related thoughts, pursue professional influencers, and so on. As it is a professional platform, Digital Lime Green will make sure the professionalism is maintained in your posts and that they are professionally well-designed, informative – adding some value to the end-user.

Linkedin management requires a strategy in content creation and content distribution. Before you launch your business on Linkedin, verify all the company information on your page is accurate and relevant. Provide as much business information and contact information as you can, as it promotes transparency and confidence in your business. Make sure the ‘about us’ section reflects professional charm. As Linkedin users are always looking for relevant information regarding their industry, highly likely your professional content is going to be accessed by your followers. Posting quality and informative content is the key to build your brand on Linkedin.

Digital Lime Green will help you understand the process or carry out the process for you. We will also utilise various useful Linkedin management tools wherever necessary to increase management efficiency. Connect with us to know more!

Linkedin Management
Improve Brand Trust and Loyalty

Improve Brand Trust and Loyalty

Brand trust and loyalty are directly relevant to how your customers experience your business. Social media plays a very important role in brand awareness, promoting brand trust and loyalty. Digital Lime Greens will follow personalised practices based on your business model to promote your brand across the chosen social media platforms.

Your brand is your unique identity in your industry. Your ability to interact and resolve your customers’ issues can affect your brand reputation positively and negatively. In this digital era, with how impatient consumers are getting with wanting a solid result, having an efficient customer team always helps in maintaining your brand reputation. A satisfied customer will share positive reviews about your business across social media and other platforms. They have experienced positive results from your brand, and hence they trust your brand. Repeated positive experiences will help a customer to become a loyal follower as well.

Digital Lime Green will provide our professional expertise in growing your brand’s reputation. We can also manage your social media front to personally promote your brand positively. Connect with us to understand how we can help!

Strategy Development

A strategy can be defined as a set of long and short terms goals to grow your business in terms of the number of customers, influence across various social platforms, and the revenue generated. Your strategy should be flexible. Digital Lime Green can help you in creating your own, personalised strategy to grow your business and form a loyal customer base on the social media platforms of your choice.

Set goals that are practically achievable and plan your strategy around them. A goal allows you to measure how well your strategy is doing and whether you need to consider any changes in it. Keep track of how the strategy is working; generate statistical data and compare it with your anticipated goals and revenue. Understand what kind of demographic your business strategy will focus on and how you will spend your resources on them. Your strategy should also include understanding your competition and it should help you in discovering your strengths and weaknesses as well.

Digital Lime Green understands the importance of personalised strategies as every business is different. Contact us to know more about our services.

Strategy Development
Insight and Reporting

Insight and Reporting

An important aspect of your strategy is analysing how your organisation is performing in terms of generating traffic and revenue. The reports provide you with records of your company’s decisions and actions taken over a course of a certain defined period. The insights are generated from analysis of the outcomes of such actions. Digital Lime Green will help you with understanding and/or generating accurate insights and reports.

Most social media platforms come with in-build reports and analytic tools to help you understand how your social front is performing. Apart from that, there are various third-party tools that may help you in generating more accurate, focused results based on your inputs. Analytics and records will help you understand your strategy and the outcomes which can be cross-checked with your preset goals. This will help you understand whether your strategy needs minor changes or major overhauls in order to be successful.

Take advantage of our professional expertise and generate accurate data. Accuracy and details are everything in order to form an effective strategy. Connect with us to know more about how we can help you grow. 

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