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Facebook is a great platform for advertising all kinds of businesses, personal products, and even self-promotion

Facebook is the second most popular social media platform in South Africa (the first being WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook). It is a great platform for advertising all kinds of businesses, personal products, and even self-promotion. Facebook’s advertising is simple and intuitive. It targets the audience based on detailed targeting options, incliding remarketing. Facebook is a great way to expand your business in South Africa. Digital Lime Green can help you set up an effective Facebook advertising campaign for your business.

A social media platform like Facebook is great for influencing users in South Africa and worldwide. According to Forbes, traditional advertisements are no longer working on younger generations. Millennials don’t want to be told to buy a certain product, but that does not mean they will not to buy anything. They just want to see ‘the good’ in relevant products. This is what makes Facebook advertising great. Your ad will appear just like any other regular post in your target audience’s news feed. If it delivers any value, high chance they will interact with it.

As an advertiser, your goal would be to reduce the ‘scroll past’ percentage. It is important to study your audience and understand what they exactly need to see. With the right advertising strategy, you are going to influence them in no time. Video ads are especially great in holding your viewer’s attention. Users are likely to watch your video rather than clicking on the links you are providing. That does not mean other lead generation tactics are ineffective. You just need to have the right strategy. You can use a mix of catchphrases and creative images to create an impactful ad. People on Facebook click on items that interests them, so make sure your ad does that.

There are many ways you could plan your Facebook advertising campaign. Digital Lime Green can provide expertise on this. Connect with us today and see how we can help you.

Instagram Ads

Instagram initially was an independent company that was purchased by Facebook for US$1 billion in 2012. It is an American social networking service that allows worldwide users to express themselves in the form of videos and photos. Given Instagram’s popularity and compatibility with Facebook, it makes a great platform for commercial advertisements. With Digital Lime Green, you can effectively set up an ad campaign on Instagram without any hassle.

Given the nature of this platform, it provides a great space for being creative with your advertisements. Use strategic, aesthetically pleasing images that will hold a user’s attention. Or go for creative videos that may showcase a product, services, content, and more. All these ads will come with a redirect button that can take the users to your website. You can also add Instagram ads to Facebook ad campaigns through Ads Manager.

Digital Lime Green will assist you in creating effective ad campaigns on Instagram. Make use of this creative platform and create beautiful ad campaigns. Contact us for more information.

Instagram Advertising
Paid Advertising

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook is a great social media platform for raising brand awareness and generating leads for your business. If your goal is to get more people interested in your products or services, the lead generation process is what you should follow. The primary objective here is to get users to share their contact information with your organisation through an ‘Instant Form’. With Digital Lime Green, creating a lead generation campaign becomes a simplified process.

To generate leads, first, you have to provide what your target audience wants to see from you. Research your audience to understand their needs and expectations. Secondly, provide offers, coupons, discounts, e-books etc. to make the deal more lucrative for the audience. Make sure you are offering something valuable in exchange for their contact information. If you are new in the business, make sure you promote your content and business first before you go for a lead generation campaign.

At Digital Lime Green, we will plan, execute, and optimise your lead generation and other ad-related campaigns. Contact us for more information.

Facebook Video Ads

Videos are a great way to advertising your business or promoting your products and services. They are interactive, informative, and entertaining to watch. With over 4 billion video views happening on Facebook every day, Facebook makes a great video ads platform. Digital Lime Green can help you in setting up effective Facebook video ad campaigns.

There are a variety of methods to advertise on Facebook with videos. The commonly known method is to boost a video post on your business page to expand its reach. Apart from that, you can also advertise your video through Facebook stories. If you don’t have a video prepared at hand, but you still want to make a video advertising campaign, Facebook allows you to create a video slideshow to showcase your products or services. People on Facebook are generally social and casual. Make sure the text you write for your ads or words you use in your videos match the casual theme — as if a friend is communicating with them.

Digital Lime Green will provide expert assistance in creating videos and making Facebook video campaigns. Contact us to know more!

Facebook Video Ads
Facebook E-commerce Ads

Facebook E-commerce Ads

Facebook is great for advertising your e-commerce store or a specific set of products. Targeting the right audience will generate better sales for your business and a high rate of ROI, which means your ad campaign has brought you some profit! Digital Lime Green will help you throughout the process of setting up an e-commerce advertising campaign for your business.

Your audience, especially in cities of South Africa, is likely to exist on Facebook and they have the most purchasing power. Research your audience thoroughly before making a decision. For ad campaign purposes, you have to create a catalogue of your products. This catalogue can be used dynamically to advertise your products across Facebook, just like a shop. You can display prices, discounts, redirecting links etc. to make your e-commerce advertising more lucrative and engaging. You can use Facebook e-commerce adverts at any time in your funnel sales through your online store. For example, you can display your product ads with a discount to the users who abandoned the cart on your website.

There are many benefits and ways you can market your e-commerce store on Facebook. Contact us for more info.

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