YouTube Studio is a great way to keep tabs on your videos. Whether it is about gathering analytical data or managing your content, YouTube Studio provides an effective solution by delivering detailed insights into your videos. As YouTube is getting popular in 2024, many South African youth consider trying their hand at YouTube. In this article, we will mainly discuss the YouTube Studio Dashboard and how it can help YouTubers in Cape Town.

YouTube Studio Dashboard can help Understand your Video Performance in Cape Town.

YouTube Studio Channel Dashboard

YouTube Studio is a no-nonsense analytical tool that provides performance insights on your videos. The great news is that it is a completely free-to-use tool; no terms, conditions, or hidden fees. It would be criminal not to use YouTube Studio, such a useful tool to grow your YouTube channel in Cape Town.

The YouTube Studio Dashboard is the homepage of your YouTube studio. Depending on your content, you may see different statistics here. Once you go to the dashboard, you may see a page somewhat like shown in the image above. This is basically your channel’s overview. Let’s see how to access the YouTube Studio and what exactly the Dashboard shows.

Disclaimer: This image has been taken from my own (Author’s) YouTube channel, where I am currently experimenting with reach with gaming shorts only and trying to find my niche. I will be using my personal experience and data to deliver the best possible data in this YouTube Studio article mini-series. Thank you for taking the time to read.

How to Access the YouTube Studio Dashboard?

Once you go to the YouTube website, click on your profile icon in the top right corner. Note that you have to log in to access the YouTube dashboard. Once you click on your profile icon, a drop-down menu will appear. From there, select YouTube Studio and the Channel Dashboard will open. It looks something like the picture above.

On this page, you will see that the contents are divided into three distinct columns. And of course, there’s the navigation menu to access different sections of the YouTube studio.

The Left Column – Overview of your Latest Videos

The left column is all about your content.

The first window on the left column will show a little insight into how your video is performing. This includes views, likes, comments, average percentage viewed, and ranking by views. Ranking by Views is a dynamic, ever-evolving performance measurement statistic that competes your video against 9 other high-performing videos within a certain duration to help you see your video’s performance.

The second window shows your latest videos excluding the video shown in the first window. This means you get to see a total of five of your latest videos on the dashboard. The second window will also show you the number of likes, comments, and views. You can click on each video to open the detailed performance metrics in the Analytics tab.

Scroll down, there is a third box. If you make any community posts, your latest community post will appear here, showing the number of likes and comments as well.

The Middle Column – Overview of your Channel

The middle column shows how the performance overview of your channel.

In this column, you will see your latest achievement, the total number of subscribers, subscribers gained/lost in the last 28 days, and a summary of views and watch time in the last 28 days. As you scroll down, you may see who subscribed to you recently. Their name will only appear here if they have made their subscription list public. Otherwise, their name will not appear here.

The Right Column – Helpful YouTube links for Learning and Insights

The right column is all about YouTube Studio tips. They will be updated accordingly and serve little purpose in understanding your channel’s performance. However, you may be able to learn new things from this section so do give them a try.

The Bottom Line

YouTube in South Africa has been growing exponentially. It is only natural that people in Cape Town would want to try their hand at YouTube, whether it is passion, advertisement, extra income, or all of it. The YouTube Studio is an easy-to-use, simplified tool that tracks video performances and generates useful insights. YouTubers in South Africa should make it a habit to use YouTube Studio. We’ll talk more about YouTube Studio features in a series of articles dedicated to YouTube. Stay tuned for more information.

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