How many Social Media Posts should I do per day?

Social media is one of the best methods to improve your brand’s visibility, business engagement, and giving effective customer service. To do so, you have to constantly remind your followers that you exist. On social media, you can do so by being consistent with dishing out content. But how frequently should you do so? How many social media posts should you do per day? Keep reading further to find out!

In this article, we will mainly cover the most popular social media channels businesses in South Africa prefer to use. How many social media posts per day depends on the type of social media platform you are on. In South Africa, the following social media channels are the most popular (source: Statista).

Let’s understand them one by one.

How often to upload videos on Youtube?

Youtube is a social media that revolves around building communities around quality video content. If your business is in the educational industry or a similar industry that aims to build video content for your audience. However, any business can make video content for their target audience if they want to. But this is the question you should be asking yourself: “Am I looking forward to growing my Youtube presence?”

If your answer is yes, then this is something you should know. Growing your Youtube presence depends on three major factors:

  1. Frequency of uploading videos
  2. Quality and relevant video content
  3. Providing value along with entertainment to your audience

In this article, we will only be focusing on how often you should be uploading on Youtube.

As a general rule of thumb, you should be posting at least one video per week on Youtube. This will keep your subscribers engaged with your channel. However, if you want to focus on creating lengthier and higher quality informational videos, consider posting a video per two weeks.

If you are just beginning, you might have to up your frequency of posting. Many creators would suggest you follow the challenge ’30 days 30 videos’. As a business, however, it might not be the most ideal thing to do. In this case, you can always promote your youtube channel(s) through your website and blog articles.

On this Quora answer, we can’t help but agree with Chil Tanada’s observations. According to them, it takes dedication, hard work, and consistency to make your Youtube Channel grow.

Facebook: What should be my posting frequency?

There is a lot of research around how often you should be posting on a Facebook page. Of course, there are many factors in play when it comes to growing your social media page successfully – and your post frequency is as important.

As a general rule of thumb, many experts suggest that you should at least post once per day on Facebook, but not more than twice a day. You would not want to flood your followers’ newsfeed, would you? If your page spams content, people are going to unfollow you in annoyance. Similarly, if your posting frequency is very low, people are still going to unfollow you as they would consider your page to be inactive.

This is exactly why posting frequency matters. You might have seen many popular, trendy pages on Facebook doing multiple posts a day. Such pages have more than 100-200k followers, so this might be doable for them, or their content is just entertaining enough. But for small businesses, this is a bad practice and it may appear spammy to your followers.

Daily posting will help your followers to engage with your business frequently. Furthermore, you will also gain new followers with such consistency.

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How often to post on Instagram?

Instagram is a widely popular platform in South Africa that deals with images and videos.

On Instagram, it is recommended that you shouldn’t post more than once a day, and try to keep the posting frequency relatively moderate to how often you would post on Facebook. Aim for around 4-7 posts a week on Instagram.

Instagram also has another feature called ‘Instagram Reels’ that is integrated with Instagram Stories. Adam Mosseri from Instagram says that posting 2 stories per day is ideal for growing your follower base.

For more information on Instagram Reels, check out this article by Stuff. Also, you should be aware of how the Instagram algorithm works.

LinkedIn Posting Frequency: Here’s what you need to know!

LinkedIn is a social media website for professionals who are hiring or looking to get hired, and companies looking forward to doing some B2B business. So obviously, your content should be relevant to the industry you are in and the tone should be professional.

Hootsuite recommends that one should post at least once a day on LinkedIn but not more than five posts a day. Another website, Revlocal suggests that one should consider posting on LinkedIn on working days and not on weekends, which makes sense as professionals mostly ‘hang out’ on LinkedIn on weekdays most of the time.

However, you should remember that posting daily or frequently alone is not going to cut it. It is also about what you post. As LinkedIn is a professional social networking website, your posts should live up to the quality.

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How many times should you Tweet on Twitter a day?

For a small business, an ideal tweeting frequency per day should be within 3-5. In the observations noted by Plain Sailing, they suggest unless you can maximise the Twitter interactions like how successful companies do, it is best to stick with 3-5 tweets. After 5 tweets, the interactions seem to drop significantly unless you can dish out more than 10-15 tweets a day. However, given your business has multiple social media accounts to manage, this practice is not doable.

Track Social Tweets v/s Engagement

Source: Track Social

The ideal number for a small business should remain between 3-5 tweets a day. Make sure these tweets are relevant to your content, interesting, and entertaining.

Tweets have a very short shelf life. If you consider posting 1-2 tweets a day, it may find some engagement but the growth will be slower. Aim for at least 3 tweets a day and keep it relevant.



If you want to grow your presence on social media, frequency always matters. However, you should not downplay other factors such as relevant and quality content, engagement with your followers, and paid promotions as well. If you mix them well, you are going to achieve better results with your social media strategy.

Each social media platform is different and so will be your strategies. Remember that this is an opinion article and we have provided an estimate here based on our experiences and the study data we have found over the internet. However, only you can truly answer the question ‘how many social media posts should you do per day?’ We recommend you to take this article as a reference and experiment around to see what works best out for you!

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