Advertising on Facebook in South Africa

There are approximately 23.5+ million users on Facebook in South Africa (Source: Statista). Advertising on Facebook in South Africa is a great way to promote your company and get more calls and more sales into your business. Making sure you do this correctly is important as it costs money to advertise on Facebook. There are a few aspects that you should focus on to get the most out of your advertising spend.

Choose a budget and stick to it

Determine how much you can spend each month on advertising your business and stick to that. Some businesses will have success quicker and some will take a while. Remember, if you have just started your business, it is going to take longer to get people through the door than a business that is 20 years old. Businesses that want to grow have a constant reminder of their services through advertising.

Define your audience

When you are setting up your advert, you will be prompted to input the audience you want to show your advert to. You should define your audience before you get to this stage. No business has a target audience of everyone so look at who actually purchases your products and what common treats they have. For example, if you run an e-commerce retail store selling running shoes, you will have many different audiences based on the actual shoes in the advert. If you are advertising a size 7 women’s running shoe, you may want to define the audience to only include women in a certain country, e.g. South Africa, who are interested in running and sport, as well as interested in the brand that you are selling. We have listed down all the criteria for you to define your audience on Facebook.

Create captivating adverts that explain your product or service

Facebook has several options for the look of the advert: Single image, carousel image, single video, carousel video, or collections. You should try as many different formats as possible, as people respond to different visuals. Here is a link to the image guide and video guide from Facebook.

Use landing pages on your website

A landing page is just the page that a person will land on when they click on a link. In your advertising, this will be the page that a person will get to when they click on your advert. You will want to design this page specifically for your advert. You will want this page to have multiple contact forms on it to make it very simple for someone to contact you. Secondly, you want this page to have the information that the advert promises. If you are running the eCommerce store from above and running adverts for women’s shoes you need to make sure that when someone clicks on that advert they go to a section on your website that offers women’s shoes, or to the specific shoe in the advert.

Use remarketing

Remarketing is a great way to make sure that the customers that already know your business are reminded of your services. You will need to set up the Facebook pixel on your website to run remarketing adverts. Remarketing is great for increasing the frequency of returning customers on your page.

Reply to comments

One purpose of having a social media account for your business is to communicate in real-time with your followers. It gives you a chance to form relationships with your audience directly. You will receive comments on your adverts. You should reply to these comments and contact the people from the comments as some people will just leave their details in the comments for you to contact them.

Review frequently

You will need to review your adverts frequently, change the adverts so that people see new fresh images, videos, and content. Analyse your advertisements and understand which campaigns are not generating a satisfying Return on Investment (ROI). You would want to consider a different approach when it happens. Stop funding the campaigns that are not doing good and rethink your strategy.


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