Web Design in Cape Town

Choosing a suitable one amongst the best website design companies in Cape Town can be a challenge. Many web design companies in Cape Town specialise in a certain industry, or on a certain platform. Knowing how a web design company can assist your business is important to understand.

  • Understand where your business fares well, your budget, objectives and goals as your personal factors before choosing a web design company.
  • Understand how the web design company will help you; how their services are suitable for your business. Check and compare them with other companies to get a better idea.

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Let’s take a look at some of the best web design companies in Cape Town for your understanding. You may use this article as an anchor point to start your background research on web design companies, or you may directly contact them.

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Let’s take a look at Web Design Companies in Cape Town!

Digital Lime Green

Digital Lime Green is a web design and digital marketing agency based in Milnerton, Cape Town. We specialise in web designs for startups, small and medium-sized businesses within the following industries:

Digital Lime Green aims at offering affordable and quality services in web designing. We also make sure that all the quality website design practices as well-written and properly sorted content, search engine optimisation, suitable visual elements, and many more. Furthermore, as we are also a marketing agency, we will help you with various advertising channels to advertise your business online.

You can know more about our services by following this link.


Afrozaar is “a software engineering company specialising in the delivery of digital solutions across traditional publishing; brand and broadcasting agencies; e-commerce and corporate content ecosystems.”

If you’re in a media company in publishing and have large brands, you will be looking for an enterprise solution. Afrozar a multinational company based in Cape Town and London. They offer quality web solutions, especially for large media companies. Considering their partnership with a variety of quality brands, they are guaranteed to deliver you the best and satisfying services.


If you have chosen to put your website in square space but realise that you actually need some help in getting your site looking amazing, Bearista can assist you. Specialising in Squarespace they can assist you in creating a great looking website on the Squarespace platform.

Bearista is a small, cosy website design company in Cape Town that offers SquareSpace™ based website designs. If you choose this platform, then Bearista is the best option available for you. They can assist you in creating a great looking, creative website for your business.


eCommerce Experts

Looking for a specific, e-commerce oriented website designer? Well then, the eCommerce Experts provides you with innovative, professional, and well-designed e-commerce websites for your business. If you have chosen Shopify as a platform to run your online store, eCommerce Experts can assist you in making this happen in only 48 hours and have other services to support this as well.

They provide various services such as responsive web design, integrating secured payment gateways, optimising content, product display management and much more.


In conclusion

Whichever web design company you choose in Cape Town, make sure that they are professional, know what they are doing, and are able to give you ongoing support. Make sure that you are comfortable with paying their fee. And always remember to do extensive research.

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