Web design companies in Cape Town

There are many web design companies in Cape Town, selecting the correct one for your business can be a challenging task. Before you look at which web design company are you going to use you should start by defining your goals, understanding your needs, look at other similar sites, look at the expertise of the web design company, find out what it’s going to cost you, and examine all your options. We have written an article that goes into each of these points in more detail, you can read that article here.

Many web design companies in Cape Town specialise in a certain industry, or on a certain platform. Knowing how the web design company can assist your business is important to understand. It’s also important to understand the related costs and how they can support you on an ongoing basis as most websites require maintenance to keep them performing at an optimal level.

To help you on your journey in finding the right web design company in Cape Town we have compiled a list of web design companies and their capabilities.

Digital Lime Green

Digital Lime Green is a web design and digital marketing agency based in Milnerton, Cape Town.  They specialise in web design for start-ups, small, and medium-sized businesses within the following Industries:

  1. eCommerce stores
  2. Live events
  3. Online events
  4. Law firms
  5. Accounting firms
  6. Media businesses
  7. Automotive industry
  8. Property industry

Digital Lime Green offers affordable web design and as they are a digital marketing agency as well, they make sure that your website is set up for SEO, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other digital marketing channels.


If you’re in a media company in publishing and have large brands, you will be looking for an enterprise solution. Afrozar is a Cape Town based company that offer web solutions for large media companies. They work with a lot of big brands and have a good track record.


If you have chosen to put your website on square space but realise that you actually need some help in getting your site looking amazing, Bearista can assist you. Specialising in Squarespace they can assist you in creating a great looking website on the Squarespace platform.


If you have chosen Shopify as a platform to run your online store, eCommerceexperts can assist you in making this happen in only 48 hours and have other services to support this as well.

Whichever web design company you choose in Cape Town, make sure that they are professional, know what they are doing, able to give you ongoing support, and fit your budget.