Grow your LinkedIn Page – The Importance.

Grow your LinkedIn page for an opportunity to influence professionals globally through your business ideologies and services.

Social media has been proving to be an important platform to grow your business and LinkedIn is no exception to that. It helps you find new customers, keeps your current customers up-to-date with new products and services.

A social media provides a voice for your business!

LinkedIn is a professional platform allowing you to engage with other professionals in your industry, but growing your followers on Linkedin can be difficult. It will take time to build up a good-sized audience. But once you do so, it will provide a valuable community of customers and potential customers for you to market your products and services.

Digital Lime Green has prepared all the important tasks you should follow to consistently grow your LinkedIn Page.


This is the list of required tasks that you should consider before you start publicly growing your page.

Make sure you have completed all the required information on your Linkin Page – Filling in all the page information will allow customers to know all about your business without having to leave Linkedin.
Optimise your LinkedIn page for SEO – This will make sure that your page is fully discoverable by search engines on the internet.
Link your page in your email signature, newsletter, blogs, and any other marketing material you have going to customers.
Add the LinkedIn follow button to your website.



Make sure you follow this checklist weekly and keep track of your records.

Post content every day in the week: We recommend posting only once per day. Make sure your content is engaging and informative.
Share content suggestions: Keep it dynamic. Sharing useful information from other websites actually helps!
Share videos: Informative videos keep the users engaged. Most of your followers are likely to watch videos than read texts.
Reshare and @mention other businesses: Professional B2B interactions establish how serious you are about your business.
Ask questions in your posts: Be interactive with your audience. Generating feedback for your business is a sign that you are willing to grow your business positively.
Get employees involved in a conversation on your page.



“…And that’s one more task off the checklist!”, you’ll think to yourself as you work through this monthly checklist.

Invite connections each month – your page gets 100 invites per month. You should use this to invite your own friends to your page
Promote your LinkedIn page on other social media channels
Review your page analytics
Switch your hashtags in your community panel
Promote your page with LinkedIn advertising


We’re here to grow your LinkedIn Page!

Digital Lime Green is well-equipped to provide you with all the necessary solutions to grow your LinkedIn page!

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