E-commerce Mobile App

E-commerce mobile app for Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, and Open Cart e-commerce shops

With more and more people owning smartphones and internet connection in South Africa, an e-commerce mobile app would prove ideal to run your online shopping business. Digital Lime Green provides a sleek and functional e-commerce mobile app with integrated features like push notifications, product variations, splash screen, WhatsApp integration, and much more. Your target audience can download your e-commerce application from Google Play or App Store easily.

We will help you integrate your Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, or Open Cart e-commerce store into your personalised e-commerce mobile application. It will be easier for smartphone users to access your app than your website, thus helping in growing the overall traffic to your e-commerce business. We will import your inventory, add cart mechanisms and payment gateways, order history and wishlist, and much more.

An app’s journey starts with an idea and prototyping. Digital Lime Green will help you in making your e-commerce app idea. You can come up with your own customised requests and we will help you to turn them into a reality. We will create prototype designs to help you understand how your app would function. This also gives you an insight into how your customers would feel using your app.

The main part of your e-commerce mobile app is your inventory. Import your online shopping inventory to your application hassle-free. Digital Lime Green can also help you with adding additional images and product descriptions if required. We will categorise your products and add filters accordingly, making it easier for your customers to explore your shop. Cart mechanics and secured payment gateways of your choice will be added for a smooth checkout experience.

User experience and customer service play a major role in making your e-commerce app successful. We will add app features like a splash screen, dark theme, and push notifications to help your customers have a pleasant experience. We will also add your contact information along with a map picker, and WhatsApp integration on the app. This will help customers to reach your business easily and effectively.

With Digital Lime Green, you get a quality e-commerce mobile app that will help you in growing your business. Contact us for more information.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics can help you keep track of your e-commerce mobile app’s overall performance and consumer behaviour. Google has developed easy-to-use analytics SDKs that can be used to integrate Google Analytics on an e-commerce mobile app to generate specific reports. Digital Lime Green can help you with Google Analytics integration and personalised reports for your e-commerce mobile app.

Without any kind of insightful data, it is impossible to understand your growth curve. Google Analytics can help you with that. They have designed their SDKs with mobile app developers in mind, and their tool satisfies all personalisation needs. Along with standard reports, Google Analytics can also help you in analysing your target audiences’ specific behaviour or understanding the sales funnel process. For example, if your customers are abandoning cart frequently, Google Analytics can generate a report about this. This will help you to understand the exact problem with your sales and you may form a strategy to tackle this problem.

With Google Analytics, you can know the performance statistics and issues your e-commerce app may face. Digital Lime Green can help you with Google Analytics integration. Contact us for more information. 

Google Analytics
Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to engage with your customers. You can notify them about offers, increase the rate of returning customers, reduce cart abandonment instances, and much more. Push notifications are designed to help your customers stay engaged with your application. Digital Lime Green can help you in designing and adding push notifications for your e-commerce mobile app.

Digital Lime Green believes that a push notification should sound exciting and should include a catchphrase. A bland sales pitch through a push notification may turn your customers away. Your push notifications should not feel spammy. If done right, push notifications will help you in increasing your overall revenue by bringing back old customers, resolving cart abandonment issues, providing offers, discounts, and more.

Digital Lime Green will add push notification functionality to your e-commerce mobile app. Keep your visibility high all the time with our effective push notification practices. Connect with us for more information.


A wishlist is a common feature that has proven effective in increasing your sales. It helps in improving the user experience and allows you to understand the ongoing trends around the products in your shop. Digital Lime Green can help you with adding this important feature to your e-commerce mobile app.

Wishlists can encourage customers to interact with your online shop, provide personalised notifications, and improve their shopping potential with your business. Wishlists can provide personalised and targeted notifications to your customers through push notifications, SMS, and emails. A wishlist feature will help your customers to keep track of the products easily for various reasons: the product may be out of stock, it might not be on the discount, or they just simply don’t need it right away. It saves a lot of browsing time as well. As a retail business owner, it will help you to understand the trendy products in your shop, which can help you in creating effective and personalised strategies to improve your sales.

Digital Lime Green can help you with a functional and easy-to-use wishlist feature on your e-commerce mobile app. Contact us for more information.

Order History

Order History

An order history feature on your e-commerce mobile app will help your customers to keep track of the products they have ordered. The order history data also helps you in understand the demand, which will help you with planning your supply chain. Digital Lime Green can add an effective and functional order history feature to your e-commerce mobile app.

Primarily, an order history serves the purpose of keeping track of all the current and previously purchased products. It provides a full insight on the product, shipping method, payment method, contact information, and also grievance related options. It also takes care of tracking information related to ongoing orders, such as delivery information, payment method, seller’s contact details, and more. Order history conveniently helps your customers to keep track of all their products and transaction details. Besides, as a retailer, it will help you in understanding product trends and demands on your business, which is important in increasing your overall revenue.

With Digital Lime Green, you get an effective and functional order history feature. Stay assured and plan your strategies accordingly. Contact us for more information.

WhatsApp Integration with Smart Chat

WhatsApp is the #1 chat app preference in South Africa. Integrating WhatsApp with your e-commerce mobile app will make it easy for customers to reach out to your business. Digital Lime Green can help with easy WhatsApp integration on your e-commerce mobile app. Just with a tap on the WhatsApp icon in your app, a customer can reach out to your business easily.

Customer Service is an important aspect of every business. A WhatsApp integration through the smart chat feature can make it convenient for customers to contact your business. Receive feedback and suggestions, resolve their queries, or take special requests regarding any orders instantly and easily. Besides, an instant and positive chat conversation can help in boosting your sales. It is also cost-effective and can help you with cart abandonment recoveries. For example, if a customer has any query regarding a purchase, they can instantly reach out to you for solutions. This would prevent a potential cart abandonment instance.

WhatsApp business chats provide much more functionality to your business. With Digital Lime Green, you get a flawless WhatsApp integration on your e-commerce mobile app. Contact us for more information. 

WhatsApp Integration with Smart Chat
Dark Theme

Dark Theme

Dark Theme or Night Theme is a widely popular screen setting, especially amongst the younger generations. A dark theme is designed to emit a less amount of light, thus putting less strain on your eyes. Newer generation smartphones support system-wide dark mode setting, which also applies to supported apps. Digital Lime Green can help with adding a dark theme to your e-commerce mobile app.

A dark theme is an advantage to users who don’t want to strain their eyes. Adding this option may improve the overall user experience. It is especially good for the low light setting and comfortable for your eyes. The dark theme also reduces the overall blue light emission, which can keep you awake if exposed for extended hours. It is also theorised that a dark theme may provide extended battery hours. 

It is easy to add a dark theme to your e-commerce mobile app and Digital Lime Green can do it as a part of this package. Stay updated, provide a better and healthier user experience to your customers; which ultimately factors into your overall revenue generation. Contact us for more information.

Rate Us On The App Store

Getting user-based feedback for your e-commerce mobile app is important. Allow users to express their feedback through the ‘rate us on the app store’ feature. Not only does it provide you with valuable feedback, but it makes the user feel that their opinion matter. This ultimately means they form a good impression of your business. Digital Lime Green can assist you with adding the ‘Rate us on the App Store’ feature for your e-commerce mobile app.

Rate us on the App Store is subtly a genuine strategy that stays true to the saying: ‘one stone two birds’. Get valuable feedback from your customers and app users. This will help you understand the actual user experience value of your app. Let customers rate you on the app store. A good rating will also improve your visibility and reputation across the app stores. This leads to more people downloading and using your e-commerce app. A better MAU means the potential of generating higher revenue and profit. A simple feature like this can go a long way to make your business better.

Digital Lime Green can integrate the ‘rate us on the app store’ feature on your e-commerce mobile app as a part of this package. Contact us for more information!

Rate us on the App Store
Product Variations

Product Variations

A single product can be sold in variations. For example, a pair of trousers can come in various colours and sizes. It would be inconvenient to add all the variations separately for the same product. Digital Lime Green can integrate variations functionality for products to your e-commerce mobile app. Keep your online store app clean and organised.

Product variations allow users to choose a product with desired characteristics. Everyone is made differently and so are some products, such as garments, accessories, and so on. This will help you in improving user satisfaction as well as having flexible options to make a sale. It’s important for your customers to feel that you have the products just the way they need them to be. This also subtly prompts the user to explore more products and they may find something interesting that they never thought existed. Their discoveries will make them happy and help your business to make more sales.

Digital Lime Green will effectively add the product variations function for applicable products. Contact us for more information.

Product Filters

Product filters or product categorisation is simply organising your products in categories so that it becomes easier for your customers to explore your shop. You can set desired filters based on budget, category, availability, type, and so on. With Digital Lime Green, you get an effective product filter function for all the products listed on your e-commerce mobile app.

Product filters are an important part of navigating your application, which can make or break the user experience with your business. Determine the types of products your business sells, do thorough research, and categorise them as you see fit. Organising a store inventory is always a good idea. Not only does it helps with the user experience, but it also allows you to keep track of sales. They may play an important role in Google Analytics to generate customised data. This will help you in planning strategies for making sales, providing discounts, planning flash sales, and much more.

Product filters are a win-win functionality that is profitable for both customers and the business. Digital Lime Green will help you with well-organised product filters. Contact us for more information!

Product Filter
Splash Screen

Splash Screen

Let your app load in style! A splash screen can help you distract the user as your app loads important libraries and functionalities to fully prepare itself for the user. A splash screen is also a great medium to form first impressions, and the creativity around it is endless. With Digital Lime Green, you get an impactful splash screen with your business’ logo, name, and catchphrases along with animations and transitions.

Splash Screens are great at strengthening your brand identity and perception. Make it exciting for users. It can be pleasant for your users to see your splash screen with an animated logo. This creates a good impression about your business and it is also entertaining. What’s more? They also help in reducing the ‘wait anxiety’ in users and forms an impression that the app is still loading.

Digital Lime Green can help with effective, simple, and unique splash screens that can enhance a user’s in-app experience and make a brand impression. Contact us for more information today!

Affiliate Products

Along with your own inventory, you can also add affiliate products to sell through your e-commerce mobile app. If done right, affiliate products are a cost-effective option to make a profit for your business. The right affiliate program can earn you up to 20% commission on each sale. Digital Lime Green can help you with setting up affiliate program related products on your e-commerce mobile app.

Discover what your customers desire and offer such products through affiliate programs. It’s a very cost-effective option to earn profits and keep your customers satisfied. There are a variety of affiliate programs offered by giant retail companies in South Africa and worldwide. These will also help in keeping your brand name alive and ongoing. If customers know your business sells a product regardless of affiliation, they are going to approach your business, which will ultimately help in meeting your sales goal.

Integrate affiliate products conveniently with Digital Lime Green and meet your end goals. Connect with us for more information.

Affiliate Products
Map Picker

Map Picker

Map picker is a revolutionary technology that allows customers to choose their location for deliveries with the help of Google Map integration. This saves a customer from the hassles of manually putting in an address. Also, it is very interactive and easy to use. Digital Lime Green can integrate the Google Map service on your e-commerce mobile app for a better user experience.

Google Maps have been evolving over the past few years, and a Map Picker can be an effective tool to identify the exact address of a user. It is possible that a customer just wants to use your product as a gift and they want to select the recipient’s address. They may not remember all the details. In such cases, an integrated map picker will make their job significantly easier to choose their desired address; rather than contacting the person or separately open a google app to locate.

Digital Lime Green can effectively add a map picker feature for your e-commerce mobile app. Contact us to know more.

AdMob Monetisation

Extra revenue never hurts a business! Google’s AdMob helps you earn that by displaying third-party, personalised ads to your e-commerce mobile app users. Digital Lime Green can help you with integrating Admob into your e-commerce mobile app. We will follow the best practices to make sure your ads function well and they are not disruptive.

Many apps gain notoriety for being ‘spammy’ with ads. This is what you should take care not to do when you are displaying third-party ads on your app. Google’s AdMob platform comes with its own analytics and is highly intuitive. Google Admob will show ads to users based on their interests and interactions with products. There are many high-performing ad formats to choose from, which can enhance your AdMob strategy. It also has cross-platform compatibility, which means you can integrate the app without worrying about Android or iOS platforms. Finally, you must regulate the ads being displayed on your app. Keep it controlled and non-intrusive, which will maintain the quality of user experience on your app.

Digital Lime Green will follow the best AdMob practices to help you set up extra revenue source on your e-commerce mobile app. Contact us for more information!

AdMob Monetisation

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