Writing an effective FAQ Section for your Website

When we first decided to add FAQ on our website, we thought it would be a piece of cake. Later did we find that there was more to it. The cake had to taste good and satisfying too. A FAQ section on your website is just like that. It should be able to answer the commonly asked questions and satisfy your visitors with their basic queries. In this article, let’s familiarise ourselves with writing an effective FAQ section for your website.

A FAQ section can inform and educate your target audience about your services, products, or the business itself. It is a quick-communication method where a visitor does not have to interact with another person to resolve their queries. If it is a basic one, your FAQ section should be able to satisfy it.

We believe that your FAQ section is an important part of the Customer Service strategy.

Before we begin, understand that a FAQ section plays an important role in your customer service plan. Your customers are not always free or ready to make a call about queries. With a FAQ section, they can look up their queries and find a satisfying answer. Not only it helps with satisfying a customer’s query but also in making a better name for your brand. Good customer service can go a long way in making your brand reliable and famous. Not to mention, a FAQ section can also help you save costs on your customer service strategy.

Besides, a FAQ section also contributes to your SEO strategy and hence, it is great for organic search results. Many users on the internet formulate their search queries with a question. The Google search engine, especially, tend to find question-answer formats for such queries. So yes, your FAQ section does contribute to the overall SEO juice of your website.

Let’s see how you can get your FAQ section right. This will help you better in writing an effective FAQ section on your website.


Elements of an effective FAQ section: what to get right?

1. The Question

The second most important thing in a FAQ section is questions. You want to ask the right questions in the FAQ. This requires research and a tiny pinch of empathy to understand your customers. It is also a good idea to refer to your competitors’ FAQ section for a better understanding.

The questions themselves should be written straight to the point. When a customer reads them, they should feel like this is exactly what they were looking for. Most importantly, keep it simple. Simple is effective!

2. The Answer

Questions are the second most important thing but the answers are the first. The very first thing about the answer is to keep it short and simple. Get to the point! Use simple language and make it as easy and satisfying for your customers as you can.

Remember, people exploring your FAQ section are looking for a quick solution to their query. Avoid writing long answers, unless necessary. When writing these answers, make sure you think from your audience’s point of view. It’ll help you with writing an effective answer.

3. Use Links

It is fair to say that a FAQ section is nothing but a ‘conversation article’. It is written for your visitors for providing them with information about various practices your business conducts.

Linking in your FAQ section will definitely encourage your visitors to explore more. Or, you can simply put a call-to-action link, mainly prompting the readers to reach out to you with their issues. Links also help you in boosting and distributing your SEO juice across your website. Though understand this: just use links wherever necessary. Overdoing it might have an overall negative impact than a positive one.

4. Understand your topic and stay factual

This is obvious but we felt like we should mention this. Your FAQ section will be divided into further sub-topics depending on the variety of services your business offers. Make sure all the questions and answers do not stray away from the topic. Providing irrelevant answers is bad customer service, which may affect your business badly as well.

Another important thing is that you should keep it factual. If you are mentioning the statistical facts, we have found that adding a source for such is really effective. They will make your answers factual and authentic. This way, your visitors feel safer in exploring content around your website as well.

5. Do your research and be empathetic

Empathy is probably the most important quality in writing an effective FAQ section. Knowing and understanding what your customer exactly would look for in times of having basic queries can hugely play to your advantage. Of course, that is just one part of it.

Mix your empathy with conducting proper research to refine your FAQ section. Note down what your customers have asked you about in the past and understand the pattern. On the other hand, you may also interview a set of your target audience to know more about what you can write in the FAQ section. Lastly, it is also a great idea to refer to your competition’s FAQ section and enhance your FAQ section further.


Writing an effective FAQ section involves three important qualities: empathy, writing style, and research. We have mentioned all the basic things above that may help you in writing an effective FAQ section.

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