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WordPress Website Design

Digital Lime Green can help you set up your website in the most unique and efficient manner. Boost your traffic and revenue today with our professional expertise and stay ahead of the game. We ensure you get all the required assistance whenever necessary. Feel free to contact us via the contact details given below.

WordPress is a highly popular and free website designing tool that allows you to create a website with ease. WordPress CMS is also considered a very beginner-friendly tool. They offer a variety of templates, themes, widgets, and plugins to help users effectively design and set up their website conveniently. What’s more? They offer paid domain names at reasonable prices.

The free version is most ideal for starting your own little blog or a little informative website. However, when it comes to having a website for business, the free version may not be sufficient. It comes with certain limitations and requires premium features such as the use of important technical tools like HTML, PHP, and CSS to customise your website uniquely, or getting a domain name. These tools need specific technical knowledge and may require expert assistance in designing your website uniquely.

wordpress website design

WordPress Themes

Digital Lime Green offers assistance in choosing the best theme for your website. Did you know that WordPress also offers customisation of your own theme with their developer features? Stand-out in the crowd with an appropriate and customised theme with our assistance today!

WordPress offers a wide range of themes catering to their wide variety of users. Customise your website, give it a unique look, and stand out in a crowd with a proper theme that matches your brand, business practices, products, and services. From a modern and sleek designed theme for office websites to a peaceful, relaxing theme for a yoga website, WordPress has it all. You can take a look at the themes we have developed here to explore the types of themes we have to offer.

Choosing an appropriate theme matters as it plays a major role in forming the first impression on your website visitors. A positive impression has the potential for conversion. They are likely to make purchases or interact with your website with a desired goal in mind. In long term, this is going to help in generating better traffic and revenue for your website. See how important it is?


wordpress themes
wordpress plugins

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins is where WordPress truly shines. This CMS allows you to uniquely customise your website with its vast library of 60k+ plugins and add useful features that will make your website more functional and interactive for visitors. The process of adding plugins is really simple. You just have to choose from the library or we can develop what you require.

The plugins will allow you to add social media and forum integrations with ease; or if you want to add a special gallery for your visitors, there are special plugins available for that. How about adding some protection for your website? Yes, the plugins are there to help you increase your website security as well. Want to display news, products, blogs, information, or even integrate radio stations on your website? The plugins are there! The functionality is endless. You just have to choose what’s right for you.

An efficiently interactive website is what will keep your business going in the long run. Our Website Designing package includes thorough assistance with plugins as well. Choose the right plugins and see your traffic grow with our expert assistance today!

Responsive Website Design

An incompatible website may drive potential customers away! At Digital Lime Green, we are confident in helping you make your websites responsive across all devices. With a fine example of this website, you can understand and take advantage of our capability in providing an effective responsive design that will satisfy all your compatibility needs. It will make engaging easy for your visitors, which means getting more traffic and revenue through your website. Contact us today to know more!

Responsive Website Design refers to the compatibility of your website across all devices such as desktops, smartphones, iPads. This practice utilises HTML and CSS queries to automatically resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge a website based on the instructions provided by a device. For example, our Digital Lime Green website loads differently on smartphones, is easier to navigate, and provides an engaging experience. This is what responsive website designing does!

Responsive website design applies to all the elements, including images. Images play an important part in making your website visually pleasant and engaging. Based on the type of device, the images may shrink or change the aspect ratio. Such images are programmed with smart CSS design instructions to maintain proper resolution on any device.

responsive website design
Content Creation and Management

Content Creation and Management

Digital Lime Green offers to be your assistant in the process of Content Creation and Management. To get an idea about our content managing methods, you may take a look at our blog and understand the approach we take to create content for our audience. Make your content management responsibilities easier with our content services. Consider contacting us for more information!

Content Creation involves the process of creating relevant, engaging, accurate, and up-to-date content for the topic you have chosen, ensuring that it revolves around the specific keywords/keyphrases. A content creator is also responsible for planning ahead in terms of executing the content. The strategy may impact positively in terms of content reach, feedback, and generating traffic and revenue. As content can take any form, such as a blog post, videos, tweets, copywriting and so on, each process requires a unique approach for it to be effective.

Content Management refers to the end-to-end process of planning, creating, executing, updating, and analysing the content as per the needs. You may have to update your old contents periodically with new information, ensuring that the accuracy remains protected, or you may have to archive totally outdated content.

Social Media Integration

Digital Lime Green understands the importance of social media integration. This method not only will allow you to increase the traffic on your business website but also grow your social influence greatly. Get our prompt assistance by contacting us today!

Social Media Integration is a practice that allows you to link your social media accounts to your website. It is a two-way redirection method that allows the flow of traffic from your website to your social media channel and vice versa. The primary function of this mechanism is to allow users to interact with your website with ease. They can reach out to your social media accounts conveniently.

The secondary function involves the marketing strategy. This involves forming a bridge between social media users and your website to promote your business effectively. This also includes adding ‘buttons’ like ‘like’ and ‘share’ for various social media platforms, or even allows users to add comments on the website through their social media accounts. The most common example we observe around is the ability to add comments via the user’s Facebook on third-party websites, such as your business website.

Social Media Integration
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a very important factor in growing your website. Know which practices are the best for your website with our SEO expertise. Identify the issues and tweak them accordingly to achieve the best results. With our expertise and assistance, we assure you of positive results in a long run. Know more about it by contacting us today!

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important factors in growing your website in a long run. This practice refers to tweaking your website and content to make it appear on the top results of various search engines. The traffic generated through SEO practices is considered organic traffic, meaning you don’t have to pay anything for it.

One has to consider many aspects when tweaking SEO for their website(s). Although it is completely free, SEO takes knowledge, patience, critical thinking, strategy, and time. A properly SEO optimised website that follows the best practices are sure to see long-term results. SEO practices are divided into two categories, white vs. black hat SEO. You would want to stay away from the black hat practices as they will impact your website negatively, damaging your overall reputation. Know more about SEO with our article here. 

Website Maintenance

Choosing Digital Lime Green would ensure the best website maintenance our company can offer for your website. Having many years of website management experience, we confidently say that we quality for maintaining your website. You will have first-class assistance from our team. Contact us to know how you can protect and well-maintain your website today!

Website maintenance simply refers to checking your website regularly for mistakes and errors, and keeping the content updated and relevant. Website maintenance can be overlooked easily and it is harmful in a long run. For example, if you have minor health issues and you ignore them, you may face severe risks later on. The same goes for a website as well. Keeping your website healthy and attractive is important for your business and it should be done on the regular basis.

The task includes managing plugins, updating fresh content, keep SEO practices in check, ensuring every website functions are working properly, and lastly, scanning your website for possible malware. An outdated and/or infected website would result in falling down in index ranking, which may reduce or completely remove your visibility off search engine results.

Website Maintenance

Online Shopping

Online shopping simply refers to the customer buying products and services from your e-commerce website. Digital Lime Green will help you set up your e-commerce website effectively, manage your products as per the requirements, and set up and manage your payment gateways. Online shopping is becoming the new common in this age of digitisation, and to keep your business in the game, you must own an online store!

Online shopping has become the most effective form of generating revenue for businesses. Being able to browse and/or purchase products at your convenience, at affordable shipping rates, and instant checkouts have made shopping really simplified and easy. A variety of goods and services are available online nowadays, including basic goods such as vegetables, milk, meat etc or even the most expensive goods such as jewellery.

The experts at Digital Lime Green will help you understand and set up your online shop based on your business model and budget. With our services, we ensure that customer engagement will be hassle-free, providing you with a better conversion rate. We will also help you in maintaining the content, functionality, and security of your website at an affordable price. Contact us to know more today!

online shopping
wordpress and woocommerce

WordPress and WooCommerce

With our expertise in WordPress and WooCommerce, Digital Lime Green can assist in all your WooCommerce setup needs. We understand the importance of a well-designed e-commerce website, and we assure complete assistance in designing and managing your store according to your requirements.

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that empowers the e-commerce functionality of your website. You can install this plugin hassle-free and with no specialised knowledge of languages such as HTML or CSS. Currently, WooCommerce is empowering ~25% of the global e-commerce websites. It is an ideal plugin for a small or medium-sized company that has a limited budget for managing its website and online presence.

We’ll help you choose the best layouts and themes suitable for your products/services and your brand. There are plenty of themes to choose from, both in the free and premium range. We can also help you set up a stylish and modern customised theme for your store. This requires some technical knowledge.

Furthermore, we will ensure the functionality of the plugin and make sure it is responsive. This is important as this affects the overall conversion rate on your website, which affects the overall revenue. Contact us for more information today!

payment gateway

Payment Gateway

One of the most important aspects of running a successful e-commerce business is having a secure, convenient payment gateway. Digital Lime Green offers you the best gateway choices in South Africa such as Yoco, Finteq, and so on.

WooCommerce has plenty of payment gateway extensions. Choosing the right payment gateway matters as not every gateway may be available in all countries. PayFast and PeachPay are the two most popular gateway options in South Africa, allowing users to make hassle-free payments with just a few clicks. You do not need a medium like a credit card to make payments through these portals. Both extensions are available for WooCommerce. We’ll collaborate with the gateway providers to ensure that your payment service stays running 24/7.

Furthermore, Digital Lime Green can also help you manage all the payment gateways on your website. Our experts will help you manage the security and integrity of your e-commerce website and connection with the payment gateway so you can conduct your business without worrying about receiving payments. Contact us to know about how we can manage the payment methods!


Every e-commerce business needs a shipping partner to actually deliver its products to the customers. Digital Lime Green will assist you in setting up your e-commerce website with shipping partners in South Africa such as TheCourierGuy and Collivery. A fast and affordable shipping method can help your customers purchase products with ease and reduces the cart abandonment rate.

Customers prefer reasonably fast and affordable shipping of the products they have purchased. Although products are often shipped with affordable shipping charges, some customers are also willing to pay more for faster delivery of their products. Whether you want to provide a particular shipping method, or any shipping method at all completely depends on the type of e-commerce business you are running. For example, any digital products such as music albums, movies, video games, e-books etc. do not require any physical shipping method.

Integrating express shipping and/or international shipping depends on your budgets and the audience. For example, a business that rarely gets orders internationally may not want to consider setting up an international shipping gateway on their e-commerce business. We can help you understand the right shipping methods for your e-commerce website. Contact us to know more!


Cart Abandonment Recovery

Digital Lime Green can help you set up a Cart Abandonment Recovery system for your e-commerce website with ease. We will assist you in reducing the cart abandonment rate well as designing the email template to be used by the system in these situations.

Cart Abandonment Recovery is a system that comes into play when a customer puts some items in the cart but doesn’t proceed with payment, for whatever reasons it may be. At such times, this system sends that particular customer a reminder through their email, telling them about the specific transaction they had initiated, but never got finished.

Cart Abandonment Recovery is an important mechanism in successfully running your e-commerce website, especially in the terms of maintaining warm customer relations. Knowing that the company cares about your interactions on their website, a customer feels good about the company trying to reach and remind them. It is possible that the customer might have abandoned the transaction just because they forgot or had an emergency. This system allows them to finish their transaction at their own convenience. See how that helps in getting your conversion rate up? Contact us to know more about this today!

cart abandonment recovery
woocommerce extensions

WooCommerce Extensions

Although WooCommerce is a plugin itself, there are various extensions that will help you enhance the experience. Take advantage of our expertise and choose the best extensions for your WooCommerce website. Whether it is a social media integration or tools that help you in analysing the performance of your business overall, we can do it all!

WooCommcerce is good but its extensions are what makes it a great choice to launch an e-commerce website. It allows you to integrate many useful functions for your e-commerce website, even if you don’t have any background knowledge on designing tools or programming languages such as JavaScript, CSS, or HTML. Even in the free extensions, the choices are pretty diverse for you to choose from.

As there is a vast library of extensions, it might get overwhelming for you to choose the right ones. A barrage of unnecessary extension may do more harm than good to your e-commerce website. It may cause unnecessary clutter or decline in overall functionality, which may harm the user experience. Allow us to choose and optimise the best extensions for you. Contact us for more information today!

eCommerce Website Management

Digital Lime Green also assists in making your e-commerce website maintenance stress-free. Focus on other important tasks to grow your business; you are leaving your website in the right hands. From registering a domain to database optimization, we can do it all. We will take care of your day-to-day e-commerce website maintenance needs to provide you with a carefree environment to develop your e-commerce business.

E-Commerce website maintenance simply refers to checking your website regularly for mistakes and errors and keeping the content updated and relevant. We will keep track of all the day-to-day functionalities of your e-commerce website such as payment gateways. We’ll also cooperate with the hosting services to ensure that your website stays online, allowing you to make maximum profit out of your e-commerce business.

Furthermore, we can also manage your plugins, extensions, content management, and upgrade SEO whenever necessary. We also would want to get rid of any potential malware if there are any. Ensuring all these not only will improve customer engagement time and conversion rate, but also improve your overall index ranking with search engines. Get the best possible service from our experts; contact us to know more today!

eCommerce Website Management

Google Shopping

Google Shopping allows you to list your products through the Google Shopping portal. Consumers can google search for your product and google shop can display products from your store. Digital Lime Green understands the importance of extending your advertising reach, which ultimately leads to engagement with your website with a high possibility of conversion, especially if your prices are competitive in the market.

Google Shopping allows you to extend your potential reach to a particular region or even worldwide. Your product will be featured on Google Shopping. Offers on Google Shopping are rated based on the keywords, relevance to the product, and other Google activity. Google receives a commission on each product sold on Google Shopping as well as whenever your advert is clicked. Google Shopping also allows you to filter products by price, product, category, and brand.

Google Shopping ad campaign functions similarly to Google Adwords where you have to pay per click or per thousand impressions. With our expertise, you can understand the best approach to make in successfully running a Google Shopping campaign. Contact us to know more!

Google Shopping
facebook shop

Facebook Shop Integration

Facebook Shopping allows you to integrate your e-commerce store through your Facebook social media page. We, the people of Digital Lime Green, understand the importance of social media presence for any website that wants to grow its visibility and revenue. We will personally assist you in setting up your own store and manage it as per your requirements.

Facebook Shopping is basically a replica of your e-commerce website store on Facebook. Consistency of product data is a must to maintain the credibility of your Facebook store. The store will help you to list all the products you are offering, allowing the user to explore and make easy purchases if they are interested. This Call-to-Action (CTA) will redirect this traffic directly on your website, requesting necessary information such as an address, email, contact numbers, method of delivery, and payment gateway information from the user. Ultimately, this helps in bringing conversion to your website straight from a social media platform.

Creating a Facebook Shop is free. Facebook also allows integration of your products from your e-commerce website to Instagram, making it a highly convenient tool as these two social websites are the most popular across the globe, including South Africa. Contact us to know more about this process!

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