Business Start-Up Services

Interact with your clients in new ways

If you are starting a business and looking to have an online presence for advertising your services or to start selling your products online, our business startup packages offer you everything you will need.
If you are just looking for a website please visit our website packages.

Our business startup packages give you the basics needed when starting a business. This includes a domain name for your business, eg: You will also receive email addresses allowing you to reply to your customers with branded emails.

My Business app

The power of an app cannot be understated in the highly digitised world we live in today, which is why having a business app is so essential for your company to stay relevant. With the right app, you can connect better and easier with your audience while staying true to your brand. “My Business” app – a standard app built for your company with all the basic features that you will need such as push notifications, latest news, products, services, as well as a seamless connection with your website. We can build apps for both Apple and Android.

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