Looking for a Career in SEO?

In 2021, making a career in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can be lucrative, yet a hardcore path towards success. In this article, we have compiled what SEO is, and what it can be as a career.

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A little background on SEO

It was around 1995 that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was born. 25 years old and counting! Sure it has had its own share of evolution in the last two and a half decades. It is way more mature and popular than it used to be in the early 2000s. It tops the priority list of most of the Fortune 500 Companies.

No wonder it has its own share of critics. It has become one of the key features for companies trying to make an identity online. Many small scale businesses have run out of business, thanks to the incompetency in SEO. Larger firms have faced the wrath too, the reason being their lack of mobile readiness. One of the most famous examples is an incident from 2006, where Google had to ban BMW’s official german website for SEO malpractices. (Source: NYTimes)

SEO is often called a fish market due to the unrelenting noise and saturation. Nevertheless, its accentuated demand calls for more and more SEO professionals to help the needy.

So we are here to provide you with all the nitty-gritty regarding SEO. Before trying to make a career in SEO, you obviously need to be well aware of the concept.

SEO is Universal

SEO is the yin and yang of the digital marketing world. It is an unmatched synthesis of data and technology, analysis and insight, creativity and adroitness.

A good SEO won’t just worry about tags, he will hunt for data on product margins, user interface and conversion quality. Learning Black Hat Tactics is no a shame. You need to be a ‘know-it-all’ to understand the fair and dark side of this profession. However, refraining from such practices is what would make you a true SEO professional.

SEO is Collective

If you aim at being a sound SEO, never take things at face value. If a title of 68 characters works for Mr. A to attain maximum click-through rate, it doesn’t mean that the same will do wonders for you or your client.

Focus on creating. Don’t waste too much time in testing. You will end up wasting your time or even losing a client. Therefore, instead of spending too much time on testing, collaborate with fellow SEO practitioners.

Thanks to the wave of social media, you can locate plenteous SEO on Facebook and Twitter. In the era of globalization, the clock never sleeps. You can find an SEO any time of the day.

SEO is Marketing

What is marketing? It’s a continuous process of trying to outshine others in competition. SEO is marketing in its essence, in that it makes people’s lives a lot easier and less problematic.

SEO helps those who help themselves. The irony of this concept is that the more things evolve, the more they stay the same.

At the end of the day, if you are doing fine in your field, creating new things or selling something amazing, consider SEO on your side.

SEO is Planning

Be critical in your approach. Judge the product/service adroitly; whether it is really what people demand. Think about how you will benefit your client from your latest technology.

Be futuristic in your thought process. Experience Organization on Pinterest and Facebook have overtaken search engines. Soon, getting ahead of the edges of websites will also be a child’s play.

Be well-informed about these updates. Give the client a bang for his buck. This way, you will have an edge over your counterparts in dimensional thinking.

SEO is Congruity

Besides being able to get a decent number of links or including the common keywords an agreed number of times, add relevance to the website.

In fact, these Google Webmaster Guidelines suggest you to follow these good practices to make your SEO strategy work for the better.

The rising amount of competition in every sphere of economic activity makes it acutely difficult to stand out of the crowd. Choose your weapons, be it client loyalty or superior quality. The products you produce shouldn’t just be mobile-readable, they should be mobile-friendly too.

SEO is Annoying

Search engines are the new generation’s Godfather. No matter how much annoyed you are with them, they continue to haunt you with their latest trends and modifications; the ones that you are not allowed to question or rebuke.

So if a search engine offers you a new schema tag, make the most of it. If it tells you to belly dance, do it! You are free to choose your path, ignore its penalties or block its robots. But then, wait for the consequences too. After all, Google doesn’t need you, you need Google.

So question or criticize Google, but in the end, do as it says!


We can help You!

Every system has its own flaws, as does SEO. In the end, don’t forget its power. Marketing is an amazing field. It can get you what you never imagined. Might as well return the favour.

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