Online Shopping Website Design

Online Shopping Website Design, also known as the e-commerce website design

Online Shopping Website Design, also known as the e-commerce website design, refers to digital shops where visitors can browse the catalogue of products, compare prices, and buy the desired product. Digital Lime Green can help you set up your online shopping website at an affordable cost with sleek and attractive website designs, and a functional and responsive website. Your e-commerce website design matters in improving the engagement and conversion rate of your website.

Functionality and responsive web design are the two most important aspects when it comes to designing an online shopping website. Broken links anywhere in the funnel are just going to turn away customers from purchasing your products. The same goes for a website not being able to load properly or quickly on different platforms. As smartphones are becoming the most popular medium for accessing the internet in 2021, your website should be responsive. Research states that if a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, the visitor is likely to drop off.

Your online shopping website allows users to interact, browse, and purchase goods and services electronically. The purpose of your design is to convert visitors into customers. The main conversion goal in this funnel would be to successfully complete a transaction on the website. A higher conversion rate contributes better to your website’s revenue.

Another important practice an online shopping website should follow is transparency. All product descriptions and prices should have transparency and consistency across your website. Make sure you provide high-quality images of the products on your website and the product description should match accurately. Remember to keep your website open for feedback and support purposes. Reviews and feedback will boost credibility and trust for your online shopping website. A strong customer support system will help you in resolving your customers’ queries and doubts, and also provide aftersales assistance to provide a satisfying experience.

Aesthetically, your website should have a sleek, modern design without too much clutter. Unnecessary banners, distractive advertisements, interrupted animated flashy text or images will ruin your visitors’ experience. Digital Lime Green will advise and avoid such mistakes. From designing to managing your online shopping store, we can do it all. Contact us and get the best services and assistance in running your online shopping website today!

Online Shop Design

Digital Lime Green can provide you with a modern and aesthetically pleasing online shop design at affordable prices. Your designs are going to make a first impression on your visitors. Furthermore, a good design also creates a sense of trust within your visitors. Hence, it is really important to get a good and personalised online shop design if you want to grow your business.

There is no ideal type of online shop design. An appropriate colour palette that matches your brand logo, along with a stylish layout is the key to make your online shop appear pleasing. The landing page or homepage should have all the necessary content a user expects to see. Avoid using unnecessary pop-ups or flash texts. This will only divert their attention, which is harmful to your conversion funnel. Make sure all the content is well-written and properly placed. Your visitors want to see the products your business offers. Showcase your products as best as you can along with a clear price tag, neat descriptions. Lastly, a secured payment gateway is what you would want to opt-in for your business.

With Digital Lime Green, you get a great online website design at affordable prices. Connect with us for more information.

Online Shop Design
Online Shop Layout

Online Shop Layout

Digital Lime Green can provide thorough assistance in designing your website’s layout. A well-planned layout is what enhances the overall look of your website. It also helps you determine how your website would function before you put the actual code in it. This planning phase will give you an overall idea about where all the elements of the website would be placed, how it may function, and its impact on the user experience.

Designing a website’s layout is just like an architect designing a building. Be creative and feel free to come up with your own unique ideas, take feedback, improvise, and finalize accordingly. Furthermore, preplanning a layout will make the actual website designing process easier as you already know what you want. A lot of website builders have pre-defined layouts. But, in order to stand out in the competition, we highly recommend going with a personalised website layout for your online shop.

At reasonable and affordable prices, Digital Lime Green will provide you with a well-planned, personalised layout for your business according to your needs and instructions. Contact us for more information about our services.

Responsive Online Shopping Website Design

Responsive website design refers to the fact that a website should be accessible easily regardless of the device used. Digital Lime Green always follows the best practices in providing a responsive website design in our packages, and online shopping websites are no exception to that. Get well-optimised, aesthetically designed websites at affordable prices with Digital Lime Green.

With how smartphones are becoming a dominant market in South Africa and internationally along with the cheap and high-speed internet connections, responsive website designs have become a necessity. Users are going to access your online shop through all kinds of platforms such as desktop, laptops, smartphones. A responsive website design makes your website equally functional and efficient across all platforms. It adjusts and resizes pages based on the resolution of a device’s screen to display important information, it may remove some unnecessary information such as images, icons, wherever needed. This helps your website to load better regardless of platforms, which ultimately contributes to the conversion rate.

A fast, functional, responsive website design is important as it directly affects your bounce rate. Digital Lime Green can help you lower your bounce rate and increase conversion rates with our responsive website design packages. Contact us for more information.

Responsive Online Shopping Website Design

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