Online business ideas in South Africa

2020 has been a crazy year for everyone on Earth. For many people, Covid-19 has reduced the salaries or they no longer have any salary. Many of these people are looking to start a small online business for income and are looking for online business ideas in South Africa. If you’re looking for ideas for an online business you can start, we have compiled a list of a few ideas below.


Sell homemade products online

Create something at home and sell this product on Gumtree or BidorBuy.

Teach online

Teaching English online has become very popular. There are many websites you can sign up for to teach online like, Landi English. We keep a full list of companies offering English teaching to South Africans, contact us for more information. You will need to complete a TEFL course to start teaching.

Freelance writing

If you’re able to write reasonably well, you could offer your writing skills to small businesses. Most small businesses need help with social media posts or blog writing on their website.

Affiliate marketing

In South Africa, there are not as many companies offering affiliate marketing as offered by other parts of the world. Companies like Zando and Wonga offer affiliate marketing but you may need to look at multinationals for more opportunities in this space.

eCommerce website

Start your own eCommerce store selling goods that you purchased in bulk. Find a product on Alibaba that interests you and there is a gap in the market for in South Africa. Important this product and start selling online, we can help you start your online store or you can read more about starting your own website here.

Start a podcast

Podcasts are very popular. Start a podcast discussing something you know about and invite guests to speak with you. Once you have an audience listening to your podcast you can start selling advertising space.

Start a tutoring business

You can start tutoring online with the skills you already have. If you have knowledge in a certain field or on a certain platform you can share that knowledge with others who are looking to learn.

Start a YouTube channel

Start a YouTube channel. You will need to build an audience before you can sell adverts so make sure your videos are informative or fun if you can do both you have hit the jackpot.


Whatever you choose to do you’re going to need to market your business online. You can read more about marketing and business here. You can contact us on 087 379 5978 or for professional advice on marketing and advertising your business in South Africa.