WordPress is one of the most powerful blogging tool, as it already optimized for search engines. Due to increasing popularity of wordpress there are few applications made to access your wordpress through your gadgets like Nokia, iPhone, Android and windows phones.

Here, I will share the wordpress application for your favorite gadgets, so follow the list below:

1. WordPress for Nokia Phone.
2. WordPress for iPhone, iPad and iPod.
3. WordPress for Android Phones.
4. WordPress for Windows Phones.

1. WordPress for Nokia Phones

Nokia Phones are based on the Symbian and using wordpress application on your Nokia phones is easy enough. To download WordPress for your Nokia, you can use the OVI in your phone, but in order to download you need to have a OVI account which can be created for free.

2. WordPress for iPhone, iPad and iPod

Well, iPhone, Ipad, and iPod are awesome gadgets which is based on the iOS. To download WordPress for iPhone, iPad and iPod go to apple store through itunes or using the app store in your iPhone, iPad and iPod and log in to your app store account to download. [official page – wordpress for ios]

3. WordPress for Android Phones

Google’s Android is one of the best and fastest OS for smartphones. To download WordPress for Android Phones just go to android store and search wordpress in order to download. [official page – wordpress for android]

4. WordPress for Windows Phones

Using wordpress on your windows phone is as easy as you are using it on your windows desktop. You can download WordPress for Windows Phone from official wordpress for windows phone page.