WordPress comes with some awesome features, one of them is the Admin Bar. But there are a few users who don’t find this feature useful if you are one of them and want to remove the admin bar while viewing the site.

There are 2 methods of removing the WordPress Admin Bar i.e Removing from Profile Page and Removing from the theme. Follow the methods below:

1. Removing Admin Bar from Profile Page: Go to your profile page through the dashboard, navigate to Personal Options and unselect the ‘when viewing site’ box and click on save.

2. Removing from theme (permanent method): This trick will help you to remove the admin bar for all users if you are running any guest blogging campaign. For this follow the tutorial below:

1. Go to Appearance >Editor > and edit Functions.php. Simply add the following code in the Functions.php file:

remove_action(‘init’, ‘wp_admin_bar_init’);

2. Click on save to see the effect.