Monthly website packages in South Africa

Monthly website packages in South Africa can come in two forms.

The maintenance only package allows you to avail of monthly maintenance services from an agency. If you wish to avail of their design related services, you will have to pay extra for that.

On the other hand, The maintenance-cum-design combo allows you to get assistance in creating your website from scratch and maintain it under the roof of once-off cost.

Choosing the right package matters as it can affect your online business strategy in the long run.


Which package do I need for my business?

Both of these can be beneficial and selecting the right one for you is important.

Understand your budget, business goals and objectives, and your requirements before you choose a company.

If you run a micro-business or you are just about to start a new business, choosing a package that includes web design and maintenance can be very beneficial. It generally costs only a few hundred Rand per month with no upfront costs. When starting out, you may not want to spend a large amount all at once. Or you could want the freedom to be able to ask your developer to make changes as your business evolves.

If you are running a medium-sized business, you may want to get your website redesigned. Redesigning your website will cost you a separate, once-off cost. Then hiring a developer to maintain your website on a monthly basis may be the best option for your business.


Charges for Monthly Website Packages in South Africa

Charges for maintenance can vary.

There are two main ways in which developers charge: A fixed cost or monthly retainer related to the hours for work. You could be paying anywhere between R400 and R2000 depending on the website, business, and developer.

Understand what you should consider before paying for website designing and maintenance with this maintenance package costs article!

Digital Lime Green offers competitive and fair prices for website designing, development, and maintenance. Please note that our prices are going through re-evaluation and we thank you for your patience. Meanwhile, learn the importance of website designing and maintenance and explore the best website designers in South Africa.

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