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Digital Lime Green provides complete digital presence and marketing solutions for your live or virtual event.

If you want to bring attention and traffic to something you are working on, making a presence and advertising is a must. This is especially important when you are hosting an event. Such events can be live or virtual, and can be of any theme or topic. Digital Lime Green provides complete digital presence and marketing solutions for your live or virtual event. Spread the word and make that event successful with our expertise and assistance.

A virtual event refers to the events that are streamed online. The most common recent example is a webinar. What’s better than a website for hosting and advertising a virtual event? Digital Lime Green provides excellent website designs for hosting, storing, and sharing your virtual event. What’s more? We also help with advertising it. You may advertise your event through social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter, or advertising channels like Google, Yahoo, and so on. We can help you around with the technical aspect of hosting and streaming your event on social media also. Pick a schedule, create a timeline, advertise your event to the right audience and you are done with 90% of making your event successful.

A live event here refers to an interactive event that occurs in a proper physical venue. For example, a concert. Along with the traditional methods of advertising your event, advertising your event online is a more helpful and cost-effective option. To advertise your event, you need to have an online presence. Digital Lime Green can help you with an interactive and attractive live event website design. Let us know your budget and requirements and we will give you a perfect solution. Use this website to raise awareness and advertise, provide details about your event, sell tickets and other event-related souvenirs, and much more.

And lastly, this package also includes the advertising solutions for your event. Digital advertising is relatively a cost-saving yet highly effective option to advertise your event. We will help you with setting up campaigns on various social media and advertising channels, depending on your budget, goal, and target audience.

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Live Event Website Design

A live event is usually advertised with traditional advertising methods: newspaper, billboards, pamphlets, TV ads, and much more. We all know how costly it can be for effective advertising. But what if we tell you, there is a cheaper, cost-effective, and yet highly effective alternative to all this. That’s right! A website would help you raise better awareness about your event, and Digital Lime Green is here to help you with that.

A live event website can help you with organising your event, providing necessary details, advertise, and much more. A good example would be a wedding website. Hosting prices are affordable even for small businesses, and you can keep all the updates and records even after the event is done. Also, if your event is a recurring one, then having a permanent website will be of an advantage to you. Keep your audience engaged with your business even after the event is over.

Digital Lime Green will provide you with a modern, sleek website design for your live event. Contact us to get a quote on our package today.

Live Event Website Design
Virtual Event Website Design

Virtual Event Website Design

A virtual event is an event that is hosted online through the internet. It is usually an online premier or a live stream on Facebook, Youtube, and other streaming platforms. Some businesses prefer to have their own website for streaming and recording purposes. Digital Lime Green provides excellent website design solutions for your virtual event.

Hosting live events is constantly getting popular, especially in recent years. It is easy to set up and easy to interact with the target audience. Digital Lime Green can add features like live chat, interactive buttons and custom bot-controlled mini-surveys for live viewers, and much more. There are many ways you can make your virtual event effective. Our sleek, intuitive website design will help you attract more users to the event. Alternately, if you have designed your website with us before, we can simply add the virtual event features directly to your website.

Digital Lime Green can help you with providing an effective virtual event website design. Contact us to get a quote or for further information.

Event Online Marketing

Marketing is an important part of making your event successful. If people do not know about your event, they are simply going to miss it. With Digital Lime Green, advertising your event digitally becomes easy. We will help you with an effective advertising campaign for your online event across multiple advertising and social media platforms.

Digital Lime Green can advertise your event on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, and advertising platforms such as Google or Feathr. A proper advertisement strategy is key to make your event popular and successful. We will help you with effective strategies for your advertising campaign. For starters, understand your goal. What do you want to achieve through these ads? Next, define the region and your target audience. Nowadays, all the advertising platforms are intuitive and provide great options to personalise an ad campaign. With the right settings, not only your ad is going to reach your target audience effective but you will save on costs too.

Launching an effective ad campaign becomes easy with Digital Lime Green’s expertise. Contact us for more information.

Event Online Marketing

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