List of best CMS tools – an introduction

Content Management System (CMS) tools refer to software that helps users create and modify content on their respective websites. There are a variety of CMS tools available in the market for different purposes. Some of them specifically excel in delivering websites in a particular niche. Hence, knowing appropriate CMS tools in the market is important. In this article, we are providing a list of the best CMS tools for your understanding and experimentations.

Disclaimer: Please note that Digital Lime Green is in no way affiliated with any of the mentioned CMS tools in the given article. The purpose of this article is purely informational and shall be purely used as a reference.

Creating new websites using Content Management Systems (CMS) is easy. It is especially famous as it allows you to create a website without having any background in coding and development. That means it is not incredibly easy for you to create a basic website. Presently, there are many CMS tools that are free and include many features, and some extra features can be added by using addons.

Without further delay, let us dive into knowing the list of best CMS tools

For Creating Websites:

We recommend the following CMS tools for building a website. Creating a basic website should be piece of cake with how intuitive and simple-to-use these tools are.

For Creating Blog:

If you are willing to have your own blog then WordPress is the best choice for you, as it is already search engine optimized. You can also use a variety of plugins to enhance your user experience on the website. Another good choice for writing blogs is Weebly. It is fast, simple, and free to use.

For Creating Forums:

Create forums is now easier with the CMS that currently exist. The following are various CMS themes and addons available and are the best there is to create forums:

For Creating Online Stores:

Having an online store for your business has become extremely important in this digital world. There are a lot of CMS tools built specifically for running an online store. We have found the following CMS tools to be very useful.


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