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Internet design – also referred to as website design – is the art of setting up and designing a website to deliver content, attract visitors and customers, and generate revenue. At Digital Lime Green, we understand the importance of internet design. With our internet design package, we are confident that we can help you come up with various approaches to design your website professionally and creatively. In our package, we will focus on a multitude of aspects such as well-designed layouts, responsive web design, attractive visuals, and content management. You want your website to be good looking if you wish to attract people to your website.

Remember, when it comes to internet design, SEO is important. SEO refers to the practices that help in improving the visibility of your website and attract organic traffic on the internet. Organic traffic means generating ‘free’ traffic by making your website appear on search engine results. SEO strategies are numerous and the bottom line is that it takes patience for it to start being effective.

Need personalised internet design? We offer customised designs to match and deliver your products, services, and content on the internet. There are various free templates available across a variety of CMS tools such as WordPress, but we recommend getting a personalised internet design if you wish to stand out in the crowd. All the content will be properly distributed, making it easier for your visitors to explore.

Digital Lime Green’s baseline professional aim will always be to assist you in generating a good amount of traffic and revenue on your website! We will help you in setting up your dream website properly at competitive and reasonable pricing. You may look at our works to understand how we would be delivering our services to you.

Need more information on the matter? Continue reading below or feel free to connect with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

The core of Digital Lime Green’s SEO services will always focus on providing ethical practices that will improve your index ranking while promoting qualities such as enriched user experience, trust, credibility, and content relevancy. Following white hat SEO practices is very important and they stick to the Google Webmaster’s Guidelines. Blackhat practices on the other hand only focus on improving index ranking without any regard for user experience.

An SEO audit is an important aspect in maintaining the quality of how your website functions. In an SEO audit, our team will check your website from an SEO point of view and understand whether your website improvement and maintenance practices are actually helping you or harming you. We’ll take an in-depth look at your strategies and guide you wherever necessary. There are various free SEO audit tools you can find across the web, but we recommend you hire a professional for a better, personalized, and in-depth analysis to plan your strategies. Technical SEO handles the backend part such as page loading speed, crawlability and indexability, and so on.

Based on your business model, goals, and budget, we’ll help you understand the best SEO strategy to grow your business. As your personal assistant in SEO strategy development, we will ensure that our practices are helpful in promoting your brand, represents your business’ core ethic while providing a good user experience. Once your strategy is in place, we’ll also help you manage it periodically and update your website accordingly so that the quality is preserved.

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Internet Design in Cape Town and Johannesburg

There are various internet design companies in Cape Town and Johannesburg, offering their services at competitive prices and Digital Lime Green is one of them. As a company in Cape Town, our objective is to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with quality and engaging internet designs to be able to smoothly function in South Africa.

Cape Town and Johannesburg are densely populated cities in South Africa. The majority of South Africa’s internet users reside in these cities. It would be advantageous for your business to own a website representing your business on the internet. Furthermore, you would be able to go from local to international with a good strategy, budget management and patience. Extend your reach, generate higher revenue, and improve your overall brand image and value in the South African competitive market.

Digital Lime Green can provide you with the best internet design solutions to take your business online. We will help you in understanding and planning the strategy for targeting the right audience in South Africa. Contact us to know more about our services!

Internet Design in Cape Town and Johannesburg
Internet Designer

Internet Designer

Internet designer refers to the internet design agencies all over South Africa. These agencies, like Digital Lime Green, offer various packages and services for a wide variety of website-related services: such as internet design, maintenance, SEO, content management, digital marketing, and much more. We will provide you with a sleek and attractive design for your website at a very fair and competitive price.

Choosing the right internet designer matters as it may impact the outcome. You would want to consider a number of aspects. The first aspect is costs. Consider multiple options for comparison and look at a variety of services an internet designer offers you at the price. An internet designer usually has multiple packages that cover different areas of the website design, so make sure you do your research well. You don’t want to face hidden charges when actually using their services. Understand what they have to offer and consider checking out their previous work (if they have any) to get an idea about how they work.

Digital Lime Green will help you in designing and maintaining your internet website at very reasonable and competitive prices. 100% professional and modern designs without any hidden charges. Contact us today for more information!

Internet Design and Internet Marketing

So, you finally have a website online and now you are waiting for some traffic. Or you already have a well-established website, but you would like to increase the traffic. What’s the solution? Internet Marketing! Digital Lime Green can help you choose effective channels to market your website on the internet. We will help you choose appropriate campaigns based on your objectives, requirements, and budget.

Even if your website has a good flow of traffic, marketing your website periodically is always a good option to extend your reach and procure new audience groups and potential customers. There are various channels for internet marketing in South Africa such as Google Ads, Facebook, Adroll, Feathr, and many more. Although the base is the same, each tool has something different and unique to offer. You should do your research before choosing the right platform and right campaign package. Your marketing campaign should consider the region, target audience, the objective of your marketing, and high rate of return on investment (ROI).

Digital Lime Green will help you in laying out an effective marketing strategy. Extend your reach with our professional experts today. Connect with us for more information!

Internet Design and Internet Marketing
Website Speed

Creative Marketing Agency

Digital Lime Green is a creative marketing agency, well-equipped to provide you with the best internet designs and marketing related services. We provide creative marketing solutions to help you stand out in the South African business market. In this age of digitalisation, being unique is what makes you attractive and approachable.

We offer a great fusion of great internet designs along with internet marketing to ensure that your business extends its influence and grows in revenue. Out internet designs will help you to deliver your brand’s voice to your target audience more effectively. Furthermore, we will design your website while keeping the credibility and trust factor in mind. Proper internet design and branding is necessary for extending your growth, but without marketing, you are limiting yourself. We will also help you in marketing your business on various advertising and social media channels.

There are many strategies to grow and extend your influence and revenue. Digital Lime Green will understand and analyse your business model, goals and objectives, and your brand. Based on the data, we will help you in planning a personalised strategy for your business. Connect with us to know more about how you can grow your business.

E-Commerce Internet Design

Digital Lime Green also offers specific e-commerce internet designs for setting up your online shop and making B2B or B2C sales. We will mainly use WooCommerce or Shopify to set up your e-commerce store but we can also work on different platforms if you wish to choose another.

From choosing appropriate layouts to setting up a secure payment gateway, we can do it all! Understanding your target customers is really important before you plan your online store. Know the market, understand where the supply is low and demand is high, that is where your growth potential lies. We will help you with product listing and management, and set up various features to boost your overall conversion rate on your website. All the data on your website should be consistent and readable. We will also help you in advertising your website properly so that you can extend your reach and achieve your goals.

We will provide you with a neat and professional e-commerce internet design that will speak for your brand. Not only that, but we will also help you in maintaining your website. Reach out to us for more information about our services!

E-Commerce Internet Design
WordPress Internet Design

WordPress Internet Design

WordPress is a very famous and most preferred internet design tool on the internet. Digital Lime Green primarily works with WordPress to provide you with all the internet design related solutions. Easy-to-use, highly customisable, and a vast plugin library makes WordPress a unique and most preferred option in the internet design world.

We can help you in creating your internet design in the most unique and efficient manner. You should understand that good, memorable website designs go a long way in growing your influence and revenue. There are a variety of free templates, themes, widgets, and plugins that can help you in setting up your own website. This CMS platform also allowed personalised customisation with the help of HTML, PHP, and CSS. Digital Lime Green can help you with the developer’s back-end to make your website more unique.

Understand how we can effectively help you set up your own WordPress website. We will help you in choosing the right designs and plugins for your business. Connect with us to know more!

Responsive Internet Design

Digital Lime Green will help you in optimising all your web pages to make them appear well across all devices. An unresponsive layout may prove incompatible to load on different devices, which may ultimately drive potential customers away. With the smartphone market evolution over the past decade, websites should are no longer desktop-oriented only. For example, this website is optimised to appear and function well across all devices. Go ahead, give it a try!

As we have established, responsive internet design or web design refers to the compatibility of your website across all devices. With Google’s AMP launch in February 2016, it has become even more efficient to make websites compatible and accessible across a variety of mobile devices. The method consists of using HTML and CSS parameters to automatically resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge elements on a website, depending on display resolution and device type. Responsive design helps visitors to navigate and explore your website content easily.

Digital Lime Green will make sure that all the elements on your website are well-optimised. We will make sure that no important content gets missing, and that your website remains visually and functionally engaging across all the devices. Connect with us to know more!

Responsive Internet Design
Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO refers to tweaking your website’s content and elements in such a way that it increases your search engine ranking, ultimately improving your overall visibility. Digital Lime Green will help you in following the best SEO practices to generate organic traffic and revenue. Furthermore, we’ll also assist in removing or changing the optimisations that are harming your overall website.

If you wish to grow your website in the long run, Search Engine Optimisation is the way to go. There are various aspects that affect the overall optimisation. For example, an improper or too competitive keyword may make it difficult for your website to rank higher on search engine result pages. Your content plays a major role in your SEO strategy, and your website’s design and technical aspects are equally important. Always remember to follow the proper internet design practices and don’t stray down to the blackhat SEO practices.

Digital Lime Green will help you identify and apply white hat SEO practices to your internet website. SEO takes knowledge, patience, strategy, critical thinking, and time. Even the most optimal SEO strategy would take time to be effective. Contact us to know more!

Content Creation and Management

Your website designs are what forms your impression and credibility, but your content will help in reinforcing that. Digital Lime Green provides content creation and content management services as a part of our internet design package. Regardless of how good your website looks, without any quality content that fails to add any value to the visitors will always drive them away. Furthermore, it is also a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Your content represents you, your brand, and your business values and ethics. Good, quality content would focus on providing quality to the visitors and a high conversion rate to you. Hence, your priorities should focus on getting some quality, consistent content on your website. Even though the content has quality, one also has to check that the content stays updated and relevant with time. This is where content management comes in. A content manager optimises your content in accordance with your SEO strategy and makes it relevant in case it is outdated.

Digital Lime Green is well-equipped for all your content-related needs. We can assist you in either of the processes or both, as per your requirement. Connect with us to know more about our content services.

Content Creation and Management

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