Internet is truly an amazing discovery by mankind. It has allowed us to expand our horizons tremendously and has changed the way we functioned as a society. And it definitely has changed the way we do business. There are many interesting website ideas around the internet; each day we are discovering more and more. There are many websites out there that do business, engage with customers, earn hefty revenue, and flourish rapidly. Imagine all that with a small investment — and a website makes it possible.

However, not all websites are about making money or doing business, right? There are some websites that exist to spread information and emotions across audiences. In this article, we are focusing on some interesting non-commercial website ideas. Ideas that stray from corporate or commercial purposes — ideas that would attract South Africa with a thirst for knowledge and/or entertainment.


1. Blog websites.

The moment you started reading this article, you knew this idea was going to come up, right? Blogging. A commonly known non-commercial website idea that may not sound as interesting. There is no netizen in South Africa who does not know about blogs.

A blogger is someone who writes about topics. They are not necessarily an expert in a particular field, but they feel confident about what they write and are eager to share their knowledge and/or opinion with the world. A blogger may specifically stick to a topic/genre or they can be random. For example, Gaming. A gaming blog may write about upcoming video game titles, gameplay guides, hidden secrets in a particular game and so on.

A blogger may also choose to include engaging media content such as images and videos or interactive browser-based minigames (wherever applicable) to make the experience more engaging.

If you are interested in starting a blog, there are many free options on the internet that will kickstart your blogging journey. Some platforms to start your blogging journey are as followed.


2. Wedding websites.

Save the trees and environment and go green, right? Did you know that printing and distribution of wedding invitations are actually harmful to the environment? So what’s the alternative? A wedding website! Oh, and if you are planning to get married in 2022, we wish you a great journey ahead in advance!

A wedding website is not just about invitation and providing details about your venue, it is much more than that. Engage with your invitees, cater to their custom needs (if any), livestream your wedding to the invitees and others who could not make it to your wedding, and create and preserve memories of ‘together forever’ moments on the website. What’s more? A wedding website provides far better customising options than a wedding invitation can. Amazing, right?

You can easily get a decent wedding website at an affordable price in South Africa. We also provide excellent wedding website design for our clients. Feel free to connect with us for more information.


3. Websites for sending special letters or greetings

This one is a tad unusual. I honestly have never seen any examples around but I have done this for my s/o and she absolutely loved the personalised experience. Hence, I would like to share this interesting website idea with the world.

Do you have someone in your life to express your gratitude to? Or do you want to shower them with love and affection but don’t know how to? Or do you simply want to wish them a happy birthday? Well, let me tell you, in 2022, a website provides far superior options than a greeting card will ever do.

There are many free visual website builders that can help you achieve your ‘greeting website’ beyond your expectation. My personal favourite is (and will always be) Weebly for this. Weebly features a free visual website builder — meaning you can just drag and drop the website design elements (titles, images, buttons) as you like, format them, align them in accordance with the design and you should be good. You may also import videos or create galleries of images — a perfect way to share memories with another person or a group of people!


4. Portfolio websites

We all know how difficult it is to make a doable physical portfolio of our work. It has to look convincing and engaging along with expressing the quality of your work. What’s more? It can be pretty heavy on your pocket.

So? An alternative — a Portfolio Website. First, you do not have to carry it around. Instead, it is always with you 24/7, as long as you have internet access, of course. You can showcase this portfolio to your employers and others on demand.

A portfolio website can provide you with better customising options than a traditional portfolio design. You can add features like a slideshow to make viewing your portfolio convenient. As websites have no limit on how much text you can put on them, you can be as descriptive as you want to be for each item you are representing on the portfolio. And finally, you can add new projects or finished works to your portfolio anytime you want.

Convenient right? Digital Lime Green provides portfolio website design at very affordable pricing. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Earning Side-Revenue with Non-Commercial Websites

Having a non-commercial website does not mean you cannot earn revenue. Yes, there are ways to earn revenue, and they are plenty. But here, we will just focus on the two most popular methods content creators use.

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the best advertising platforms out there. By simply allowing third-party Google Ads on your website can help you generate some income for yourself. Based on the ads displayed and the number of visitors, you will get the money as per the policy of Google Ads. Make sure you read the document thoroughly before enrolling on the program. This is the best option if you are writing blogs and creating original content.


Patreon is another great way for content creators to make some side revenue. And you will be surprised to find out how many of your fans would love to support you. On Patreons, you can set reward tiers, Patreon exclusive content and much more to make your supporters feel premium. Many content creators find this option viable as a side-revenue option.


Bottom Line

Even though some of the interesting website ideas mentioned (such as blogging, portfolio) may be used commercially, or they may not be used commercially. You can create these websites for free or buy a domain to make a unique identity over the internet. If you require a website for such ideas but are confused as to how to initiate, we can help you.

Digital Lime Green is a Cape Town-based website design agency that helps small and medium businesses to jumpstart their online presence. We provide cost-effective, highly functional, and responsive website designs for your needs in South Africa. Contact us today for more information.