Google Chrome for linux – is developed by all the favourite Google, which is characterized by impressive performance and beautiful design. Google Chrome is already a worthy competitor to all existing browsers and an excellent replacement Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox.

Powerful features of Google Chrome

  • Google Chrome has a very user-friendly interface.
  • This browser is built-in visual effects that are independent of Compiz.
  • In the assembly, the box is present express panel.
  • You can set the search engine for the address bar that allows you to write queries directly in the address bar.
  • Each open tab or window Google Chrome is a dedicated process in the system, which improves the stability and security of the browser.
  • Google Chrome is based on fast browser engine WebKit, which is developed by Apple.
  • Centralized download extensions and themes. Extensions Google Chrome already developed a large number.
  • The browser plug-in built Flash-processing elements, which is updated with the browser. Using this plugin you can disable it.
  • All the best developments appear in Google Chrome, only after running them in the Open Source browser Chromium.
  • Google chrome is built-in developer tools.

Install Google chrome on Linux

To install Google Chrome on any Linux operating system, you must download a binary package for your OS from the official Google site and install it manually. You can Install Google Chrome in the Ubuntu OS more easily