Free graphic design software

Good designs for your business are extremely important but finding free graphic design software can be difficult. These designs for your business could include flyers, business cards, banners on social media, banners on your website, or just general marketing material. Having your designs look professional is important for the image of your business, but can cost a lot to hire a designer every time you need a new design. To purchase and learn design software, like Photoshop, can also be expensive. There is free graphic design software available, we have tried out a lot of platforms and can recommend these two.


Canva 1

If you are starting out and need a few things designed for your business, Canva is the best software to use. Canva is completely free to use but they do you have a paid version for advanced options, for 99% of the design work you will do as a small business the free version will work perfectly fine. If you need the features of the premium package, the pro version costs $12.95 (R225) per month if billed monthly. The free version comes with over 8000 free templates you can use for flyers, business cards, presentations, newsletters, and a lot more. Free stock images are also available. All around, Canva is great software to use if you’re starting out or don’t have a lot of time or money to develop good looking designs from scratch.

Canva 2




GIMP is a free software download for your Mac or PC. GIMP Is the free and open-source equivalent to Photoshop. GIMP has many powerful features when you need to take your design work on the next level, this is a great tool to use. It does not provide the same kind of template library that Canva offers, but if you need to manipulate an image GIMP has all the tools you will need.



Using a combination of Canva and GIMP gets you the best outcome without having to hire a graphic designer. Using Canva for a template of the design you are wanting to create and using GIMP to manipulate any images that you will be adding into the Canva design gets you the best outcome.