Plugins are everywhere, on every website, making our life easier. They unlock great customisability, better security, and better performance to your website if used properly. In this article, we will be learning about the 5 popular WordPress/WooCommerce security plugins in 2022 in South Africa.

The Five WordPress Security Plugins to use in 2022

a. Wordfence

Wordfence is a highly revered, highly secured WordPress security plugin. It adds multiple levels of security to your website to keep your data safe. This includes blocking malicious IPs, protection against spammers, brute-force attack protection, XMLRPC protection, and more.

WordFence also features security practices such as login protection, 2 Factor Authentication protection, endpoint firewall, and much more. Endpoint Firewall is very potent at protecting your website from third-party threats. It is an interesting subject itself. For more information, we highly recommend reading the difference between the endpoint firewall and the cloud firewall (source: Patchstack).

The best thing about Wordfence is that you can use it for free and still get the important features like a malware scanner and firewall rules. However, if your website has a good reputation and gets good business in the industry, you should consider upgrading to premium.

For an overview of Wordfence, check what Elegant Themes on Youtube got to say about it.

b. Google Authenticator

If you are simply looking for 2 Factor Authentication security on your WordPress website, getting a Google Authenticator plugin is just the best option for you.

2 Factor Authentication helps against getting your account hacked. Each time you log into your account, you have to refer to Google Authenticator for an extra code that changes constantly. This adds an extra layer of security to your account.

Even if a hacker manages to crack your password, they will still require this ever-changing access passcode from a Google Authenticator app that is uniquely linked to your account. Only one authenticator can be linked to one account at a time. This helps keep your account safe and secure from hackers.

c. Hide my WP

Hide my WP is a premium WordPress plugin that is great at ‘hiding’ and protecting your website. It literally hides the fact that your website is using WordPress by hiding theme names, WP permalinks, wp-login, wp-admin and much more.

The plugin exhibits triple-layered security, which makes it one of our top five choices.

  • Hiding WordPress from bots, theme detectors, hackers, and other people.
  • Features a strong firewall to keep your WordPress website safe.
  • Trust Network that protects you from unknown and unsafe third-party connections.

This is a paid plugin but there is a free trial available. So, if you are in a search of a good security plugin, you should definitely consider the option. in terms of premium versions, there are two licenses; standard license that costs 24$ + taxes and extended license costs 99$ + taxes.

d. Sucuri

Sucuri is a free security plugin that adds a hard layer of security to your WordPress website. It is one of the world-renowned plugins out there. Sucuri prevents malware attacks, keeps the website integrity in check, monitors all security-related events, after-hack assistance, and more.

Sucuri also features a firewall feature that comes with the premium version of this plugin. For more information, please visit their WordPress plugin installation page here.

Besides the plugin, they also provide a complete website security solution and they are the best at what they do. If your host does not provide you with a security solution for your website, Sucuri may be your best go-to option. Although it may seem expensive on paper, Sucuri is your best buddy when it comes to cleaning up your hacked website. For more information, click here.

e. Shield Security

Shield Security is a security plugin that does what it advertises. It protects your website from spam attacks, DDoS through XMLRPC, bot attacks, bad IPs, and more. But what we like about this plugin is its login security. It comes with brute-force security protection, limited login attempts and a login cooldown feature.

Apart from that, it also keeps track of all activities on your website. So, in case something smells fishy, you can always check the log to crosscheck your security strength. It is not a system heavy plugin, meaning your site would not be slowed down. For further information, consider checking their page.



These are our top five security plugins for a WordPress site in 2022. However, you should not be completely dependent on the plugins for security. It is always a good idea to take expert human advice on the security of your website. Take this article as a reference and note that it is not a substitute for professional advice.

Always remember, no plugin is absolute and sometimes, the inevitable just happens. That does not mean a plugin is bad, it just means that internet security is always ever-evolving.

If you are looking for a consult on your website’s security in South Africa, we are here for you. Digital Lime Green is a Cape Town-based website design and digital marketing agency that also deals with website security. Contact us for more information.