In a world engulfed with social media, your business presence on such platforms has become more crucial than ever. While it may seem simple, pleasing the “Lord Algorithm“—of course, the social media algorithm— is the trickiest feat. In this article, let’s explore five Facebook page post engagement ideas that work in South Africa.

The Five Facebook Post Engagement Ideas That Work in South Africa

Before we begin, let’s briefly understand Facebook and its algorithm.

Facebook and the Algorithm

Facebook algorithm is an ever-evolving soup of code that learns user behaviour and curates content accordingly. In South Africa, content that has become a trend has a higher chance of reaching a large audience organically than normal content. Ultimately, social media platforms like Facebook want to retain users for as long as possible for their benefit and social trends are how they thrive primarily.

So, when you create and share content organically or advertise on social media platforms, understanding trends–understanding what works–is crucially important. But just because something is trendy, does not mean it may match your business practice. Research and understanding the trends in your industry is the key to making the algorithm notice you.

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Let’s take a look at the five Facebook Page engagement ideas in South Africa that tend to work well:

1. Interactive Posts

Interactive Facebook posts are a great post engagement idea that makes your audience feel special by allowing them to… well, interact with your posts. This includes quizzes, getting opinions via polls, caption contests (with exciting prices), or fill-in-the-blank sentences or multiple-choice questions.

Interesting, fun interactive posts can boost your organic/paid reach if your primary target audience interacts with them. Hence, it is crucial for your Facebook presence to study and mingle existing trends with your company’s original content.

A Facebook interactive post example.

A Facebook Interaction Post example. Credits: NapoleonCat

2. Behind-the-Scenes Content

I personally am an avid fan of watching Behind the Scenes (or BTS) content or bloopers. Speaking from personal experiences, I understand how effective behind-the-scenes scene content can be.

You can share glimpses of your team, workspace, or creative process to give followers a sense of authenticity and build a connection or even positive, funny bloopers. Work is not always all about being serious. You are human too and bloopers represent exactly that.

For example, you can share videos like the one below directly on your Facebook page as well.

Video Credits: Panic! at the Disco.

3. User-Generated Content Campaigns

Encourage users to share their experiences with your product or service, and feature their content on your page. This can foster a sense of a caring community.

As a business, your customers are the most important part of your business model. Featuring the relevant individuals from your community or industry or featuring their opinions can be a strong community-building exercise. Take a look at this example featuring Starbucks.

Facebook user-generated content featuring stories from StarBucks

Facebook user-generated content featuring stories from Starbucks. Image credits: NapoleonCat

4. Storytelling

Who doesn’t love reading stories? Reading compelling stories related to your brand or industry can be a key to reaching out to a broader range of audiences. People love stories that are relatable, emotional, or inspiring. What’s more? You can even feature relevant individuals from your community or company in your storytelling posts, giving it more of a personal touch. A personal touch works wonders, psychologically speaking.

Tailwind has a great article on Facebook Storytelling techniques, going into great detail about telling a compelling story on Facebook.

5. Live Video Sessions

Host live Q&A sessions, interviews, product demonstrations, or webinars to engage with your audience in real time and provide valuable information. Live engagement with your audience gives credibility to your business, along with bonus community points.

Final Words

So, these are the five Facebook post engagement ideas that may work well in South Africa. In South Africa, no matter the type of your post, keeping up with trends, staying relevant, providing accurate information and statistics, and engaging with your community one way or another is the way to go. However, we highly encourage you to experiment. Each business is unique and different things may work well with different businesses.

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