Content Marketing on Social Media

Content marketing and social media marketing are two distinct methods, yet they heavily rely on each other. You can say that content marketing is an integral part of social media marketing, as you can boost the traffic and effectiveness of your content with social media. In this article, we are going to see more about how you can do so effectively. Before we begin, let’s understand the terms social media marketing and content marketing in brief.


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing consists of leveraging social media advertising platforms to promote your business, raise brand awareness and engagement, or improve traffic on the website. It focuses on short, catchy lines to attract and hold the interest of the target audience to improve engagement, conversion rate, or brand awareness. Social media marketing still requires content, but often it is not of the type of content you would do for content marketing.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing majorly focuses on providing quality of life content to the users. Such content is informative and backed with valid sources that aim to add value to the user experience, such as a blog article. This marketing tactic focuses on “providing” quality of life information to its loyal customers as well as improving the brand awareness and authority in your niche. Also, content marketing helps with refining the SEO of your website. This type of marketing focuses very little on self-promotion.

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Social Media and Content Marketing

Although the differences seem distinct, the line between the two isn’t exactly solid. In a way, you can also carry out the goals of content marketing through social media channels to a certain extent. For example, video content.

That being said, it still differs in terms of the goals. Social Media Marketing focuses more on participation and engagement, followed by behaviours. Content Marketing is more about consumption and behaviour. However, you can still make a relatively ‘consumption-oriented’ content strategy for your social media channels. Let’s see more about how you can do so.

Text Content:

The content marketing strategy through posts will never be as effective as actual content marketing, but this is one way to do it.

The main goal here is to promote your content, but also to provide some value to your audience. Instead of writing a pure engaging post, you can aim for writing a balanced post where you also provide some information to your audience and help them engage better with your content.

In this way, your post acts as a ‘demo’ or a ‘cliffhanger’ for those who are interested in knowing more about your content, which plays in favour of your content marketing strategy.

Image Content:

Most of the time, images are used to attract your target audience. The purpose here is to improve the conversion rate. However, you can implement a content strategy here as well. For example, you can provide information through infographics or information charts. Matched with a perfect copy and a CTA, your content has a great chance to go viral.

Infographics and charted information along with symbols and pictures is a great way of marketing through social media. You could call it content marketing as you are also trying to provide value to your customers through this information.

Video Content:

Video content is the most effective ‘content strategy’ for social media. Facebook and many other websites report that users are more prone to watch a video than to read or view content on social media. The right mixture of animations, transitions, sounds, and information is enticing for the viewers to watch.

With a video, you can deliver an abundance of quality information in such a short time. Such videos can be used as your social media content strategy to help your audience to think and engage positively with your business.



Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing are two different categories. However, you can use content marketing strategies to enhance and deliver a better experience and content to your target audience. This article has focused on the three major aspects where you can use this strategy the most. If you want to run a social media content strategy, Hootsuite has 29 ideas on how you can do so!

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