Choosing a Creative Web Partner – A Practical Guide

Selecting a creative web partner for your business, large or small, can be a challenging task. Selecting the wrong partner can cost you valuable time, money, and resources that you probably don’t have to waste. We have created a few aspects you should consider before you make your selection of your web partner.

Define your goals

Defining your goals is extremely important, not just in selecting a web partner but with any project you start. Defining your end goal helps you understand your progress and strategy better. Start off by writing down exactly what the website should do once complete.

For example, if you run a law firm, the end goal of your website may look as follows:

  • Provide information for the services we offer
  • Give information on each attorney at the firm
  • Provide a platform for each attorney to write articles about their specific field of expertise
  • Allow prospective clients to easily browse through articles and services
  • Provide a cost calculator for legal costs of clients selling their homes
  • Have contact forms for clients to contact the law firm about obtaining your services

In another example, if you are starting an eCommerce store your goals for your website could be completely different such as:

  • Allow the sale of goods
  • Integrate a delivery system
  • Integrate online payments
  • Allow customers to add items to a wishlist
  • Have a layout that is easy to navigate
  • Integrate and email marketing platform
  • Allow customers to review products
  • Connect to your Facebook and Instagram store


Understand what is needed from the web partner you choose

Now that you know what the goal for your website is, you should outline exactly what you will need from the web partner.

For example, if you are running a law firm, you may want to hire a web designer who can make a professional website for you. They should also be able to offer a limited amount of monthly website maintenance and support. You will want to keep your website up and running 24/7. Furthermore, It’s possible that you have to update information on your website anytime.

If you are the e-commerce store from the example above, your needs could be completely different. In such a case, you may require a web partner who is able to integrate a payment platform, delivery system, and social media accounts. But in addition to this, you need a web partner who can provide a retainer to update products as required. Furthermore, they should have an understanding of digital marketing and advertising platforms so they can run marketing and advertising campaigns for you and can report on the effectiveness of these campaigns.

Know what work the web partner has done

Most web designing companies have their own portfolio section that boasts their work. If there aren’t any, you may want to ask your partner for examples of their work. If they are new in the business, you may want to ask for their sample works instead. This will give you a gauge of the type of work they can produce.

Always remember that quality and experience will cost you money. Make sure you do your research on choosing the best web design partner. >Web design options in cape town Article link here<

Know the costs involved

Understanding your goal and budget is important in choosing the best and suitable web designer in Cape Town. Understand the fact that you will be charged more for higher quality and experience in the field.

Make sure you have clarity on prices and services offered by the agency before you consider them. Costs vary dramatically between web partners. Furthermore, if you are opting for monthly support, then most likely you will be charged monthly as well.

Make sure you have a thorough discussion with your website partner and understand how and what sort of cost-effective services they can provide for your website to grow.

Examine your options

After your thorough research, you should be looking at your options. Go through each proposal you received and select the one that fits your goals, future plans, and budget.


In conclusion

Getting your new website up and running can be a really exciting step in your business, but make sure you select the correct web partner. A creative web partner will help you to set up a professional, well-sorted, and aesthetic website design that speaks out your brand and services effectively

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