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Providing website designs for small businesses, corporates and e-commerce websites is what Digital Lime Green does best

One can have a website for almost anything: be it for entertainment, blogging, marriage, school, shopping, businesses, and many more. The main purpose of having a website is to provide information, display your skills, services, products, and interact with your visitors in some way. Providing website designs for small businesses in South Africa, designing corporate and e-commerce websites is what Digital Lime Green does best.

The main reason for a business or a corporation to have a website is to make its identity over the internet and expand its influence. Besides, it gets easier for your visitors and customers to get to know and interact with your business. Three main factors are in play to make a business website unique and pleasant to interact with: the website layout, content, and functionality.

Your theme and website layout depend on your type of business. It should also match your logo design (assuming if you have one, else you can check out our logo design services.) A well-designed website helps to boost credibility and trust in customers as it shows that the business cares about its representation. Also, make sure you opt-in for responsive website design. This way, your visitors will be able to access your business website easily from any platform.

The purpose of a business website is to provide information, showcasing products, or services. Make sure all the content you have on the website is accurate and well-written. The density of content varies based on the type of your business but as a general rule of thumb, it should not be too little. Use a combination of images, videos, and words to make your content more engaging for your visitors. It should be able to provide them with the necessary information and add some value to the user experience as well.

With Digital Lime Green, you get excellent business website designs. We will provide personalised assistance to make your website appear unique, optimise with SEO, provide hosting services, and much more. Contact us for more information!

Corporate Website Design

Digital Lime Green can provide you with a professional corporate website design. A corporate business will always have the need to represent and promote itself more and more to achieve better sales targets, gain more customers, and improve overall revenue. Having an online presence means your corporate’s potential influence grows, at relatively minimal costs compared to traditional marketing practices. Your website is going to be your brand’s face online, and hence the website design matters.

People are mainly going to visit your corporate website for getting to know your business better, exploring services, or contact information. But, the way your website represents itself is going to make an impression. Plan ahead regarding the kind of website you would want, how it should look like, and how it should function. Secondly, the content on your website should follow the best SEO practices, be well-written and distributed properly across web pages. Your website must be functional and well-maintained. Periodic checkups for broken links and outdated content should be done.

Based on your requirements, Digital Lime Green will provide a professional corporate website design. Contact us for more information!

Corporate Website Design
Small Business Website Design

Small Business Website Design

Owning a website is much simpler and financially better than following traditional practices and it provides a good presence for small businesses at minimal costs. Digital Lime Green has small business-friendly website design packages that will help you get more customers and boost your overall revenue. Get a sleek website layout, content management, best SEO practices, and much more.

As a small business, having an online presence matter especially to grow your business. Let people know how awesome your small business is. Add the relevant background information and services to your website. They will help your visitors to understand your business better. Clear navigation will help people to explore your website easily. Don’t forget SEO. It will help you generate more organic traffic to your business. A good website design helps your business as it also shows how seriously you take your business. This also helps in boosting your credibility.

With Digital Lime Green, you get an affordable and modern website design that will captivate your visitors. Stay ahead in the competition and get a unique, personalised website for your business. Contact us for more information.

Business Ecommerce Solutions

Taking your shop online is the new way to do business in this digital world. Whether you are in a dropshipping business or own your own inventory, you need a website for your business in 2021. With Digital Lime Green, you get complete e-commerce solutions for your business that will help you to connect with customers all around Cape Town and South Africa.

The most important factor in running an e-commerce website is that all your products should be listed accurately. Make sure your e-commerce website is well-designed, not too crowded with promotional content, and well-optimised in terms of SEO and functionality. The product descriptions should be as detailed as they can be, the images accurate, and the prices transparent. Furthermore, adding cart mechanics and reliable and secured payment gateways is really important to allow customers to buy products from you. And of course, you have to embrace digital marketing tactics and best SEO practices to make your business make its appearance on the internet.

With Digital Lime Green, you will get a quality and functional e-commerce website design. Contact us for more information.

Business Ecommerce Solutions

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