Build Your Own Website in South Africa

Even if you have not chosen to study web development, you can build your own website in South Africa without much of a hassle.

There are many CMS tools around the internet that feature drag and drop functionality to build your website. You just add, drag and drop the required elements around and you are done. Simple right? On the surface, yes. If you need a really simple website, say for example – a blog, then this much is sufficient.

But what if it is a business/commercial website? Is simple drag and drop mechanics going to be sufficient to make your website appear unique? The short answer is no. Building your own website in South Africa can be much more complicated than a simple drag and drop. You want to make your website appear unique, attractive to the customers, and it should speak for your brand image.

This is where a website designing firm can help you. It is worth investing money in designing your website and make it appear professional to do business effectively. A well-designed website with well-sorted, quality content. At the bare minimum, you are going to need a domain name and hosting. If you have chosen a domain you are going to pay around R89 per year to own the domain.

Now that you have the actual name that you want, you are going to need some space to store all the files and images from your website as well as your emails. This is called hosting. Not every hosting service is equal, so you would want to do some research beforehand.

There are many website hosts in South Africa. Let’s take a look at a few that we have experienced in the past.


Website Building and Host Options in South Africa

To build your own website in South Africa, you must stay aware of various host services. We have listed down a few trustworthy hosts that may help you in building your website.

Digital Lime Green

Starting from R99 per month, we provide easy hosting through Xeenlo for our clients. Digital Lime Green also utilises appropriate CMS tools to build a neat, well-functioning, professionally aesthetic website that caters to your requirements and business model.


This is a very simple, but free website builder offered by Google to get your business up on the Internet. Of course, at a bare minimum, you will still have to pay for your own domain name and hosting services.


Wix has many options that are priced in dollars with their basic package, which doesn’t include Wix adverts on your website, starting at $8.50 per month (R141 per month). This CMS tool is good for creating creative websites such as blogs, online artwork exhibitions, small businesses and so on.


GoDaddy is a website builder that is getting increasingly popular with its competitive prices. It also comes with hosting and start at R74.99 per month that will be billed annually at R899.88 per annum.

WordPress is free software that you can use and is very powerful. You will need to select a theme for your website and there are many free themes available from the WordPress theme library. You will need to purchase your own domain and hosting separately, but most hosting companies offer WordPress installation free.


Weebly offers a very simple and intuitive website design that features drag-and-drop functionality. They charge $5 per month when billed annually for the most basic package that can connect your domain. This comes to R944.99 per annum.


If you are wanting an online store, Shopify is an option starting at $29 per month for their most basic package which comes to R480.91 per month.


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