Benefits of having a Mobile App for your Business

With how the internet has grown in South Africa and globally, it is safe to say that your business must own some sort of online presence. Without a good presence, your business is only going to lag behind in the competition in 2021. And how can you make an online presence, you would ask? Well, nothing does it better than owning a smartphone app for your business. Why? Because South African smartphone market penetration is only going to increase further and further. By 2023, around 26.3 million population is expected to have at least one smartphone (Source: Statista). In this article, we are going to cover the benefits of a mobile app for your business.


Businesses – Then and Now

Prior to the mobile applications (and the flexible, high-speed internet), the traditional way was the way to go for businesses. Back then, all sorts of businesses were needed to have a physical location. Customers were needed to physically approach their offices to request particular services. Whether it was a retail store or a library, customers had to go there. The lack of transparency in competitive prices made it difficult for customers to choose the right services for their budget.

Now in the modern days, the advent of the internet and the introduction of mobile apps for businesses has tremendously helped clients as well as businesses. Little or no stress is being accounted for and there is an increase in customers database via the mobile app and also an increase in sales. The use of a mobile app for any business has become the real deal as several clients keep searching for new apps that would provide them with the detailed information they are in need of.

Let’s understand the benefits of owning a mobile application for your business.


Four benefits of developing a mobile app for your business


With how transparent a mobile app allows your business to be, it is easier for customers to interact with your business. This also helps your business to get more customers and generate higher revenue overall. Installation of a mobile application is easy too. Just with one tap, they can download and install the application. Not only you can show your products and services, but also implement features like contact, customer services, maps, and many more.


Advertise Brand:

The mobile app jump-starts your business and makes it visible to millions or billions of internet users. For instance, on Google Play Store, your business mobile app will be among the listed apps to be downloaded when been searched by millions of people. This automatically promotes your brand to new and existing users/clients of the mobile app. The same goes for App Store, this is for iPhone users around the globe who search out for properties on mobile apps. This also helps differentiate your brand from other businesses that don’t have a mobile app.


Boosting of Sales:

Acquiring a smartphone app is really effective in boosting sales. Need any product I would want to purchase? I can do it with a few clicks on your business’ app. Need. These apps would also allow users to leave feedback. Having a lot of positive feedback for your app and services will actually help your business even further. As compared to the traditional way of seeking clients, the mobile app enables you to make more sales than the old method.


Ability to List New Products and Services:

With just a few tweaks in the backend, your newly added services and products will go online within a matter of minutes. Make sure you provide as much clarity as you can. Provide details about your services and state how they might be helpful to their potential customers. In the case of products, you may want to add clear images for showcasing purposes. Furthermore, make sure the product description is accurate and true. This constantly changing and evolving nature of a mobile app will certainly be helpful to your customers.


Need a Mobile App for your Business? We can help!

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We wish you good luck in your endeavours!