Prior to the invention of mobile applications, finding a property or renting an apartment was an onerous task. Back then, it involved driving far distances or checking each building for a sign of leasing or asking friends and families to help seek for properties or apartments or go in search for agents who later charge exorbitant fees just to lead you to a certain location where the property is erected.

Now in the modern days, the advent of the internet and the introduction of mobile apps for real-estate businesses has not only helped the clients but also the agents. Providing a win-win situation. Little or no stress is being accounted for and there is an increase in customers database via the mobile app and also increase in sales of properties. The use of a mobile app for real estate businesses has become the real deal as several clients keep searching for new apps that would provide them with detailed information they are in need of. For agents, it enables them to have other businesses offline, that generates an additional source of income.

Below are four benefits of developing a mobile app for a Real Estate business:

  • Convenience: As an agent, it’s preferable you develop a real-estate mobile app in the country of your choice for your clients’ convenience. This helps reduce stress on the part of the client and makes it easier when he/she sits back and search for properties or apartments they’re interested in and at the same time get a quicker response either by contacting the phone numbers, or communicate with the customer care representative about their requirements or they use the search engine available in the mobile app to hunt for houses in their desired locality and filter them to their taste until they are satisfied with their search.


  • Advertise Brand: For a real-estate agent, the mobile app jump-starts your business and makes it visible to millions or billions of internet users. For instance, on Google Play Store that is, for Android phone users, your real-estate business mobile app will be among the listed apps to be downloaded when been searched by millions of people. This automatically promotes your brand to new and existing users/clients of the mobile app. Same goes for App Store, this is for iPhone users around the globe who search out for properties on mobile apps. This also helps differentiate your brand from other real-estate businesses who don’t have a mobile app.


  • Boosting of Sales Proceed: Acquiring of a mobile app for your real-estate business, helps boost your sales of properties and apartment rentals. I could recollect when I needed to relocate, I searched for real-estate apps in my country, downloaded an app and began to search for the apartment of my choice. I saw several properties but was comfortable with one, the agent who attended to me made quite a lot of cash at the end of the deal. His smiles and thanks were heart-warming. Hence, they believe that mobile apps for real-estate agencies are quite the bomb in making financial progress. As compared to the traditional way of seeking for clients, mobile app enables you to make more sales than the old method.


  • Ability to List New Properties: The benefits of a mobile app for real estate, enables you as an agent or a broker to showcase new properties to be sold, apartments to be rented, or office buildings for rent. It’s known that a clear picture attracts more viewers; if quality pictures are uploaded for a certain property, this yields a lot of views which then generate sales. To list properties, certain information must be stated such as clear and quality pictures (of the bedrooms, living room, kitchen, office space, the vicinity of the property, the restrooms, and parking space), price of the properties, location of the property (not necessary the full address), phone numbers to contact, the total numbers of rooms available, the square meters of the property and other fees that are to be paid (such as caution fee, agent fee, or agreement fee. This may vary depending on the country and type of property to be rented).

Hence, the importance of mobile application for real-estate businesses.