The Top Five Email Marketing Hacks you must try in 2022

Despite the growth in popularity of instant messaging apps, email is still a primary part of your online activity. The number of email users is set to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025. Based on this statistic you can experience enormous growth for your company using email marketing. However, you must optimize your current email marketing techniques to attract more prospects and increase your conversion rates.

Digital marketing trends are always changing and each year brings in new strategies that you must incorporate into your advertising. Today we’ll be giving you the five latest email marketing hacks you must try in 2022. Implement these email marketing hacks in 2022 and you may boost your company’s growth.

A Trend in Text and Graphic Design Emails.

Did you know that text and graphic-designed emails add more of a personal touch to your promotions? This trend is becoming popular because you can combine text with themed graphics. Furthermore, email design is fluid and creative so you can change your designs according to the seasons and themes you want to use.

For example, you can send an email wishing your customer a Merry Christmas with festive season themed graphics and then state your promotion afterwards.

Simply remember to keep a balance between these elements. Ensure you use attractive fonts in the brand identity design of your emails can be more personal than using only image-stuffed promotions.

Personalize Emails – Authenticity is Meaningful.

You must use hyper-personalization for your email marketing because it’s data-oriented. The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) makes it easy for you to incorporate hyper-personalization because you can collect the following data:

  • Purchase history online
  • Online behaviour such as the sites your audience visit
  • Stores visited online

By obtaining more data on your customers you can improve your email personalization and prevent sending information to incorrect people. You don’t want to send mistargeted email content because irrelevant information can irritate recipients. You also need data to update your information and make up for email list degradation.

Here are a few tips on how to personalize emails to your customers:

  • Birthday emails: Send your customer an email on their birthday with something that can benefit them. Give them a 50% of discount on a purchase or send them a birthday voucher. According to Experian, birthday emails can generate approximately 342% more revenue than a regular marketing email.
  • Tips and tricks: Provide a list of tips and tricks to your customers on how to use the products they’ve recently bought from you. Personalizing an email in any way can provide an ROI of 122% according to Instapage.
  • Personalise subject lines: A personalised subject line provides details relevant to the recipient you’re sending the email to. Use your customer’s name when sending an email through so he or she knows the content is meant for them. Oberlo states that you can generate up to 50% higher open rates than regular subject lines.

The importance of email personalization is increasing so tailor your messages and promotions, grow your email listing and you’ll benefit from the effort you put in.

Prioritize Privacy.

The focus on data privacy is at an all-time high. Only 8% of consumers trust companies to keep their personal information safe online. You can build trust with your customers by prioritizing their privacy.

Keep up to date with data privacy legislation such as the CCDR and GDPR and incorporate their guidelines into your email marketing campaigns to stay compliant.

Failure to comply with data privacy laws when sending out email promotions can result in penalties that can damage your brand’s reputation and cause financial loss.

Follow this list of ethical practices to ensure you comply with data privacy legislation:

  • Always get consent from your recipients before sending them emails. Allow your customers to tick a box at the end of their purchase or message they’re sending to you if they want to receive promotional emails from your brand.
  • Avoid using misleading subject line information to trick your customers into opening an email.
  • Include a valid business address in your emails.

Make it easy for your email subscribers to unsubscribe to future marketing emails.

Growing an Organic Email List.

There are no shortcuts to building your email listing especially if you want your email marketing to work consistently. But many startup companies make the mistake of buying their email listings.

The problem with purchased lists is that you’ll end up sending emails to customers that didn’t provide consent to receive your emails. Another drawback is that you’ll send mistargeted emails which can be considered spam.

So how do you build your email listing organically? Here are a few tips for you:

  • Utilize paper or online sign-up sheets and offer promotions or rewards to those who subscribe to your email listing.
  • Allow customers to subscribe to your emails via social media or on a landing page on your website.
  • Utilize lead magnets such as free guides, whitepapers or EBooks to get your customers to give you their information.
  • Use competitions to collect email addresses. Give your customers a chance to win a prize in exchange for their contact details.

Growing your email list organically has plenty of benefits such as better delivery and open rates. What’s more, your emails will go straight into your contact’s inbox instead of into his or her spam folder.

Always Preview and Test Emails Before Launching Them.

You must preview and test your emails before sending them to your customers. Cross-check all aspects of your emails to ensure they’re working correctly and they’re fully optimized for your target audience.

Check that the content in your emails is grammatically correct and images are loading fast. Ensure that all hyperlinks are working and that the email is optimized for mobile and desktop devices.


Final Thoughts

Use these five email marketing hacks to optimize your promotions, personalize your content and grow your email listing organically in 2022. By using these hacks you’ll build your credibility and improve your brand’s recognition. You’ll also build stronger relationships with your customers that will improve your customer retention.

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