10 Reasons to have a website

In 2020 having a website for your business is no longer optional. Customers are searching for your business online to explore your products or services. If you don’t have a website they will probably use another company that easy to find online. Therefore, the top 10 reasons to have a website are as follows:

1. Credibility

Having a website is not expensive and shows your customers that you are not a fly-by-night company. You could have all your previous work displayed on the website which shows that you know what you are doing and ready to take on whatever they are going to throw at you.

2. Reach more customers

Your website will be available to everyone all the time allowing you to reach customers all over the world or from areas in your province that you weren’t expecting business from.

3. Discoverable on search engines

Customers are constantly putting search terms into Google to find products the services they are wanting to buy. Having a website allows you the opportunity to appear in these searches.

4. Always open

Your website will be up and running even when you are not. People look for products and services at the strangest times, have a website allows you to always be open for people to send you queries or view your products and services.

5. Cheap and easy

Owning a website is not expensive, you can build one yourself for minimal cost or use a service, such as our basic web design service which, for only R450 per month, gets you a professional website built by professional web designers. Cost should not be a factor for not having a website as it should pay for itself very quickly.

6. Digital business card

You could meet a potential customer at any time, for instance on a Friday night at a friend’s braai, having a website makes it easy to pass on your information to anyone at any time.

7. Know your customers

Your website should have a platform like Google Analytics attached to it which allows you to find out a lot of information about your customers, such as where they are accessing your site from, what they are looking at, what device they used, what time of day they came onto your site, how long they spent, and a lot more information.

8. Answer frequently asked questions

Customers are probably asking you the same questions a lot. Having a frequently asked questions section on your website allows you to point people to that section to answer their questions.

9. Testimonials

Customers like seeing what other customers have said about your business having a website that displays testimonials allows your new customers to see what your old customers like about your business.

10. To keep customers informed

Unexpected things can happen in your business, you may need to close early or maybe you have changed your telephone number. It could be that you are launching a new product or service. Having a website allows you to keep your customers informed.

There are many reasons why having a website is beneficial to your business. If you are looking for a professionally designed and maintained website for your business give us a call on 087 379 5978 or email us on hello@digitallimegreen.com. We look forward to getting your business online.